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  • 10 rules to help you live smarter day by day

    10 rules to help you live smarter day by day

    Welcome to moneycoach.vn financial page to continue your journey of finding success in life. Surely, in life, everyone encounters a few times to grow up and understand life better. Smart people always live happily and create many achievements without wasting time and trouble about things. Now join Phuc Tai to learn 10 more wise living rules every day right here.

    1. Don't believe a promise, look at reality

    There are many people who let go of attractive promises to lure you into doing something. But always remember, cheese is always in the mousetrap, life is not easy. Do not because of the promise in the future but suffer hardships and disadvantages in the present, it is not advisable. There is no guarantee of a promise. And in fact, words of the wind fly.


    Therefore, what in the future should be sure in paperwork. Contracts, which do not promise salary increases, specify specific increases. If you don't just do it, you will be divided, let's say the specific level. If there is no promise of a loan and will pay it back, make sure it is in writing, with proper signature.

    2. Don't believe in words, look at actions

    Words are actually the cheapest. And a lot of people use it to gain your trust and manipulate you.

    In fact, there are many people who sweetly talk to you, say they value you, value you, but in reality their actions must denounce their own words: They don't raise you salary, they don't help help you when you need it, they even take advantage of you to fulfill their intentions. Must be very awake before the beautiful and colorful words. Because sincerity always wears a rustic shirt.

    3. Do not buy things for dignity

    Many people work hard, put up with jobs they don't like, have to do things they don't like to then buy things they don't need.

    A lot of people spend lots of money to buy because they are afraid that others will judge them poorly, they buy things just because they want to show off, want to show that they are rich, they are good. But in fact they have to struggle because of the money spent like that.

    Buy as needed. Not buying things because dignity is the wisest way to live. You think other people pay attention to you, but in fact, they only care about their problems.

    4. Do not invest according to the advice of others

    Countless people want to be your teacher. Lots of people want to use your money. So you absolutely do not let other people know how much money you have.

    A lot of people are willing to jump into your life, advise you to do it, then tell you to invest your money somewhere with the promise of wealth, financial freedom. Must study very carefully. Investing is only profitable if it is built on by your experience, abilities and bravery. Besides, no one can help you.

    5. Follow rumors about yourself and try to explain

    Your loved one will trust you and won't be swayed by rumors. And people who think badly about you, no matter how you explain them, they won't believe it. Even if you successfully explain one rumor, another one will continue to sprout another.

    So do not waste your time chasing the rumors and hurriedly explain to each person. Phuc Finance knows you will be very angry when you hear something wrong about yourself. But learn to ignore or to find the right person who spread the news and speak frankly with them.

    Focusing on living your life instead of watching someone else's words always gives you peace. You cannot change someone else's nature. Focus on making your life a better one.

    6. Learn to say sorry

    There are human flaws. As long as you realize it, people won't mind. The apology shows you:

    - Have to pay attention to the incident

    - Modest.

    - Self-awareness.

    It's hard to describe exactly how valuable the word "sorry" is! Test it!

    Don't think you blame yourself for the fact that people see you as a bad person. On the contrary, that makes others love and respect you. Everyone makes mistakes. People who do not dare to accept responsibility, dare not admit mistakes, make others look down.

    7. Learn to rest before exhaustion

    Working hard is good, but exhausting yourself so that on weekends instead of going out, staying in hospital infusing seawater is not recommended. No matter how much you love your job and want to contribute, don't forget to rest at the right time.

    Having health you will make money. But money does not necessarily buy back your health. An intelligent mind, an energetic human being is never in a weak body. So take care of your health first.

    Even if there are many jobs, even if your boss forces you to work late at night, work overtime, please strongly say no. With such bosses, when you are sick they will not care about you. Please protect yourself first ..

    8. Know how to say thank you

    Learn how to say thank you from the smallest things. Life is fair so don't act like the world owes you. If someone helps you, "thank" them.

    In fact everyone wants to hear thanks. This statement makes them feel appreciated, they feel that you truly appreciate them. That will help you more. So you will not lose money when you say thank you.

    To say thank you must be really sincere. Others will sense whether you are sincere or not. If you thank it, it turns out to be counterproductive. Speak with your sincere gratitude.

    9. Don't blame others, and don't blame yourself

    Blaming, even towards anyone, shows powerlessness and doesn't end well. In this case there are two ways to deal with it: 1 is to find a way to fix it and solve the problem, 2 is to forget it completely and move on to another problem. You have more to do than just hang around in a mess that just can't get out!

    If something happens that is up to you, never blame anyone else. This will only keep others away from you. If it's your fault, don't torture yourself too much, take a lesson to avoid making a second attempt. The past cannot be corrected, but the present and the future are in your hands.

    10. Avoid complaints

    The truth is: no one wants to hear you complain, people just listen out of courtesy and don't want to let you down. Instead of gossiping all day, it's better to find a way to solve the problem.

    People who complain or complain will always be judged as not knowing how to solve the problem. This also misses the chance.

    Complaints are the fastest channel of negative transmission. They are the factors that cause a team to go down because they see the negative side, not enthusiastic about working but just sitting there and complaining. So no one wants to recruit people with this habit into the company.

    Always be a positive future person and enthusiastic in the present. Everything comes with its reasons, difficulties and pressure have a good side to bring you great maturity. So bad is not necessarily bad, it always has a positive side.

    Phuc Finance hopes that you will always remember the above 10 rules to have the most fulfilled life. In addition, do you have any smart living rules, please share them immediately with Phuc Tai and everyone knows by commenting below this article. See you in the next article. Good luck.

    In your free time, remember to click on the website: moneycoach.vn to read useful information to help you grow more brilliantly!

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