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  • 4 tips on negative money wise to protect your money

    4 tips on negative money wise to protect your money

    Welcome back to moneycoach.vn to continue with Phuc Tai to search for successful recipes, lessons learned from reality to create wealth and prosperity for you. my body. Today Phuc Tai will unlock the mystery of 4 tips on negative money. Absolutely can help you not lose tens or hundreds of millions of dong. Are you ready to listen?

    Warning # 1: Up to 80% of the items you buy are not used or used very little

    Right now, think about what furniture is in your house, very rarely used or not used at all. In particular, Phuc Finance knows that many women buy themselves a lot of clothes, skirts, clogs or make-up. And most of them are not used, are they? Revealing to you: that kind of stuff even up to 80%.

    According to the research Phuc Finance has read, normally only 20% of furniture is used regularly. The rest have only used a few times and then leave it, even have not used any time.

    You can let Phuc Finance know in your home:

    - How many electronics are left out of the way?

    - How many clothes are always hanging there without touching?

    - How many other furniture are there upstairs, in a warehouse that has not been used for a long time?

    - How many unused purchases are there?

    And add all the money to buy them back to see how much they total. That is the money you have wasted. If you spend this money to spend at times such as: medical examination, when you cannot work, when you are unemployed, when you get old, ... How many times will your money be worth?

    In particular, if you spend this money to invest, how much money will it bring you? How many lessons, stumbles and smarter?

    Many of the things you buy that you buy cannot be resold. Even, the furniture lost its value right after buying, because you can not sell it at the original price. Always be aware that 80% of the furniture is not used or used very little and then leave it, to think about every time you decide to spend. The time when I really need money, I don't have it like many Phuc Tai people have ever met.

    Warning # 2: Do not buy for cheap, buy for durability

    A lot of people are tempted to buy cheap things, especially women. However, if you take the cheap price as a criteria for buying, it is completely wrong.

    Here, Phuc Tai gives you two options: A used phone for 1.5 million used for 6 months, the device is slow to reduce productivity. The same phone bought 5 million for 3 years, not to mention faster processing speed, faster online working efficiency: such as checking jobs, contacting customers, writing facebook content, online page, ... the usual work of online business people. Phuc Tai believes many of you will choose the more expensive, more durable, higher working efficiency instead of cheaper, right?

    Discounts or low prices are always a selling tactic to defeat many people. Just see the cheap price, they rushed to buy. Do not follow the crowd, you need to separate yourself from there, be smarter when shopping and set efficiency and durability criteria high.

    As for women, cheap clothes that are worn only a few times are broken, a more expensive dress that helps your charisma more luxurious is always a good investment. Or like makeup, beauty. Lots of people using cheap things, or getting plastic surgery in a place with little money, have a lot of consequences. Surely you have read in many newspapers, right. Instead, learn, are willing to invest more money to get quality stuff.

    Warning # 3: Don't spend on your emotions

    Do you often find that, when you go to the market or the supermarket, before you go you are going to buy one thing, but after you come back, you have bought a lot of other things?

    Because, there, there are many offers, many sales, marketing tactics that hit your emotions such as: love, worry, be shown, love, ... Let you spend money. And if you let emotions interfere with your spending decisions, you will surely lose mountains of money.

    And you still remember what Phuc Finance shared above, right? Up to 80% of furniture purchased is not used or used very little. But the main reason lies in this emotional spending without thinking.

    The truth is, every item you buy, every item you own is the product of an individual or a company. Every product sold to you, they will be profitable, even very much. So every money you spend contributes to their wealth. Know how to keep money, learn to spend right to enrich yourself.

    Phuc Tai Finance can share with you the following secret: Before going to the market or supermarket to shop. List everything you need to buy, write it down on a piece of paper or phone note for your convenience. After that, just choose to buy those items and then leave. Absolutely not convenient to buy, this habit will take a lot of your money - what you have spent sweat and effort to earn.

    Warning # 4: Always keep a record of all your expenses for the day


    There are always a lot of people who say: do not understand what to spend but run out of money, and a notebook, an exel spreadsheet or a spending management app is always a powerful arm for you. You can go to the appstore on Android or Iphone and seach: Manage your money. There will be a lot of apps for you to choose from.

    Either way or another, every day you have to take the time to record all of your day's expenses and contemplate if it's worth it, is it worth it?

    Does this item purchase exceed your income? Are there any items you can't buy?

    The amount of money you spend eating with your partner to collaborate on work will be much more valuable than going to talk to an acquaintance and only talking about negative things, defaming your old boss or whining about love stories. break. It even takes away your positive energy to work. So cut out such games that don't add value to your life.

    Apply from now on. Practice the habit of recording daily expenses. After 30 days take a look at all your expenses for the month. Filter out unnecessary expenses. Calculate the total amount and see how much of your income it is. Remember and practice this exercise, it is certainly the key to help you never have to complain about running out of money again.

    A saying that affects a lot on Financial Happiness is: A lot of people have to force themselves to meet the people they don't like, work with the people they like and spend money on things they don't need. If you are under pressure while working to make money, then you must spend more appropriately. The more money you buy, the more lasting freedom you can buy.

    Phuc Tai Tai has heard the confidences of many young people. When you make money, you don't think. Which month is spent all that month. By the time, something happens at work, boss presses, colleagues are uncomfortable, even if they want to quit, they still have to endure that job because there is no money in the person always happening. I do not dare to quit my job because I am afraid I will not get the same salary. Even when the salary is lower, the spending is still as high as before, even uncontrollable.

    However, besides that, there are many friends who take it easy. Because they know a principle: Wealth is measured by the number of days you live without having to work. The accumulated money buys them freedom. They also set up a 6-month life accumulation to prevent unemployment. So, when events in life happen, when things do not work their way, instead of suffering, they are willing to quit their jobs to find new horizons for themselves. The accumulated money is a wall that helps them stand up to the storm, and also wings to help them soar with the most beautiful freedom.

    So, once again, let's record all expenses for the month with Phuc Finance and see what can be removed, remember to not spend it next time. Will definitely save you huge amounts of money year after year. So, practice Phuc Finance share above to create a solid financial wall today!

    So you have in hand four treasures that can help you keep a lot of money and enrich your fortune. Robert Kyosaki once said: Making money is hard, keeping money is harder. You must keep your money to succeed in order to invest successfully.

    Phuc Finance will wait for you to tell Phuc Finance about the amount you have accumulated after applying the above 4 warnings. Please connect with Phuc Finance via the Facebook Link located below. See you in the next article.

    In your free time, remember to click on the website: moneycoach.vn to read useful information to help you grow more brilliantly!


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