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  • 2021 Business Trends and Things You Need to Prepare for Business Success

    2021 Business Trends and Things You Need to Prepare for Business Success

    How to prevail in 2021? Doing business, just on the right track, you automatically win 50%, the remaining 50% just need you to work hard to the end. After a year of 2020, a lot of business capital is lost due to the Covid19 pandemic, and everyone is threatened by the cold in 2020 to spend, and then by 2021, will be a challenge business people have to deal with when they have to deal with economic recession during and after a pandemic. Which path is right for your remaining capital to be used effectively? Let's explore Phuc Tai in the analysis "Business trends 2021 and things you need to prepare" below. Phuc Finance is pleased to share.

    Business trends 2021 - Times have changed
    Maybe 2020 is a very strong slap for those going in the direction of the premises. The owners of restaurants, hotels and centers lost heavily. Those who rely on hiring businesses also suffer a huge blow, when they cannot afford a bulky apparatus, they keep cutting their salary every month while the revenue is not coming. Perhaps it is no longer necessary to do business online, so doing business online anymore, but rather: Having to do online business. But in 2021, about three times that you crossed the border, about five times you did not properly quarantine the rules, and then blocked up the tumult. Before going to the analysis of why online business. Then let's analyze Phuc Finance and see what is the key to the bankruptcy business in 2020.

    Many business owners by 2020, it is impossible to have money to feed their business. When the business is successful, start the cost team up, the right way to do 10, spend 9. The monthly costs to maintain are too much: such as staff salaries, space rent, ... They must have learned a great lesson about how to implement the enterprise cost problem. Because we not only care about when we eat, but we expand, but we must pay attention, even when the business goes down, we still have to maintain it.

    Many people can say, if it is difficult to keep the premises, they can cut, if they cannot raise the staff, they will be depressed. But it's not that simple. Just like cutting off one finger can make your whole body sick. Leaving just one or two employees is the health of the whole company has been reduced and the spirit of the whole machine has been shaken. In 2020, many companies will collapse because of the wrong layoffs, only partial layoffs, but the hearts are often fearful people - a common trait of employees, so it broke down, disbanding the whole army. Then it's not that simple to set up a site and make it have visitors. Then the staff must also have much training to get. Building it up is extremely wasteful.

    We have to choose a new business direction, so that even if the year 2021, we have to arrange translation services three times, no matter how low consumption of the people is, how much sales decrease we can still maintain. its business system. Let's take a look at 2021 business trends below to make effective preparations for you!

    1. Business Trends 2021: Online Business
    Business Online gives you two solutions to help you face and win in 2021: One is extremely economical on site costs and the other is extremely economical on personnel costs. According to the operating cycle of things, it is 2021 that it is at the peak of the damage caused by the epidemic, quickly until 2022 things will go up. And it is precisely in the process of many companies being damaged, this is the opportunity for small companies, new companies to have the opportunity to go up. And any company that is still alive must survive this difficult period, but when it comes to translation, it will give all of its market share to other competitors. And nothing can be built and maintained at a low cost and as effective as an online business.

    The day before, I went to an overseas study company, this is the field I have been doing Marketing for about 3 years. And as you know, this is one of the candidates who is completely frozen in translation, many companies go bankrupt and close. And the business owner of this study abroad company still maintains his company in the field of language teaching and in the overseas study segment, he is building a Marketing network, selling online, an area that has not had time to focus before. He is recruiting the Marketing department, from the head of the content department, ...

    Regarding online business, anyone who does not know it is difficult to think. But who knows, the cost will be extremely low. The day before, I sat with a fellow Marketing worker in the past, I said: "The mother of the people he teaches in the courses to run Facebook ads is really flashy, there's nothing wrong with Facebook advertising." Done, the two brothers laughed. Industry insiders understand that.

    It can be said that this is the best time for you to build more online business systems. Both help you maintain your company and brand in this translation phase, and help you after an outbreak of unlimited outbreaks.

    a. Online business trends 2021: Save on site costs
    Business according to the ground, it is up to real, but once dead, then die. In 2021, the threat of epidemics is still lurking in Vietnam, even though the Party, the state and the government have done their best, there are always cases of "carrying a snake and biting domestic chickens". the translation suddenly reappears. Not to mention very high cost deployment. And deploying Online channel, the cost is extremely low. So you can see, thanks to Online business, people and families can sell goods, not like in the past. Having done an Online business, whether translated or not translated, this Online system is not affected, the maintenance level is very low and the resilience to reach customers is very high. As of now, my online business system with full network: Facebook, Web, Email Marketing, Youtube, the cost of maintaining its operation is only about 700,000.

    You can learn the secret to building an Online business network that is both cost-effective and effective by referring to two Coach Vending web and Marketing packages of 0 VND!

    b. Online business trend 2021: Save on human resource costs
    If you have hired employees, even if there are few people, it is still a cost burden for the business system. Business people with thin capital are difficult to withstand. It is both a challenge and an opportunity, for you to switch to the use of technology personnel. Technology is human, one can do it once, one can clone as much as one wants, so it's very cheap to use, really cheap. Not to mention technology is what serves countless customers, this is a huge leverage for you to promote and take your brand to new heights.

    Imagine, with a quality web article that can attract 10,000 readers, with only 50,000 ads that can bring 250 customers to your website, what can be devastating. stronger than this. So deploy your entire Online business system. Deploy your web, your Youtube channel, quality articles, quality videos, ... to attract millions of people to know.

    2. Business trend 2021: Business itself
    Having a younger brother playing with me, after two months near the end of 2020, intends to go to business with this person and that person, in the end, nothing should be done, nothing should be done. As for me, I still maintain my opinion, do my own, not in the same league with anyone. If there is any job, the job is divided equally. Because if we grow up like a corporation, then it must be. But here are only a few familiar people who invite each other to work together, it is easy to break. But I have been in business for a long time, the most embarrassing thing is that I just go 2 or 3 steps and then stop, spend 2 or 3 months and then close my books, money is lost, time is gone, so frustrated. Knowing that together will be strong, we know that together we are not strong in one area, others are strong in other areas, but seriously looking back at the strength of all, whether it is enough to overcome all obstacles together to to the final destination or not? The most important business is persistence, most importantly no matter what happens, even if it stops, it is yours so you can continue to do so in the future.

    Like my moneycoach.vn website. In the period when it is not yet decided how to implement it, many men, many parties invite me to work together, build a common brand, even he said: Build a brand for him first and then he will push branding me up, ... But in the end I brushed off all the cake of hope, I chose to make my own. And until now, I still feel that I made the right choice. My own is the best shot. It is important that you learn a lot and do a lot to ensure your ability to build and operate the entire business system. Your own is the most secure, build and protect your property. If you like to associate with other people, then on the role of cooperation to make money, someone else's property keeps. Suppose I build my brand, the community of my customers, whoever needs to cooperate to sell, I sell and take% profit, divide% by sales. But I will not build them together.

    Up to now, whatever I do, I also put a heavy emphasis on ownership, not just money. That is the reason, since the age of 27 when I started working on my own, after 5 times 7 turns, I could not be hired anymore, even though the experience as a Marketing Manager calculated it was quite smooth, but I couldn't. back to work as a hired worker. Thinking that I make the effort, the time, the money, and the business system that other people own, I cannot do it. I just build what is mine and must be mine forever. And to make sure that 100% happen, I do not work with anyone for sure.

    The decision today affects not only today, but with its consequences, after 3 years, 5 years later, when poor, we agree, comrades, until the money comes back, there are many things that oppose it. grow up. I could not afford to just do 3 years, 5 years to build a business system, and then finally let the risks cause it to collapse from disbanding because of disagreements between brothers and sisters. So, just do your own thing, belong to your own ownership, and if you have it, the project will do business equally, and whoever owns it belongs to that person. Generic money creation only, not joint ownership.

    Honestly, when I look at my younger siblings like: I'm going to be in the clothing business with this sister, I'm going to work with my sisters, some friends invite me to do this, ... I just want to shake my head. . An old mat spreads enough to look at the unpaved ones, but dare not say because they are so energetic. Only about 3 months later, he asked again, he was angry and cursed at each other and arranged to disband.

    There is no opportunity in business. Only perseverance, long time, even the avocado tree takes 7 years to bear fruit, business to become a success takes 2 or 3 years. It needs persistence and ownership. Especially in the midst of a frozen economy in 2021, the easier the business is to break, the best 2021 business trend is to make your own. If I work for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, I am really sorry.

    What you need to prepare for a successful business in 2021
    Instead of spending time tinkering around 3 years, 5 years, you can get step-by-step work at this Business Asset Construction Coach package. Discover with Phuc Finance what you will get from this Business Asset Building Coach Package:

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    6. Full supportive companionship lasts: 3 years

    See you again at this Top Secret Business Coach package!

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