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  • 3 A dynamic monetary difference between the rich and the poor

    3 A dynamic monetary difference between the rich and the poor

    Welcome to moneycoach.vn and continue your journey of equipping with more important thoughts and knowledge to achieve success. Surely you also know that: Everyone wants to make more money, become rich. But not everyone achieved the goal. Not only that, many people are struggling in financial matters for 20 years, 30 years, ... even a lifetime. Even though they worked hard. After reading many studies, having much contact with successful entrepreneurs and themselves on the way to build a career with business systems, Phuc Finance has discovered that: in what job we do, how conditions, how hard, but in thinking. We cannot be rich if we have a poor mindset. And soon, Phuc Tai Tai will reveal to you 3 dynamic differences in money between the rich and the poor.

    The poor think that having a high-paying job, working every day, receiving a salary every month, that is a complete success. However, 29 days without pay, only 1 day in a month with pay. That's not what the rich are aiming for.

    The rich are concerned with the daily return of interest. That is, every day there is money in the account. They develop new sources of income to fill 30 days of the month and continue to grow so that their daily return increases.


    Having this saying is extremely important, is the key to the success of the rich, and Phuc Tai shares it with you right now. In the business world, there is a saying that has become the working philosophy of each person, which is: Sales are like breath. It is no different from the fact that one day without breathing you cannot live, one day without sales, no revenue, no cash flow, my career, my company, my business. I can't live either.

    Difference No. 1: The poor are concerned about the monthly salary. The rich are concerned with the daily cash flow.

    The poor can be comfortable with the passing of a day without money. But the rich are not like that, they are upset with it and try to fill up for a full 30 days with money back. Being able to sell their heads, the amount of money coming back every day is less, they continue their efforts to push the amount of money back every day.

    In the beginning, it's not about how much money is in terms of weight, but rather habits. The habit of not accepting a day goes by without money. For example: You are working for hire, find more items to sell every day. Initially, the profit per day was only 50, 100 thousand but please continue. At the time, you'll be addicted to what it feels like to have money back every day. When you have a new source of income, you will be extremely excited. Phuc Finance certainly does.

    So now, let's start looking for new sources of income and fill the interest flow about 30 days a month!

    Difference 2: The poor have savings deposits. Rich people store money in assets and invest in building wealth.


    The fear of failure, the fear of losing money is what always haunts the mind of the poor. They dare not invest but choose to deposit money in the bank. That is the safest way for them. But today, money is not an asset, just a means of payment. Keeping a vehicle has no real value is fraught with risks.

    You can easily see the inflation in the past 20 years. Money devalues ​​a lot. The amount of money to buy an increasing amount of gold. And at the time Phuc Finance rewrote these studies, the gold price increased by about 4 million dong over the same period last year from about 37 million dong to 42 million dong per tael. The gold bar is still the same, but the money has evaporated and lost 4 million, exactly the intrinsic value of 37 million has decreased by 5 million.

    Do you wonder why? Because the truth is, the value for money is not what you value. Holding a payment instrument whose value is not controlled by you and left to the bank to manage you know how risky it will be.

    Rich people are different. They always want to be in control, whether it's their life, or their property. They learn to get smarter in order to build and manage their wealth. If the poor listen to others in their investments even though they do not have any knowledge or understanding in mind. The rich research carefully before investing money in anything, they don't invest what they don't know, nor do they take money down on the advice of others. They consider, carefully calculate the possibility of success, not wait, hoping for success. If they fail, they learn the cause, learn the lessons to do better next time, not avoid or blame.

    Even if they make investments, they still keep an eye on the fluctuations of the market to adjust and rotate assets, not leave it year after year to banks like the poor. Phuc Tai Finance can use an example for you to easily imagine as follows: As the land increases, they sell the land to build a business, the profits from the business they take out to buy gold to store. When the land tends to decrease, they sell gold to collect plots of land in prime locations, ... That is why the rich get richer.

    Difference 3: The poor avoid talking about money. The rich always improve their financial literacy.


    The poor avoid talking about money. The poor always think money is the cause of problems in their lives.

    Rich people value money. The rich think that ignorance of money is the cause of the problem, so the rich are always looking for ways to improve their understanding and smarter with their money to control it.

    If you get the chance, get up to business owners to hear their stories. They discuss business and investment opportunities. They are eager to make money, and when it comes they are happy to accept it.

    Poor people think about money, and look at successful people. So they put the ugly tag on the rich. See others brilliant they think cheats, wicked. That is why money and success leave them. Like a girl, if you see her as ugly, cheating, something that causes hardships in your life, how can she come to you. The same goes for money and success.

    So, admire the success of others: Have a lot of money, have a wealth, have a luxurious charisma, are loved and admired by many people, a happy family. Find out why they did it to learn and apply in their lives and work.

    The thinking worlds of the rich and the poor are completely different. So how do we turn our mindset into that of the rich? "Having in mind will be in hand" is the saying Phuc Tai is most fond of. Start changing your mindset by reading books, books of successful people. Only costing fifty, one hundred thousand you have gathered a lot of things. Participate in the sharing sessions of the rich in the world and in Vietnam as soon as the opportunity arises. Instead of reading newspapers, surfing useless websites every day, switch to reading business newspapers, getting to know finance. Instead of watching clips, entertaining movies, watch clips shared from successful people.

    Thinking about money between the rich and the poor is very different, isn't it? Phuc Finance hopes that the above knowledge will help you on your quest for sustainable wealth.

    And certainly many interesting and useful things are waiting for you in the next article.

    In your free time, remember to click on the website: moneycoach.vn to read useful information to help you grow more brilliantly!

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