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  • 4 Sources of Income You Must Understand and Build!

    4 Sources of Income You Must Understand and Build!

    What sources of income are you making money from will determine who you are in the future and how solid your finances are. The truth is that many people confuse sources of income leading to no real financial security. Let's find out right now!

    1. Income from hired labor
    This is the kind of income you must follow: the rules of the game and the time of others. An 8-hour working day should be streamlined and effective to still ensure the completion of the work, still have time to improve, think and do other things. And make sure that the salary you get is worth the effort. Stay away from the momentum of the world of employment such as: Gathering gossip and gossiping about the boss, taunting the boss, killing time with alcohol and boring and boring conversations. Although working as a hired laborer, please bring the mentality of ownership, lest you get swept away.
    Oh oh, everyone do not underestimate work as hired labor! Any source of income is also precious. For young people, being hired also gives us the opportunity to join big jobs. Like me when I was 25 years old, I have an opportunity to give each month 150 million to run the marketing system: from recruiting to running ads, ... Every month, holding the money: I thank the president for Give me a chance, I'll create an effect. :) The source of income for hired labor is also stable, when you are strong, you must have a solid back. Not to mention, now I have a good source of income from salary, psychological employment is much lighter. Having a private business path or generating passive income is still long and arduous, as my friend said, it still takes 5 years. There is still a need for a sturdy hinge. So please cherish the income from employment! Contribute to life! Create the value of Ok. Don't feel sorry for yourself because you are part of the job. Don't think people boast financial freedom, either. Too splendid is sometimes fake gold. Still wanted to be able to do it! Have good thinking, know how to use money! There is a glorious day. Ok! ;)

    2. Collaboration income
    This is the kind of income you follow the rules of the game, but you are free of time. Including: Multi-level sales, insurance sales, participating in goods distribution systems such as cosmetics, ... This is how you sell other people's products but are free in time. You still have to obey the rules of the game, play on someone else's field. So you can never dream of a job with financial freedom or passive income as they are called to lead you to participate.

    Only participate in order to cultivate more abilities such as: sales, build systems, ... How the system built and then collapsed. There is no forever.

    3. Personal income
    After experiencing the above 2 income, let's create a playground for yourself, for yourself to set the rules of the game for others. Take the initiative. You are the one who sets the rules of the game for others. Is the one who decides the price of the product.

    For example: Sales start small, then grow, then start a company. Do what you do best. Search for partners, customers.

    It's best to create your own. As you are good at English, create your own English course, book.
    You sell clothes, shoes instead of importing goods, relying on a certain brand name, create your own product.

    4. Income from tangible and sustainable asset investments
    All businesses follow the Sin rule. There must be a blooming. There is glory, there must be a day to the bottom. Therefore, when the money comes from the three above sources of income, know how to pour it into Gold and Real Estate: Land, rental housing. Property has always been number one since the time of kings and landlords.

    Do not be foolish to bring in Bitcoin or Blockchain some forms of capital mobilization of demons but you are still stupid, eh. Say just invest, follow the rich, 5 or 10 years from now, it will be profitable, long-term investment.

    You only win when you know you know me.
    You only win when you understand what you are doing. Rather than having to listen to someone and then wait 5 or 10 years.

    A Monkey trying to swim with Fish will lose
    A fish that is eager to climb a tree is sure to die

    Not others can do it, you can do it. Accompanied by breaking the chest immediately.

    Understand yourself and find your right playing field. He will win.
    Be successful in your own way. By steadfastly on his way.

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