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  • 10 Signs of Employees Sacked during the 19 Covid Pandemic

    10 Signs of Employees Sacked during the 19 Covid Pandemic

    Welcome back to moneycoach.vn financial page to continue searching for expensive lessons that no one has ever told you out there. Having a stable job is always the desire of many people to ensure financial stability to support themselves and their family. However, the anxiety of losing jobs always weighs heavily on everyone's mind, especially during the pandemic raging, the economy is frozen like today. Here are 10 signs of employees being dismissed during the 19 Covid pandemic.

    Sign # 1: Not willing to work part-time

    A company or a business always wants to delegate more work to its employees for optimization. And you will always come across bosses who want to delegate more work to their employees. So, if you always show the attitude of not doing, not doing the assigned job, you will surely be in the sights of being fired when that company finds someone to replace you.

    Sign # 2: Always complain


    No matter where you sit and for whatever reason, it's not a good idea to constantly complain about work; Because, a verbal complaint only shows that an individual is not willing to put in effort to change as well as handle the situation.

    Not to mention, complaining only causes us to waste more time in vain, but does not bring any concrete results. Even affecting the overall quality of work because of the negative emotions this action brings.

    Sign # 3: Didn't like your boss

    Whether you can keep the job or not depends largely on whether to work properly with your boss or not is completely confirmed. No matter how good you are but not your boss will also have difficulty. Many people can not stand the boss deliberately causing difficulties, so they have to quit their jobs. Not only that, it also affects the salary increase. Because the boss is the one who judges you. So you and your boss always don't get along. Change your behavior or find a new job now.

    There is a saying that Phuc Tai always reminds himself: It does not matter what job you do but who you do with. When you come to a company, meet the boss you will work with to see if it suits you well. The promotion and your salary more or less depends quite a lot on this boss.

    Sign # 4: Always make excuses

    Agree that everything that exists has a reason behind it; However, as with complaints, excuses are signs of a low-performing individual, not really devoted to his work, faltering from difficulties and not putting himself to the challenge of develop yourself.

    A justifiable excuse is also acceptable in some cases, however, continuous excuses only show that the individual is actually having problems at work.

    Even worse, when excuses are no longer temporary but become a habit, the company probably no longer needs you to do anything.

    Sign # 5: Results are low for a long time

    If your work results are too low for a long time. Then surely the company is looking for someone to replace you. They just haven't found it, so you're still sitting there. So please improve your work efficiency immediately.

    Continuously low performance is also a measure of whether you are a good fit for the job. If you try forever and cannot improve, Phuc Finance advises you to quit your job because it may not be right for you. Clinging to a company day after day will only make you increasingly discouraged, losing your priceless time. Moving to a new company, a new job will help you grow.

    Sign # 6: Always procrastinate

    "Do not let today for tomorrow" - in the age of technology with a busy pace of life, racing each other moment by minute, this statement proves its correctness.

    Times of time are more precious than gold, office workers must take advantage of every moment to complete their jobs with the highest efficiency and quality.

    Therefore, if you keep procrastinating and leisurely while the whole office is speeding up, then you probably are no longer suitable for this place.

    Sign # 7: Disorganized

    Those who often leave late, leave early, or take a lot of rest are always in the sights when they have to cut staff. An organization has rules in place to ensure smooth operations. One person breaking the rules can ruin the apparatus. If you are one of those those who break the rules of work, change now or find a more flexible job in time.

    Those who have the new discipline have the chance to be promoted. Because no one chooses an disorganized person to be a manager because it will cause chaos in the whole company. So complying with work hours also helps you score in the eyes of the leadership team.

    Sign # 8: Please consult your supervisor for everything

    Anything to consult with your boss can be derived from two reasons: You hope your boss will do it for you or do not feel capable of working independently.

    And no matter what of the two reasons above, your image in your boss's eyes has deteriorated a little.

    The factor that helps an employee be appreciated in the eyes of the boss is the ability to proactively, creatively and flexibly handle situations. Whether they really want to solve those problems or not. Regardless of what you ask your superiors, sometimes it is not a wise choice.

    People who are not interested or motivated to work will of course not pay attention to the assigned work. Besides, they are constantly spreading negative energy by complaining, delaying, bothering their boss ...

    Of course, the end of the lack of motivation is that the employee cannot meet the standards of the job. Leaving the organization now is only a matter of time.

    Sign # 9: Not keeping up with the change of the company

    In this era of fierce competition today, it is always happening for each company to change its operation strategy or working method. So if you do not change in time, you will definitely be excluded, the company will find someone to replace you soon. Be mentally prepared for that.

    Every time the company has new products, new campaigns, new working methods, please focus on studying hard. If you become a good person in that change you will have a chance to raise wages, to higher positions.

    A lot of people are resistant to change. They are very afraid to change. But change is a must in this day and age, otherwise you will be left behind.

    Sign # 10: Not paying attention to personal growth

    Industry 4.0 has changed dramatically; Therefore, in any position, it is necessary to cultivate, study and practice regularly to be able to update new knowledge.

    Not paying attention to self-development will keep you stationary. While the organization goes up, the person standing on the spot will be left behind and left behind.

    More and more people are younger than you are graduating from school. They are more active, learn faster, only need lower wages. Therefore, they are more willing to hire a young person for training than someone who pays a higher salary but the experience does not increase.

    The above signals serve as a warning to redefine the way you work if you have the problem. If you do not have high value, you are likely to be low wages and get fired. So please pay attention!

    See you in the next sharing. Wish you always achieve all your wishes.

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