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  • 3 ways to work extremely smart to make money make money

    3 ways to work extremely smart to make money make money

    Welcome to Phuc Finance! It is a pleasure for Phuc Finance to continue accompanying you on the journey to discover more useful knowledge to help your work and life develop. Did you know that, these days, working hard for a stable job is no longer a good way to go. Working smart, methodically, efficiently, creating more money, having more free time to enjoy and experience a new life is a desire for many people to look forward to. So how to get there? Immediately, Phuc Tai shares with you 3 methods of working extremely smart to make money make money. Phuc Finance has applied and achieved the effect beyond imagination. Let's listen together!

    Method # 1: Evaluate by results instead of hard work

    Phuc Tai Finance has met many people who think that just doing a lot of hard work will bring a lot of money, but forget that it is the optimization of work productivity that is the key to wealth and freedom. There are people who always appear to be busy, but in fact their work efficiency is not high. If you are also struggling to do many things, and then look back at the end of the day, the value created is low, time is passing but the salary still stands still. Then this is the time to change your perspective.

    If you are thinking that sitting at the company for 8 hours a day, with no minute difference in time is a measure of success, then it is a huge mistake. The company or any other business owner hires you to create value to help the company go up, not hire you to sit there for the company. Therefore, forget about the timekeeper, forget your pride when you are a hard worker, and also give up the thought of not trying hard at the end of the month to still have a salary, work effectively.

    If you are a Telesales employee, instead of trying to make a lot of phone calls to get a good report, show the Boss, each of your calls quality, sales rate, closing sales through each call of you. is higher, and you bring in more revenue than in the previous month, last quarter, and the same period last year. If you are a delivery officer, instead of just taking the goods to the customer and then returning home, talk to the customer, create a relationship, so that next time customers continue to order and refer others to buy for you, give your company. Then no employer does not want to increase your salary, or you also increase your own salary with the sales profits you generate. Do you agree with this?

    So, instead of sitting there, working without orientation, reviewing the work, see if there is anything better can be done, is there a way to make more money? In particular, Phuc Tai Finance loves this saying and wants to share with you, it is: You are the one who decides the salary for yourself, not anyone else.

    Instead of being in a position of applying for a job, make an effort at work, train yourself, become a valuable person to climb into the position of negotiating and cooperating with the parties. You feel the salary deserves the ability, you accept the job. If the company pays lower wages, you refuse and find a suitable place. And when you are talented enough, experienced, boldly open your own company, your own business system to enrich yourself. Again, hard work does not speak about your work efficiency, creates results, efficiency is what helps you increase your salary, increase your income, gain trust, and appreciate your boss, partner.

    Method number 2: Block information sources

    Internet development has made a breakthrough in every person's life. We update news faster, social networks make it easier for people to connect and talk. However, on the other hand, we have borne very bad habits such as: reading newspapers, surfing Facebook, watching Youtube, listening to music, chatting with friends, ... And these are bad habits that do. reduce productivity.

    The truth is, working to be productive takes concentration. According to research, the highest performance is born after at least 20-30 minutes of intense concentration. If you are doing, there is a message, you will return to reply to the message, occasionally surf to check the new article, turn on Youtube to watch a few clips, surely your results will be terrible. You do see a lot of people and including you, many times just assign to facebook, youtube, ... 5 - 10 minutes, but somehow, just blink of an eye 1.2 hours have passed.

    Office people sitting on computers often have this bad habit. Convenience computer network, click 1, 2 mouse gestures will be swept in immediately. More work, but still have to see what his friend just posted on Facebook, drop your heart, comment. Therefore, in order to be productive, you must block these sources of information to avoid distracting your attention. When working, leave the phone to silent mode, on the computer log out of websites such as facebook, skype, zalo. When finished, open it to check.

    You definitely need to be aware of this. A lot of people are spending hours in vain every day just reading junk articles, bullshit news, that don't help their lives or their income go up. Someone will also say that there is a lot of useful information online. It is true that, however, please leave it after work. The disciplined work time is always helpful. If we want to be successful, we have to do it differently. Revealing this, Phuc Tai has the opportunity to interact with successful people, while at work, they turn off their phones, leave the computer in place. They sat in silence for hours before their reports and plans to meditate. They do not allow anyone to enter the room to avoid distracting. We can choose to excuse or explain about underperformance, or we choose to be rich. But we cannot choose both. Make it, play it out, be disciplined, clear.

    Method # 3: Avoid participating in stories of no value

    This is a very important information Phuc Finance wants to share with you in this discussion. The world is divided into classes: Poor, Middle and Rich. And each of these classes tells different stories, thinks different things. Let's find out:

    - First: Stories of the poor: The poor often tell negative stories to each other, they complain, curse, and blame the problems that occur in their lives. They spread negative stories. If something happened, they blamed others. Just 5 minutes to talk to the poor, you will find life very dark.

    - Second: Story of middle-class people: Middle-class people tell shopping stories. Show off a house, buy a car, a phone ... or chat about things they want to own. They talk about their spending records and take pride in the things they own. They tell stories about how they put up with their bosses and the company to keep high salaries. They also often get caught up in gossiping stories about colleagues, defaming their boss, and defaming the company. But no matter how annoying they are, they still keep working to keep the expected salary. Just 5 minutes, you will hear a lot of bad stories behind the people, who are always obedient in front of them.

    - Third: Story of the rich: The rich sit together to talk about projects, investment opportunities, implementation plans. They talk to each other about lessons for better company development, valuable investment information, when to enter the market, when to quickly draw. They will not talk about negative stories like the poor, they are always full of energy, connected to create new opportunities. They also don't talk about their shopping records, they talk about their investment records and how their businesses grow. They also do not tell the story of failure and then endure it, but they tell each other to learn the lesson.

    Therefore, every day, you will meet countless people, choose to listen to stories. There are stories sitting with your ears up to listen, there are stories you must know to avoid, to preserve the positive energy in you, to preserve your thoughts. If you hear a lot of stories from poor and middle-class people, they will pull you down to being who they are: blaming, blaming, spending a lot of time talking worthless jobs. End of Phuc Finance pays great attention to this issue: Avoid participating in stories of no value.

    Thank you for listening to Phuc Finance's enthusiasm in this article. If you like the shared knowledge Phuc Finance, do not hesitate anymore but apply now to improve your life.

    In your free time, remember to click on the website: moneycoach.vn to read useful information to help you grow more brilliantly!

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