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  • 4 Things That Must Be A 100% Successful Even Poverty Investment

    4 Things That Must Be A 100% Successful Even Poverty Investment

    Welcome to this special sharing story. Phuc Finance believes that with valuable knowledge that is about to share right here, it will completely change your financial future. The truth is, there are a lot of people out there struggling with each of their coins, always in a shortage of money. Besides, there are many people who, after accumulating money, do not know where to invest to generate profits, to let money make money. I have 100 million, what should I do? I have 300, 500 million, how should I handle it? With Phuc Finance, immediately discover 4 things that have money to invest to ensure success. And you will be surprised at number 4. Get started!

    1. Invest for yourself

    Do you know successful business owners who keep this in mind: "The success of your business is proportional to your capabilities". Your monthly income increases as you grow. Sure, if you can manage a department, you'll get a much higher salary as just an employee.


    Phuc Finance tells you this story: During my work, I met a Head of Human Resources at a company in a well-known group. In him, there is a calm, understanding and understanding for the staff. When he became more intimate, he just told him that going up to the position of Head of Human Resources was from the beginning as a driver. Outside hours, he learned more about administration. Then became an administrative officer, then learned jobs in the Human Resources department from the department. After a while, he understood how the room operated and managed. When the opportunity came, he took up the position of Head of Human Resources.

    You see, there are people who drive 10 years later they're still drivers. There are people who have studied at university and college and are well-trained in human resources work, but in the end, they are still just ordinary employees. But if you spend money on studying even after you finish studying in school, it will always give you an unbelievable path to advancement. Even if you are a driver.

    Many people regret the money they invest in studying without knowing that they will lose more money if they do not study.

    2. Invest to expand what you already know.

    If you already know a job or business system, your company is running successfully. Be bold to invest in expanding.

    Phuc Tai Finance knows an owner of a pharmaceutical company. He and his brothers spent 2 years building a successful company. After grasping the operating process and learned experiences, with that formula, he continued to clone to 3 companies and turn into a pharmaceutical corporation.

    Instead of pouring money into a new business model, it is not known whether it will succeed or not. Cloning what you have succeeded has always been a recipe for investment with a high success rate.

    If you are just a normal employee, how do you invest in duplicating your work to make more money? Please listen to the following story.

    Linh is a sales staff in a study abroad company. Linh has very good consulting skills. Every day the company assigns a list of customers to call to close the Contract. However, that number of customers is not enough. To generate more income, Linh invested in building fan pages, running Facebook ads, creating his own personal website, making a Youtube channel to share, in order to find more potential customers.

    We only invest successfully in what we know well. So investing to expand what you are best at is always a success plan.

    3. Invest in your passions

    If the job you are doing is not really your passion. When financial stability. When you have money in hand. Consider, invest in the passions you cherish. Pick a passion that adds value to people and invest in it in a way that is structured.

    Like Phuc Finance loves to share practical knowledge and values ​​to everyone around. Whenever I can arrange the personal work and the team business, I invest in creating quality sharing articles like this to bring to everyone.

    Myself, my main job is to work in Marketing and have a hobby of researching and learning about finance. In addition to daily writing scripts, advertisements, his free time, Phuc invests in livestreams, money sharing sessions, and financial management for everyone. Thanks to that, I have expanded my relationship, many other business opportunities came in turn.

    The truth is, there are always successful people out there in a field you're passionate about. So why don't you learn, learn and get to work. Instead of waiting 10 years, 20 years, 30 years ... let's do it now to live the happy days fully.

    4. No investment

    Not investing much is sometimes the wisest approach. If you yourself do not know where to invest, the best way to invest is not to invest, to avoid losing money. Listening to others while you don't understand well is like taking a gamble, like a child throwing yourself in a risky game. Because not sure who advised you was successful. Even if they were successful, it is not certain that you have succeeded. Because even though it is a sharp knife, the ability to use that knife depends on each person.

    To be successful, we need Thien Thoi, Geography and Nhan Hoa. Thien instantaneous is the right time. Geographic income is the amount of your finances. Multiplication means your ability. Lack of one cannot be successful. Even if you have money, but with knowledge, stumbling into that field, you cannot be successful.

    Phuc Finance's teacher teaches: To be successful. must become an expert in that field.

    Let Phuc Finance take a look at the following expensive examples. Looking at Dang Le Nguyen Vu, you see something. He came up from a bag of coffee, carried heavily on his young shoulder. Until now, after 30 years, this man still sells coffee, except it has become the largest corporation in Vietnam, the King of Vietnamese Coffee. He too understands the Cafe market. Or like Bill Gate all his life associated with computer software to become the TOP super rich in the world. And Mark Juzkenburg practiced creating social networking sites from a student until he created Facebook that is unmatched today.

    Please understand new investment. While there are people who research investment projects for years, survey the market for years, although they already understand clearly, they patiently wait 3 years before the time to invest. Then there are many people who invest according to what others say, hands down all the money themselves and their family after just a few days.

    If not sure, if not wise enough, not investing is always a success plan for everyone. Phuc Finance hopes you always keep it in mind to consider your investment deals.

    Always be careful with each of your funds. There are lots of sweet nectar tips out there for you to invest your accumulated persistence on investing in it. Stay alert and choose the best option is Phuc Finance's advice for you.

    In your free time, remember to click on the website: moneycoach.vn to read useful information to help you grow more brilliantly!

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