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  • 4 best books Phuc Finance recommend to read

    4 best books Phuc Finance recommend to read

    Entrepreneurs must always have silence. Have to separate yourself from the world with the chaos in order to really have wise and right thoughts. And reading is an extremely effective method, both providing you with new ideas, bringing you to a new world, while helping you have a quiet corner to escape to find balance with stress. Business. And below are good books with high applicability that Phuc Finance recommends you to read.

    1. 4-hour working week

    If you are a hired employee, you want to turn out to do your own thing but are still hesitant to do anything. Or you are struggling forever, but the cause is not far away, in who you are. Feeling like I'm stuck, not daring to step out of cover to do something bigger and different. This 4-Hour Workweek, precisely, is a solution for you to have a different way of doing things, out of your old life with the first change of your mindset.


    When I was 22 years old, with youth and enthusiasm, while you were trying to earn 10 specialized points, I was trying to get 500, 1 million / day profit of the business system. Books are coming up. After that, the family stopped allowing my daughter to earn money from business, forced me to graduate from school, and I had to stop and lose my first own business system for such a reason. Back then, I just thought that I would follow my family, I stopped doing business for 2 years, and then did not work again.

    After graduating from school, I worked as a hired laborer in Marketing, both to learn a new field, and to earn money to support myself and to accumulate capital. The thing is, the 2-year plan turned out to be separate, it lasted for 4 years.

    When I was 22 years old, I had nothing in hand, money did not have, knowledge was not, too young in the middle of my life, but within 6 months of determination, I still built up a successful system, with a plus. your own coin to share, value and sell.

    When I was 25, 26 years old, I had everything in my hand, had the capital, the experience, the time, even the support of my family, not the type of learning and indenting like the 22 year old. . But I still can't. All because, all of my human will and determination, were re-engaged by the working environment, making it impossible to turn out.

    Working environment, people talk to each other every day, come to want to quit work, do not dare to quit just because they are afraid of going out and not finding a better job, fighting for positions, flattering their superiors, thinking about business failure, just afraid of losing money, afraid of having no salary every month, ... Several years of working as a hired man are so frustrating for people. For a few years of cooking, I wanted to do it but I could not turn it out, the spirit of youth was lost, every step now, timid as if walking on a nail.

    I just lack willpower and decisiveness. Money can be borrowed, but the temperament of a business person can only be created by himself. Without this you cannot do it.

    And then I understood that, I need to change my mindset and who I am. Personally, I have been influenced too much by the working environment mindset, obeying 8 hours of timekeeping, sitting for 8 hours, leaving 17 hours, the boss says to listen, the boss must not argue with the fear of the boss. .vl. So I went to this book: "4-hour workweek".

    I read very little, and extremely slowly, not like: read a 4 hour book, then read like a robot. I read a little and think about it to apply.

    I remember very well: The first thing I am applying for, is to systematically all work, all work only 4 hours a week. If anything takes more than 5 minutes, systematizes it so that it can only solve within 5 minutes.

    My last mom after a few months, all my Marketing department job, every morning I only need to spend 15 minutes to get it done :)))))

    From transforming jobs to doing the most valuable things, to the system of staff guidance, encouraging morale, setting up summary tables, controlling the process, how to respond to presentations to superiors. , .... I finally got it done, the 4-hour workweek, which a lot of people say is crazy, or crazy out there.

    Then, since there's so much time, that's my biggest problem, since there's so much time so it's too free. Really too free, making my life too boring. I started to do research and create new sources of income. It is also important that this book, which guides us towards freedom, generates income without having to sit down, or to live in a fixed place. Which set of systems that can handle anytime, anywhere.

    And for a few months, with the extra time of the hired job, there was actually too much time. I built my own business systems, set up automated trading systems, that were not dependent on time and space. Then, when this business system was stable, I turned out, left the years as a hired worker and switched to work 100% privately at the age of 27. Now if I have a job, there are only two cases: My own was broken and I needed money or capital so I worked as a hired laborer, or worked as a hired laborer to learn more, to be able to do great jobs with a large amount of investment capital for large people.

    Phuc Finance personally found that this setting up of automatic business systems, which are not limited in time and space, is very suitable for the Vietnamese way of life, ensuring both the water and the housework. want to be with family in times of need. Like myself, when my mother had to operate a tumor in my hand, I was ready to leave Hanoi to take her home without having to ask anyone's permission and stay with her and continue to work in the countryside.

    This 4-Hour Workweek book, perfect for reforming thinking, is for those who are employed and want to turn out, or those who are too busy but not productive in a business. , deadlock. Then this is a very effective solution. This book should be read and apply within 6 months.

    If you need help with reforming your business system, sign up for the Business Advisory Program with Phuc Finance!

    2. Hypnosis in words

    Now people are not on the street as much as before, but they are all moving to the Internet. Even if the Covid pandemic will remain in humans for a long time, it is difficult to put it down immediately, the fact that people will gradually limit going out and mostly at home and on the Internet more. That is an opportunity for you, me and all of us. If to do business by premises, traditional business outside, you have to worry about it. If you want to set up a billboard, you must consult, a business ground to operate, sometimes there are also the police of the ward and commune, or advertise in the press, media, television channels. Cost a lot of money,...

    But on the Internet is a flat world. You unleash your company's content up to reach customers. How many people have emerged through those ways without having to pick anyone up. Underground singers composed themselves, released their own products online, ... and countless famous people, countless Youtuber, Tik Toker, ... It was a level playing field, no need to bend over, bridge next to or depends on whose right to kill and kill.

    And you only need to do one thing that is only important: Must produce articles with quality content, videos with quality content, images with quality content. And spread a lot on the Internet to build a community of customers for yourself.

    This book "Hypnosis in words", according to Phuc Finance, is highly applicable. By using the words contained herein, an ordinary person can also create great writing. This is also a good book for me to train my staff and support them in applying for a good writing style. A tool that needs it and is worth the money to buy.

    Currently, I do not remember what the fate made me know about this book, it seems that once I saw someone say: If you want to be rich, practice writing. At that time, I heard it so bad at first, but it was just a passing thought, right after that, I received those new ideas. I practiced my ability to write, pushing the article from less likes to more likes. Gradually like that. And indeed, owning this writing tool is an enormous advantage in building Internet content.

    That day, I applied by filtering all the hypnosis sentences and hypnotic words into a notebook, then every time I finished writing the main idea, I would insert hypnosis words to make the article great. than. Very easy. Read and apply! You need to be able to deliver good content on the Internet, especially in this day and age, with the economy and limited lives of people with Covid 19 mentality.

    3. 101 things to know about money

    101 things to know about money. This is the book Phuc Finance wrote. This is not just a book - 700-page money encyclopedia, it's also a training course, a 3-month finance course with 101 support emails and 100 videos of fact sharing and expertise. deep. To ensure that you fully grasp the transactions that involve money and understand their nature to avoid getting caught in the full financial traps out there.

    This book is suitable for those who want to be a finance owner, business person and business owner. Because otherwise it is very easy to pour money into the river into the pool. In this book, with a close and easy-to-understand way of sharing from real stories that have happened, you will grasp the most essential financial and financial knowledge, which many people are still ambiguous about. virtual virtual.

    This book, if you are looking to get out of a life with so many problems with money, you must read it. Not only do you read books, with the maximum support and diligence from Phuc Finance, you will accompany you with 11 live video calls of Coaching 2 -3 hours to discuss your problems and analyze and solve tangled up the problems you need. You can order here.

    Hopefully the above shares will help you get support and shape the right thing every step of your business. Just accepting and applying it will definitely make a change and a turning point in your life. And always remember that Phuc Tai is always ready to support you and provide you with the most correct information in a business race, making money full of pitfalls out there! See you in the next sharing articles.

    4. Lead or die

    This book makes sure to help you to completely change your perceptions of dealing with customers and keeping your connection with old customers. With content focused on unexpected benefits from exploiting sales from old customers and specific instructions in designing sales articles, old customer care sentences from the author. Taking the economic recession context to draw the book, it makes a lot of sense for the start-ups, those in the business with limited capital.

    This is a book that influences a lot in Phuc Finance's design of the product funnel and product price. Instead of selling cheap and massively available products, serve many customers. Then I compact the customer object. And choose to serve high-class customers and really consider each customer.

    Instead of being eager to sell many products, to many customers, but unable to maintain a connection with them, customers just come and go, thanks to this book, I chose a different strategy. Deliver high-value products, reach a group of customers, and support and support them.

    The principle only selects 20% of the best quality and most valuable customers to serve the most thoroughly. With this strategy, sales are higher, I have more leisure, and the business system runs more streamlined and efficient. With some interest, supposed to serve 75 clients, I only need to serve one client. Cut down a lot of stages: warehouse, transportation, handling, ...

    I recommend this book with the hope that, after reading it, it will reduce the form of business grabbing, in front of me, yes, behind, blaspheme the customers of some salespeople I have ever met, ... When you know something of value, you will work smarter, more efficient, and leisurely instead of all day busy but with poor business results.

    Sincerely share,

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