3 key secrets to take off business

    The essence of a business is not to make a lot of money, the essence of a business is to create a lasting system, protect your efforts, work today, reap for tomorrow, and the days to come, that's what it is. It is known as passive income. Many people opened the system, built a company, just greedily get rich, made a lot of money but then lost it all and lost it all, empty-handed again, very tired. Here are the three key business secrets you need to know, if not sml forever!

    When you are a business owner, you must be like a general, before going into battle, you need to find out the direction, see what the strategy is, where to put the troops, the cash flow that the business will allocate to build what first. After that, we deployed it into practice, for military work. The corporate financial posture that is reversed is immediately broken! What needs to be spent first, what to spend later, what to spend next, what to spend in any period, must be sure. So what are the specific steps? Let's start the following day! Well if you feel this article is good, please like and help Phuc Finance share this article with people who need it!

    Corporate finance secret No. 1: Build a solid corporate foundation

    Imagine that your business is like a net. In the midst of a market as wide as the sea with countless customers, you are diligently throwing nets every day to find fish, for you, your family, even their brothers, teammates and their families. So, first of all, you don't have to be eager to go and throw the net, to sell goods, to find customers. The first thing is, you have to see if your net is secure or not, can you keep the fish or not? There are a lot of people, there's a net with lots of holes to let fish out, or even a bottom hole. So whatever, work hard, hard, aggressive, but money can't see. Just built and collapsed, just built and then collapsed.

    During the process of Phuc Finance consulting, there were many poignant failures, he said: Many customers ask, comment inbox a lot, but no one buys. It is a phenomenon that many fish about to concede. In the middle of the vast ocean, it took forever to find the fish to fall in the net. Isn't it wasteful?

    There are also children who say: For the past 2 or 3 years, there have been thousands of customers coming to buy products, but no customers come back to continue buying products. Fish just come back and drift off, can't keep it. It is the manifestation of a bottom perforation or an overly large corporate operating structure.

    The truth is that starting a company, a business, is not essentially making a lot of money. Many people think wrong, terribly wrong. Do you recognize that a lot of people think of setting up a company or a business to make a lot of money? Is it right? But they are wrongly sticking out there.

    Just get into business, start a business you will know. To make a lot of money, it is extremely hard. There are no tricks or tricks here, it all has to be due to perspiration, effort, and efforts to accumulate, not to mention facing countless risks, losing money like playing. If it's just to make a lot of money and plunge into this very hard war, it would be better to work as a hired worker. It's easier to make a lot of money as a hire than it is to start a business. Making 20 million as a hired employee is easier than earning 20 million as a job owner. Working for everything, the company takes care of everything, you just need to do your part well. Or work in a position, get on a line to eat money, withdraw the guts of a project, or undercut a certain company to eat sick money. It's true.

    But why, there are still people who do not choose to work as hired labor, but do their own business or start a company? Myself, too, right before the Covid epidemic broke out in Vietnam, I refused the position of Marketing Manager of an overseas company headquartered in the US with a salary of 19 million / month, to return to work. 7 service systems for their online business. As the head of a department I have a team that works for them, which are mainly deployed by them, I will set out strategies, directions, create processes, help them work together and motivate, and report. report to superiors. Nhan a lot. As for self-business, I work extremely hard, not to mention that the capital will not be as abundant, but shoot freely like companies, with a tight amount of money, have to force themselves to create terribly. Many people will think that the pressure pouring down from superiors is a headache. But not yet lost! That headache will not permeate with private business pressure, when every day the money is cut into the blood, and the interest is not found anywhere.

    So in short, why so hard, countless people still give up a lot of money to build businesses? The answer lies in: Preserve effort and value.

    As for hired labor, no matter how much money you pay, you get paid after you get paid, you will finish the payment, quit the job and lose all your effort, the system we built, other than the money, we don't get anything, now we know, Tomorrow will probably take effort to build up in a split second. It took me 2.5 years to build a Marketing Department and get a position as a Marketing Manager. But I lost it in just a second, which was when I sent the text refusing to sign the boss's 300 million dirty cash lines. This is happening out there abruptly.

    We do our own, build our own business system, the deep purpose is to protect our efforts and achievements. Today, we put in effort to work so hard, so that the achievement will still be preserved for the next day. Like a tree, taking care of watering and bathing, 2 or 3 years it has been hardened so every year produces sweet fruits, and I am resting at some beach, stretching my legs, sipping a glass of flower juice. Fruit enjoy each sea breeze, cool, gentle ...

    But the reality is always slap: BOOKS! in our face! Countless business people, working 2 or 3 years hard, in the end still have nothing in their hands. It was hard work and at the same time lost money, in the end it was not as good as working as a hired laborer. So, definitely the first thing you need to do. It's about making a solid net, a structural enterprise that runs really hard. Leaving any fish in will not pass, let any customers come to buy and love, buy from you for a long time, not only their whole lives but also their children and grandchildren.

    After all, in order to do this well, what you need is to understand the mindset and get rid of the mindset to make money. As long as you are greedy for money, your eyes cannot see exactly what is the asset to focus on. Note, the property here is what protects your value in the long run, not the fast thing that brings money back, and then collapses after a few days. Have to research something of long-term value protection to focus on building.

    Phuc Finance takes an example like this. A lot of people build a Sales team, sell sales, find people, recruit staff, train Sales, push orders, and run sales to get money back. But the system, also known as the net, is too loose. Someone file, no client management software. Customer information can not save anything.

    Or especially run ads. There are items with little money you run ads that can be issued immediately, customers get money down. However, for items with high prices, running ads is only meant to reach customers. And customers need time to learn about the website boredom to decide to listen to advice from you. I take for example the packages I run abroad for example, it comes 200, 300, 500, 1 billion. Then it is not possible to run ads and to apply immediately. Customers will come to the web plow to find out and plow all the information of your company on Google to review. But nowadays, there are many companies, websites with too sketchy articles, which are collected a little from each place, the data, pictures and videos of the company are too thin, making customers not trustworthy enough.

    The website here is one of the images of the net. Website where articles, videos are cliché, like a bottomless net, visitors come in and out all that. Or your consulting team is too young to close customers, then you train and raise until you can lock customers, then you will go to another company to find new opportunities. And the team is too connoisseur, then take all of your Data and sneak through other companies for more profit ???

    So, sharing a little of what I do, after many bitter moments from my life, with my business systems, I always build real web sites, set up real video consulting systems, systems. Email marketing system connects closely with customers, creating a network to welcome customers and keep customers, not just running ads, spreading facebook, skipping above, not only hiring private people. question, then just need them, keep them. My business system, my career, the enthusiasm of my assets, to depend on my unrelated employees, can leave me at any time and die. Can not. Can not.

    So set up your network to catch every wave, every wave of customers coming in. If you can do it, you even get double value. Because fish go in groups, customers go in groups. A fish knows where it smells good, staying there brings a flock of fish. A customer who loves you, buys from you and becomes a customer who loves to buy from you, they will tell stories about you and invite family, friends, and community to bond with you. friend.

    Your job first, is to create a solid net. The system operates closely. In order to capture every batch of customers, take care of, sell and continuously provide value to them to create a huge fortune, a tree that keeps blooming, giving fruit all year round. But not because of the desire to make a lot of money, fast money in the short term, then eagerly eagerly, trying to work, trying to live and try to die, run a lot of money. In the end, I have nothing in hand, start over again, and the money I make, one time spent, is not too much. If you want to consult more about the operating structure of the company, or want to set out the direction to build business assets, please refer to and order the book Building business assets here.

    Corporate Financial Secret No. 2: Strong Marketing Cash Flow

    After you have built a solid, solid net that has not missed any fish, the next step is to work out a throwing strategy. When caught near, there are fish quickly, but the fish is small, or if you catch fish from far, you can go long but the fish is big? Facebook ads are quick to apply, but all of them run out of customers. Or spreading the web, youtube, extremely hard to build, but surely sales for tomorrow. In the midst of an Internet game, where should you put your money and build? Let's go with Phuc Tai to a marketing system of a company that used to do.

    It is an international company with two Marketing Department Study Abroad in Japan - Korea and Study English. With about 12 permanent employees, 5.6 collaborators and monthly pouring money to run ads up to 3, 4 hundred million monthly. Above is the Group, so the money poured in every month is like squeezing lemon. Studying abroad, according to the seasons, the peak month is up to 500 million. The problem is not having no money to run but how to run all the money.

    The strategy back then was to put money into running Facebook and Google ads. Those are the two main channels. Because you keep pouring money into running, just pouring money into Facebook, Google is the advertisement that shows up, there is Data, there are customers, there are contracts, and sales. So back then, outside of the advertising channel, the Marketing staff and the bosses did not have much direction. Because the money is still running, the sales are still coming in, but after all, they work as hired workers, ensuring the current target is okay. So in the end, the website system is extremely sketchy. The only thing I can do is because of the advertising money I clicked on. And every month, we run sales, chase targets, so we keep going like that. Finally, after 2-3 years, when the advertising money decreased, the contract period decreased or there were no customers. When the company went down, on the total tightening money, the entire Marketing system did not have high service value. I often call it 2 dead websites. Must be nurtured with money, every day when money comes in, I live, I die if I have no money. Like a body dependent on an oxygen machine, withdrawing the machine is blocked breathing, lethargy. An enterprise, an extremely weak system, just because of going in the wrong direction to run ads, only know the sales run each month with a short-term vision, enough to report above, but later on, life and death wear flying. It is an unstable thing. There is no long-term orientation or long-term vision.

    Marketing, selling, product spread, company branding is something you must do in order to have customers. But the choice of going on a boat every day, pumping gas, pumping oil for fishing and then returning (symbolizing that every day pouring money to run ads, bring fish back but nothing) or build stations Fishing right on the sea represents the building of values ​​for the future, such as: quality web article systems, quality video systems, for future customers will come out, other marketing channels. such as: creating community, connecting, creating relationships with people with community, ...). That's your choice. If you want, both of you have to really put in more effort and brainpower. Rather than just from a short-term perspective, eating a full stomach today is already warm.

    What is the nature of business? As you build today, work today, but when the system is strong, stable, and able to run itself, you will get out and continue to build other systems. Whatever you do, you must put it on the scale. Think: How do I get out of this system? How often do I get out? What should I do if I want to get out? From there you will know, instead of choosing water spinach, there are vegetables for 1 month, but must be replanted every year. Then you will know how to choose more jackfruit trees, the drum does not bear fruit immediately, but when you grow up, you will not do anything, every year you can harvest.

    But never mind, this is my career, my company, I will stick for life. So the mouth broke immediately. You will fail in your own mind. Do not think to be busy, have to work hard, have to work hard for a lifetime is good. That is the mindset of employment. What is the mastery mindset: letting go, is running automatically, building multiple systems, duplicating it, being free, leaving it running well, getting out, ... It's going play, is lazy to do, is leisurely, is enjoy. You want that too, right?

    To get out, after making sure the system is running well, you have to make sure that there are always customers in. To do so, in addition to running sales during the day, you must build a strong automatic marketing system, which will preserve your value, not just dive into emerging trends for fast food but turn off. .

    Some suggestions for you are as follows:

    - Quality articles: On the Internet, the web is the face of the company. Build a website with beautiful and realistic images, lots of activities, lots of feeback, lots of comments, customer success, to create trust. Along with that, articles are not only explosive for themselves, but must provide value to customers. Let them read, they love it. Posts many views. In order for others to go online they search for information in the future, your articles will appear at the top, so that these articles are a tool to bring in new customers for you. Like an automatic fishing station. I know a lot of companies that make web extremely sketchy, posts scrapped all over the place, re-stirred. In the end that web is the dead web. You yourself are a business person or a business owner, you have to hire people to pay attention, whether the article is really self-written and quality or not. Not to lose money unjustly for the rude employees. A quality article you post on the web, or on facebook whether now or tomorrow, will bring in quality customers. Many people think that setting up the web is difficult, not difficult, only 3, 4 million is a beautiful web. I have built Teams to deploy for me, and can get more deployments to help those who really want to build the web. You can contact here.

    - Making video consulting system, sharing quality: Many people go to build a team of consultants, sales. It takes training. But then they also leave you. Extremely exhausted. Instead, put effort into making a set of consulting videos, you can post on Youtube channel. Not only finding more customers, but any customer who wants to learn about your company's products, bring them to watch these consulting videos, is much more valuable than direct consultation, because the video is much more. image, more active. Study the power of the consulting-sharing video set. If you need to understand more and build this video set, please consult and register here.

    - Serve beyond the expectations of customers and create a close relationship with them: Surely the image of fish swimming in groups has helped you somewhat visualize. Business is not selling to one customer, but selling to customers and all their relationships selling. A customer is just the beginning. What you aim for is their whole relationship. One fish will lead to the whole herd. Conquering a customer is extremely difficult. But if you get referrals from that customer, it's easy to sell. That is why, even though people have protested, blasphemy, cursed because, in the world and in Vietnam, there are still businesses in the form of multi-level, or agents, regions in the north, ... Because of the power of referrals, of word of mouth is enormous. Learn from this point to make your business system resilient and resilient. It can take a month to serve a client and make them happy, but they are completely talking about their lifelong friends. I like this line very much: All my life. It's the best automated marketing tool ever. Don't miss it!

    - Build a network of your relationships, especially with people who also own the community: The elders told you, they have friends, they have wards. For you to have a strong community of customers, then play with people who also own the community. You think, you play with people they have tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of customers, and their words, their company affects that customer, you will easily be known and loved by many people. like it too. As I love you, when you talk about a product, or a company, a certain person, you will have love without any reason. This method is warm, rich quickly. But not easy. Dragons play with dragons. Pigs play with pigs. Hyenas play with hyenas. If you want to be around you as the owners of the community, what you must be, who you are, your level, or the level of your company, whether your products are suitable for them. So each business person has to constantly train themselves, from the mind, so that's why. If a soul gleefully takes advantage of others, next, the cheesecloth cannot cover the holy eyes. To do so, you must also build your own community. You must have a community in order to play with someone who has a community, if not just in the role of working for them. Wish you success!

    p.s: Well if you want to know effective marketing strategies, go to register now for the course: 30 real marketing tactics here. The live program by Phuc Finance shares practical experiences in building and operating a marketing apparatus for businesses. Many things are still very interesting.

    Business finance secret No. 3: Creating products - Creating the rules of the game - Really owning

    Bait, drop sometimes, fish lead fish in. Product infusion product. Every time a customer uses a product, he or she is influenced by the product and attached to the product's mind. They will remember and talk about it. So, you have to hold the product in your hand to really grasp the customer. The bait must be yours. But every time a fish goes to borrow bait, in the end the fish will still follow the person who created the bait, not you.

    If you do business, you sell other people's products. Then the number of customers you work to find will belong to other people, not you. You think the customer is yours, but it's not, the customer belongs to the person who created the product. As such, it is extremely risky. You want to have customers you have to keep following other people to continue selling products from them. You will be just like parasitic, symbiotic, not host. Then what is financial freedom, passive income here. All day you have to run after others. Not to mention, if you are not an exclusive distributor, you will also have to compete with hundreds or thousands of other competitors. If you are a monopoly you have to run monopoly quotas all day long, or get kicked at any time. Not to mention the construction work, but the rules of the product are not yours, you cannot grasp, the company that makes the product is stuck with all the effort you put in.

    So, to really master, to be really sure, to really have good bait. You have to do your research to create a product. This year is not good, next year. The following year is not good, five years later. If you stay long enough in the market, you will make a product. Do not worry. Be confident! What is important here is how you think. Do you really understand how important it is to create your own product? Please want to sell fast, money home early, so just go to promote loudly for other businesses.

    Honestly, because it's been through, every time I see multi-level armies or bitcoin, virtual money, or a salesman going on promoting, picking up companies, I feel bad. Unfortunately for themselves, after all, everything is just a product of a company, don't get too drunk. Just treat it as a product to sell, don't force it, don't push your customers too much. Hopefully, they can have a stop, to build their own product on their own, to really achieve what they are calling for financial freedom or passive income.

    The above is shared by Phuc Finance, hoping to help you add a certain perspective in shaping and developing your business. Wish you success! And if you need more intensive and thorough support. You can learn from the book Building business assets!

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