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  • 3 secrets of successful income generation

    3 secrets of successful income generation

    No one wants to be rich but only have one source of income. And creating multiple streams of income is what you seem compelled to do if you want to be rich. So why do we need to generate multiple sources of income instead of just one? And do so to create many successful sources of income. Please join Phuc Finance to find the answer right below.

    A source of high income is not equal to many low income sources

    All income sources follow the Sin principle from employment to ownership. Meaning: Initially you start with a low income, with a low salary. Then gradually, this amount will gradually increase and hit extreme highs, lots of money. And it will slowly go downhill, with less money, the job will be extremely difficult until the difficulty bottom. And during this time when your income plummets and hits this bottom, you have to work extremely hard to get your income up before your income starts to rise again. Just like that will repeat, repeat again.

    Everyone wants their income to be at the peak all the time, right. However, when you are at the bottom, no matter how much effort you put in to get Sin's income to the top fastest, an extremely important factor that influences is time. It always takes time. Can not want fast is fast. Even want to be too fast to break the income stream.

    Like this: When the income is going down, you want to have as high a turnover as before, you put it, you force the Sales team, you scold, do whatever it takes to sell more goods. But the sales are still not coming. You come to the company you are angry, you get angry, you get upset and you continue to force the Sales team. In the end, it was unbearable, the staff left you to look for another company. So broken, you have to rebuild from scratch even more difficult. Because it is not overnight that an employee can be trained to do the job.

    It is because one essential factor is time. It takes time for old customers to come back to buy, it takes time for new customers to absorb the product, it takes time to spread your brand. These things are not going to be fast. It needs the osmotic time principle. Like letting a client trust you, not one day you spend 24/24 talking, consulting, explaining to them that they trust you, even bothering them. Which definitely takes 7 3 21 days. Osmosis of time.

    Therefore, instead of writhing under the sinusoidal bottom of an income source, it is impossible to have money immediately. Spend that time creating new sources of income. That is the most important reason why we need so many sources of income. For every source of income down, focus on pushing the other source of income. Just like that, the sources of income take turns going up and down, up and down. Always guarantee your stability.

    Also, do not greedily look at a high income source but focus on just one source of income. Because no matter how tall it is, no matter how high it will come down or even down too hard, it will break. Instead of choosing a high income source, you would rather choose 2 low income sources.

    Specifically like this: Many people work, because they want high salaries, so they work day and night, the higher the salary, the more work. Agreed to work to become a manager, but ended up being landed, losing all her effort.

    Instead of just working for the right salary, so that you still have time to start your own business, if the other job lands, you will still have income from working on your own.

    Converged Income Principle

    Do you know why, the Hollyhood movies, which spend tons of money on making one movie, lots of car-busting movies, huge guns, so expensive. But they only aired for 1 month and promoted PR, promoting within the first 7 days?

    Because there is a rule that sales will converge within 7 days. 7 days peak sales, then it will slowly go down and go to zero. And it is worth noting that, and this note is the most shocking. That is: The sales of the whole year are only equal to the sales in 7 days. Therefore, instead of embracing a source of income all year, why not focus on working for 7 days. Then the rest of the year to rest and work other sources of income.

    If anyone knows and takes advantage of the Law of 7-day convergence of sales, that person is extremely leisurely. Because while thinking of Vietnamese people is: Work all year round, work to old age, until retirement. But the thinking of a group of business people is different: Work focused for a while, then rest. Then after a while, come back to work.

    If you understand this rule, it's extremely leisurely. Life is less frowning or sorrowful.

    Think about it, even as a hired worker. As I start from a salary of 6 million. After 6 months, it increased to 9 million. Then keep this salary of 9 million for 1 year. Then, 6 months in a row I got a salary of 20 million. Then quit my job because I did not pay 300 million VND to the Boss, so I lost my management, returned to the salary of 9 million :))) So:

    - The first 6 months, total salary: 6 * 6 = 36 million

    - The next 6 months, total salary: 9 * 6 = 54 million

    - The last 6 months, total salary: 4 * 20 = 120 million

    And you see, the first year, the total salary: 36 + 54 = 90 million is even lower than the last 6 months when he was manager. And if I continue to work, then nominally 9 million, but have to work extremely hard. Because they just wanted to force me to quit my job. And to return to a high salary, it will definitely take a lot of patience, effort and waiting for about 6 months for the head of the room to replace my position with broken wings. And it was true that 6 months later she broke her wing, actually quit her job. But then I built my own career and have had successful sales already.

    Please understand and understand this Law of Converging Sales to control and make a reasonable strategy for each income source. Especially, the sales for the whole year were just equal to the 7-day convergence sales. Therefore, even if you make a cow for the whole year, the sales are not much better than 7-day sales convergence. That's why, why not relax, why not take a short-term retirement, why not spend the time creating another source of income but cling to something.

    Just like in love. Why, instead of after spending your hands, that single time, you did not take advantage of your freedom, build a career, play, experience, connect, but sit there and cry, hold on to love. , running in the footsteps of people begging for emotional alms to do. Because you do all kinds of connections, getting your heart out, that feeling will not make you happy, but only suffer. So, when my friend broke up, he kept texting everyone every day that he was bored, he kept chewing over and over again. As for me, I will: Oh, what are these single times doing? Not texting, caring about spending time with anyone, oh well, I will build a website, I will publish a new book.

    And after you have understood the 2 reasons why you need to generate multiple sources of income, let's come up with 5 tips for creating multiple sources of income right below:

    Tip # 1: Build automated trading systems that you have to get out of

    Before you start your business, write down that business model on paper, how each machine works. And sit back and study, you can get out of this system or not. If you can't get out, find out from those around you, or read the book Building a business fortune.

    Because if you can't get out of your own business, it's like going to a prison. It will end you 24 hours a day, even without you having the air to breathe or a little time to rest. You're going to be doing a bunch of stuff, and no matter how high your turnover, how much profit you get, you know the sinusoidal law. By the time it will also tip its head to the bottom and drag you along indefinitely.

    As I was writing these lines, the United States was facing two major wars: one with Covid19, the other with widespread violence because of a white policeman's headstroke that killed a white man. black. This leads to enormous overseas study companies. Japanese and Korean companies also stared back when the school did not accept students and the July period moved back to the October period, causing sales to stall. A successful study abroad application, labor export, companies must be paid more than 100 million, minus costs, operating, brokerage, also pocket 50, 60 million delicious. That is what people in the profession I heard, but in this profession I only work as hired labor. The income is so high, but now the study abroad industry, labor export is frozen. It really causes companies to bottom out, and many people in the industry have a hard time. If you make a profit, you can make money, but if you lose money, you can quickly remove the money.

    So don't let yourself be forced into just one source of income. Very dangerous. And if you want to have multiple sources of income, the only way you have to set up the business systems to run automatically and you can get out. I can't even use the reason that my industry can't set it up automatically. The automatic setup is all you need, not fully, partly.

    Marketing needs to be done in any industry. And completely this marketing machine runs automatically to bring customers back to you: As a valuable website, a valuable Youtube channel, will automatically bring customers back to you. And at a point, you don't need marketing anymore, just build a machine and so it will promote your channel to generations of people, over time. So let's find out. If you need direct advice from Phuc Finance, click on this Business Advisory Package!

    It is imperative to design a business system that can be escaped. Like with this financial sharing system, I've designed the business model to be lean and get out easily. As follows:

    - Marketing: Build a valuable Website and Youtube channel to automatically bring customers back

    - Create Customer File - Collect Data: Build a Landing Page system for customers to automatically register products for customer information.

    - Customer care: Build Email Marketing system to automatically email articles, information, knowledge and product introduction to customers and keep contact with customers, convert from cold to warm customers. , warm to hot.

    - Products: Create a system of books, valuable video sets, follow-up emails automatically sent to customers

    - Coaching, mentoring, connection, cooperation: I just directly do Coaching, this mentor, the purpose of deep support for everyone, and more importantly, seek out opportunities to continue to cooperate. next source of income. That is my final destination. Helping, accompanying, supporting and moving forward to cooperate together.

    Tip # 2: Build a community of customers

    I still share: Stand by product as the center, do not try to sell a product to anyone. 1 So the product is not important. It's just something that serves our customers. Be customer-centric.

    Once you are customer centric, you can sell the world. Because one person has a lot of needs. As a business person, businessman or business owner, they not only have the need to read books, they also have the need to make business introduction videos, the need to create a website, the need to dress and travel. .. And once they trust you, you can sell anything.

    Let's move from product-centric to customer-centric. Create your own customer community. You will have extremely many sources of income. It's just having the power to provide it or not.

    Suppose Phuc Finance takes an example like this: Today, you read this article, but Phuc Tai believes, you read here you feel good already. You feel like doing business and buy the book Building a business fortune written by Phuc Finance. And Phuc Finance will assist you. In the process of that business, until a later time, your work develops, you need to create a website, Phuc Finance can completely support you with Vending Web service, or you need to make an introduction video. companies, PAS video service is available

    Therefore, let's aim to build a community of customers for themselves. Build relationships with customers, not just stop selling. Eat guava extremely. Make it deeper, and you will easily generate a variety of income streams. Hold on!

    Tip # 3: Partner with good people

    You cannot be good at all areas. But in order to provide customers, you must provide the most valuable and quality products. Therefore, it is imperative that you cooperate with good people. And if you know how to cooperate with good people, you can be extremely leisure. Customers already have communities in place, you just need to understand their needs from time to time, and provide and help them solve those problems. When people trust and love someone, they tend to ask that person. So. You absolutely provide many services to one customer. To optimize revenue per customer, instead of exploiting revenue by breadth, will turn to depth.

    That is, instead of earning 1 million people and only 1 person revenue of $ 1, it costs a lot for Marketing to earn 1 million customers trust, and huge Operating costs for serving 1 million people. . Then find 1000 people and exploit the revenue from each person is 1000 $. You will create greater value. Because you help each person in depth, not just skimming, scooping up the heat. And marketing costs are also greatly reduced and the cost of operation is extremely gentle. Nowadays go the optimization style. Like a deep love instead of a one night love.

    Most Corporations now follow the ecosystem. As a group we do, they target a rich community of customers "

    - They build resorts to serve resort needs

    - They do travel services to serve tourism needs

    - They create inter-level kindergartens 1, 2, 3 serving the education of comprehensive children for customers

    Then they build services to study abroad

    - They also build hospitals to serve health care needs

    Even VinGroup corporations they build such ecosystems. From cars, motorbikes to serve the needs of travel, to housing, kindergartens, all levels, ... Hospitals, resorts, ...

    So what is your ecosystem? Phuc Tai itself is also gradually creating an ecosystem for itself. Phuc Tai's ecosystem is aimed at serving business people and business owners: From financial knowledge, business, process building, automated operating systems, to web-making services, video making , design services, ...

    In order to make this ecosystem, you definitely have to cooperate for good people to work with you. Each person is good at a field, you will create a powerful Team to support, help, and serve your community of customers.

    If you want to do that, you just need to do this: Kindness, respect and live life after being one, so that others are ready to do with you. Especially be conscious of nurturing. Phuc Finance itself is supporting, sponsoring and helping children. My destiny is Kim, so now I am choosing to support the children of Thuy 96, 97. They may be immature today, but tomorrow, 2, 3 years later, 10 years later. will become completely different people, even better than me. I have sponsored a 97 since she has not graduated from school to work as a collaborator for a company I work for. From a salary of 2 million collaborators. I pull from one Job to another. From a salary of 2 million, to 4 million, then to 6 million, 8 million and now it is 10 million. While just graduated for 1 year. Isn't that too warm?

    As for those older brothers and sisters. I cooperate with kindness and respect. So brothers and sisters, even though born in 86, 91, are all experienced in their profession, they are also willing to cooperate with them. Because each person is good at an array.

    Honestly, no one will play if they live their brains. His calculation is quick, the money is fair, and the people are not greedy. The part we enjoy, the other people enjoy. I also do not waste other people's time. And I rarely recite negative gossip. It is always energy and striving to go up. And to support others is to do everything to support the best. Another person gives me one, I'm willing to give back two. Always work beyond expectations.


    Hope that what Phuc Finance shared to you will help you have more new ideas for your work. Wish you will have many interesting things and every day the work will grow!

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