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  • 3 extremely expensive mistakes that make business people and employers become employees

    3 extremely expensive mistakes that make business people and employers become employees

    Countless business people, business owners, because they want to be free, because they do not want to be hired, because they do not want to get rich for anyone to start a business. But in the end, the wealthy are nowhere to be seen, bringing themselves a lot of money troubles, imprisoning themselves and embracing more hard than working as a hired laborer. If you are feeling the above statements have your own silhouette, please come to the analysis and experience of Phuc Finance below to clarify this reason!

    Mistake # 1: Selling someone else's product

    At the end of 21, at the beginning of 22 years old, after the first 2 years of working part-time and trying to make money, I already knew 2 important keys in business, namely: how to write to attract others and how to find Earn people who will love what you write. That day, in 2014, facebook was still not as popular as this year 2020, each status I wrote attracted more than 300 people like. I often joke with my best friends: I also sneezed 300 likes. :)))

    Then a business opportunity came, when I posted a book I loved, and unexpectedly dozens of people asked where to buy. After a few comments introducing where I bought, I thought: why don't I sell it? So we went to import books to sell. My business was also warm, because of theft, my customers were all business brothers and business owners, so every time they buy, it is okay to give up 2 or 3 million to buy books. often! With every single book, my profit ranges from 500 to 1 million. For 1 student, mom gives 1.5 million - 2 million days each month, for me it is a really successful business. Oai can not stand it! After each school hour, after school, I go to select books, negotiate discounts and transfer books. While my friends, rushing to get a high score, I fell in love with the development of my online book selling system for high sales.

    I'm very proud, because I always think that I have to do my own business, I have to be my own boss, not just to be a hired employee. And I feel, I have had a successful business!

    It happened, once I negotiated the cost of importing books for a book title. They only give 25% discount, they only get 25%, they are 75%. In the midst of the sunny weather of Hanoi, I rode a motorbike to find another bookstore, hoping to get a different price. The highest discount price is only 30%. What I hate the most is that I have to depend and cower. Why do I think I am a businessman, an owner, why should I be like this? Go on a contract with another person.

    Not to mention, a whole system I built, all day hugging the phone to write status, sharing articles, then texting to take care of guests, then delivering books, then how to find out the topic of writing that makes customers how to love, how to buy products, how to find products that match the needs of customers, how to take care of those who have bought, and how to find new customers. , ... extremely hard, with only 25-30%? What? Personally, I think I own it, but the truth is the same as someone who works as a hired man and sells books for others ??? Isn't that an illusion? And the book seller gives me 75% of the food while they are at leisure. Come on, this contract cannot be played. I was silent and shook my head around in my heart like that.

    The first lesson of my life is: Determined to create my own product or else just work for others. Knowing it's hard for a mouthful in business, but that's what I aim for. And on the sidelines, after 6 years, that is, 2020 now, I have released my first book: 101 things to know about money and stolen for a few months, a lot of you and you responded. buy.

    When selling someone else's product, it is the first loss, we have no control over the price, we have to depend on the price of others. So what do you own, when the product price is the most important thing that determines the growth of the business and determines the size of our pocket, it is subject to the rules of the other person.

    The above lesson is extremely important because of the number of people who go to start a company, work hard to build a business system, and end up selling someone else's. However, that is just the primitive lesson of a 21 or 22 year old child. Here's a much bigger lesson.

    Mistake # 2: Not actually owning the customer

    Returning to the book business is making money for such a child. Success came, but it was too weak to defend and maintain it. In order to practice and graduate, I had to close the system of books. Mostly, my family wanted me to focus on studying and not be engrossed in making money. Graduation calculated later. I have planned, stop spending 1-2 years studying to graduate and find a job to please my family. Then the book business continues. Human life is long, 1 or 2 years is important.

    But I was wrong. Wrong! It is true that I have a long life. But the book system is gone, I've lost it. A money tree for my gold fruit, is gone. The first day I worked as a hired employee, I started doing content marketing, in contrast to the corporate finance industry that I studied, I had to bite my teeth starting from a salary of 6 million a month and in my heart, I regret the guts the business system I have built that. And when I make 200,000 a day and sit and wait for my salary every month, I realize how valuable I have lost.

    Fortunately, instead of letting myself sink into the past aura and regrets, I asked myself again: Why is the business system I rebuilt no longer available? Why did it disappear as soon as I stopped doing it? So what to say of passive income. Isn't passive income something you don't do, and it still exists? The system I built was missing something to crash like that. I have to find a reason to build stronger next time. It was very tiring just to build and then collapse, and extremely tired. I want to build it to be strong. Wanting what you build today will also promote its value in the future.

    Then finally I realized: Because I sell other people's products. The customers came to me again for someone else's work, so they left me. It's no different from me getting rich for the people who sell that product. Or more closely, in my case, the writers of the book.

    We have run out of breath, worked hard so that customers come to us, buy other people's products, they leave me to follow someone else's brand. Because in the process of using those products, the company's brand has influenced and conquered our customers. They will continue to spend money buying more of that company's products, but they don't need us anymore. Because in this market, 1 buyer, a hundred sellers. If they don't buy this place, they buy it elsewhere.

    Many people think they have customers, but it is not. When you sell someone else's product, you already lose your own customers, the customer will be influenced by the other person's brand, not you anymore. It is like being physically beside you, but their souls are directed elsewhere. Sooner or later they will definitely leave.

    Countless people make that mistake, spend all their time, money, and effort promoting product brands, other people's companies. In the end it was like an employee in that company. Thought there were customers, but in fact, it was not! You will never be free, owned, have passive income, and your customers will run after another company. Even if you keep the monopoly on the distribution of the product, one day a business dispute occurs, you lose the monopoly altogether, or keep the monopoly under unpleasant terms and conditions that keep you running all the time. If you can't run, you lose everything.

    Mistake No. 3: Wrong concentration of resources

    Or one more case! Regarding a business, opening a company to enrich others. That is many people do not know what to focus on first to start a business. A lot of people take care to create offices, buy desks, chairs, computers, stationery, printers, hire employees, ... An extremely beautiful office with a large staff. Unfortunately, the office is nice but there are no customers to consult, no customers to buy, ... the staff takes the time to train, impart knowledge, lose the salary, ... finally go. over. Then you are not getting rich for the people selling tables, selling chairs, selling things for your office, you are going to get rich money, rich experience for young employees until they are strong, do if they get a job, they spread their wings and fly away?

    Few people know that the first thing to focus on is creating a community of customers! That is why, so many foreign companies have start-up stories in the car garage. They just need the garage. As for Vietnamese starting a business, they just have to have a monumental office, a stylish vest, and a decent vehicle. But inside, it's all installments and no sales. So is no different than setting up a business to enrich others.

    Phuc Finance hopes that the above sharing will help you have more ideas or recognize gaps in your business for gradual adjustment. Wish you will build your own business! And if you want to dig deeper, go to the book: Building Business Wealth - a book with many hidden lessons that no one has ever told you about. This is a book I wrote exclusively for business people.

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