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  • 4 ways to work great idiots make you always on the pocket

    4 ways to work great idiots make you always on the pocket

    Welcome to moneycoach.vn financial page to continue to discover useful knowledge for your work. Surely all of us also want to increase wages, increase income to have more money. And Phuc Finance will reveal a secret to you: To do that, you do not need to work harder, you do not need to spend more time working. That just got smarter. There are many people year after year around with a salary, impatiently watching it inch up little by little. But they do not know that, just smarter, the amount of salary they will receive will be many times higher. They have never reviewed and improved their way of doing but just complain and wait. You will never be among them if you improve the 4 great stupid ways everyone is easily caught below. Please pay attention to listen.

    How to work Great idiot number 1: Don't trust each other

    Cao Cao used to be famous for his ability to use soldiers with the saying: Believe you must use, you must believe. The battle is fierce today, businesses that perish due to competition are few, but many are due to internal conflicts.

    If you are a hired employee. You definitely have to find a boss who meets two criteria: One is to trust you. Second, you have to believe that person. Without either, don't be foolish. Because, only your boss trusts you, sees your abilities, you will have the opportunity to advance, increase salary in the future. As long as your boss suspects you, not only does not have a bright door, but all your efforts and efforts will definitely pour into the river into the pool.

    In each business, there are countless doubts: Suspicion of transferring the list of customers to another company, suspicion of transferring the source of sales to get a higher discount, suspecting undercutting public funds, suspecting transferring the contract other companies, ... We may not need all companies, all departments think well, but the boss who works directly with you must know who you are, must trust you, even Lice are ready to protect you when attacked by other departments. People working together are predestined. If you have not found such a boss, do not think about sticking for a long time.

    Along with that, if you are a business owner or a manager, you must also remember this principle: Only hire people you trust. Anyone who gives you feelings of disbelief should be eliminated from the start. In the course of work, when any doubt comes, please clarify. If that doesn't work, thank them and send them off. Because, you cannot lead the team to achieve their goals without trusting them.

    When you decide to be in a team, you must trust each other. So it is possible to compete with other companies. When there is a conflict, instead of choosing silence, whispering behind leads to division. Please know how to sit down and solve problems to get to know each other better and to be more connected.

    How to work Stupid number 2: Thinking yourself as the best

    The saying: Silence is gold, listening is a diamond not only emphasizes the importance of being humble, it is also a great step forward into the art of leadership.

    Many people have the view that they are always right, others disagree that they are wrong, and their listening skills to understand every aspect of things are very poor. In particular, the thought "I am the best" like a large mountain blocked their success. People who have this way of doing things can be good employees. But the leader is definitely bad.

    We certainly cannot be rich without knowing the collective strength. Each person is good at a different specialty. Employees are people who work directly and understand the job. Each response from them is sometimes very expensive for managers and leaders.

    Phuc Tai Finance knows that many bosses have a tall ego, very frustrated when the employees point out the boss's opinion is not satisfactory, find ways to prove the employee is wrong, force the employee to do his / her will. And this is definitely the boss's stupid way of doing things. They will lose talented and responsible employees.

    Train yourself to think: You certainly cannot know everything. You have spent time hiring good people in each specialty. So let them do their thing. Do not rush because of the ego that attracts them wrong, listen to understand the problem. After all, they are concerned about the work they have just commented on. Isn't that the employee you need to find.

    How do you work Stupid number 3: Don't have a common goal

    If you are a manager, a leader without setting a common goal and motivating people to follow that goal, then surely the end is not far away. Goals create strength. Remember this saying.

    First of all, you yourself need to create clear, detailed general goals for each number. How much is the sales of your team this month? How many contracts are needed? To achieve how many customers need, signed partners.

    Phuc Finance revealed to you the divine 7% figure that corresponds to most business lines. That is 7% of the total reachable customers will sign up to buy from you. And 7% of all registrations will withdraw your wallet to buy your products. So work out an exact number so that you and your team have a clear step-by-step implementation of your goals.

    Example: To reach sales of 2 billion, for each HD 100 million. We need to sign 20 HD. With a 7% conversion rate, we need at least (20 * 100) / 7 = 286 interested customers.

    To get those 286 potential customers, we need to contact at least (286 * 100) / 7 = 4086 customers so they know your product.

    Then you divide it up, each day how many people need to introduce products to, how much money should they invest in advertising, ...

    With general goals and specific computational steps, you can easily control your work schedule, you know who works effectively based on numbers, not feelings. Goals don't have to blatantly talk about vague numbers. Prepare a detailed goal as a goal for you and your team gets to work.

    How to work Great stupid number 4: Fear of failure

    The fear of failure always hinders success. Because it makes us accept to do what we are used to, but dare not try new things, dare not seize new opportunities.

    Perhaps the fear of failure is the most common thing in Vietnamese people's psychology. With an education of doing wrong, being punished, being ridiculed has made many people afraid to challenge.

    It's okay to be wrong the first time, repeat mistakes is to blame. So consider failure is normal. If unsuccessful, do it again. The journey to find the right answer will inevitably encounter other answers. As Edison found the filament of the bulb. He did not consider 10,000 failures but stopped, but considered that 10,000 times successfully found the thing that cannot make the filament of the bulb. If you do something and get something wrong, write it down. It is a great lesson to avoid next time and a great experience for others to avoid.

    Many young people are overly important to the stumbles they encounter. New little difficulty thought failure. Take the risk of failure as an inevitable part. There is so, not afraid of collisions, afraid of challenges to find success. If you are afraid of failure and lie still in one place, then there is no interesting life.

    If you are suffering from one of the above 4 ways of working, please change it immediately to increase the amount of money you earn each month. Life changes when you change. The future is in your hands. Phuc Finance will always be there to support you.

    In your free time, remember to click on the website: moneycoach.vn to read useful information to help you grow more brilliantly!

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