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  • 10 clever ways to talk to attract anyone in business and business

    10 clever ways to talk to attract anyone in business and business

    Welcome to moneycoach.vn financial page. And Phuc Finance is pleased to continue with you to discover the secrets of success in life. And what Phuc Finance wants to reveal to you today is that the ability of successful people to talk and communication skills has brought them countless opportunities, money and a fulfilling life. You will get all you want if you know how to speak skillfully and in an engaging way that makes it impossible for others to fail. So what is a very clever way of talking that makes everyone love? Come to 10 classic ways right here.

    1. Avoid bragging

    Talking about their own achievements everyone likes. But if you talk too much about yourself, people will judge you as bragging.


    In fact, everyone likes to talk about themselves, to be told, wants others to listen, hoping to have sympathy. So as long as you talk a little about yourself, you will definitely become an attractive communicator.

    2. Take care of the other person

    Psychology everyone wants to be cared for with the most sincerity. So please know how to ask other people. But don't go too far into other people's private lives. Feel it and let the other person open up slowly.

    To do this, you definitely need to have a sincere heart for the other person, not just for having. At that time, everyone who talks to you also feels that you are very charming, smart and love you very much.

    Relationships are only maintained when we both care about each other: Ask about their lives, about their interests and especially what they care about.

    3. Know how to listen

    Sometimes just sitting still and listening will make you the ultimate in communication. Because everyone wants someone to listen to them, they feel respected and become important people in the eyes of others.

    If you make others feel like they have an important place in your life. You have won a great deal of affection in every communication.

    In fact, very few people would listen to others. Everyone likes to express themselves. So learning to listen with sincerity is always what makes you skillful and charming in the eyes of others.

    4. Know how to communicate with body language

    Communication is not just about speaking or listening. It is your gaze, your sitting posture, your facial expression. If you talk but your eyes look the other way, it will definitely ruin that communication. And others will judge you as impolite.

    Make eye contact with other people. Knowing to nod when agreeing a certain point. Know how to show facial expressions according to their words such as support, joy, fear, ... Listeners will be happy when you respond to their words like that. And they just want to talk to you forever.

    The sitting posture is also very important. Sit upright with the person facing you, avoiding turning away. Please pay attention to this.

    5. Don't use your phone

    Phones are meant to be tools, but over time too many people depend on them. All day hug and glued to the phone. This has become a habit that many people have lost relationships with.

    While talking to another person, holding the phone makes the other person feel disrespected and communication is ineffective.

    During the meeting, the boss takes the phone calls, making the staff feel unappreciated, making it difficult to put effort into work.

    When other people spend all their time talking to you and you are not paying attention, no one will want to talk to you.

    So every time you talk to anyone, switch your phone to silent mode and focus 100% on the conversation. Focus on listening to what they say. Make that time really worth it. Surely this will make people appreciate and love to talk to you.

    6. Call out the person's name

    Do you know any words that everyone loves? That is their name. Everyone wishes to call their name in the most affectionate and sincere voice. So, when communicating, call the other person by name as much as possible. Surely the conversation will always be pleasant.

    If you are working, address your boss with the word Boss and their names. Everyone likes to be called Boss. They feel respected and respected.

    7. Clearly remember the interests and life of the other person

    If during the conversation, ask what you already know about the other person. They definitely love you because they feel like you really care about them. Remember what other people like to eat, what kind of water they like to drink, where they like to go out. Remembering it and taking care of it always makes others flutter.

    So when talking to someone, focus and remember what they say. Instead of just talking through the speaker. Treating a person is about in the long run, sometimes for a lifetime. Remember what is special about others, that will make you win their hearts.

    8. Confidence

    Be more confident in any conversation whether with position, age or money than you. Because money, status, age are never high and low in society. It is the behavior, the way of living between people.

    And if someone takes those things out to act, to squeeze you, see you under them, it's best to let go of that relationship. A relationship that only takes place is strong, forcing the two sides to respect each other.

    You always have your own values ​​that no one else has. So be confident. This always creates charisma in any conversation.

    9. Be able to smile

    Smiles are the key to others' eye-friendliness. The boss who knows how to smile always makes the staff love and wholeheartedly for the job. All tense negotiations will be softened with a smile.

    3s connect with a person for the first time, start with a small smile, which always creates the best sympathy. Practice in front of the mirror for your best smile and use it as your secret weapon.

    10. Sincere

    No matter how many skills you have, it is not equal to the sincerity in your own mind. A clumsy but sincere heart is always better than a skillful person but has a full stomach with evil intentions, redeeming his benefits.

    If you hate someone, don't try to be like them. Just be normal. If you disagree with someone else's opinion, present your point instead of flattering. Straightforwardness and sincerity always make others respect you. Having a personality and opinion is always impressive in the eyes of others.

    A relationship is maintained only on the basis of sincerity between two parties. Sooner or later, bad intentions will be revealed and the relationship will be lost. So start with sincerity to have the longest lasting relationships.

    Surely you have talked to people who made the above mistakes and you are extremely angry and annoyed, right? So please share this article on your facebook to remind everyone!

    Thank you for following the article, see you in the next post. Wish you all become people who meet and love and have a special impression. Hello and see you again.

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