5 Business Lessons for Lifetime Start-up

    Hello, I'm Phuc Finance here. In this article, I will share as a Start-up, who gave up his salary as a Marketing manager of 19 million a month to step out to start building his own business system. . You may have read or learned from a teacher or speaker on epic business strategies. But it seems, it will not be much applicable for you to start, start your business right away. Really! Well in this article, there are also advertising templates suggested by Google, when you finish reading, click on these ads to support Phuc Tai to continue to produce even better content! Thank you very much.

    Because, building a business is divided into two phases: The first stage is starting a business - what you need to do to build a business system. This phase must be built already. Then comes the second stage: expansion strategies, then million dollar business dreaming. My mistake and I believe that was once of many people, it is just like to study higher, learn superior things, but in the end it does not apply anything, even applies to the rest. I like to say it out loud, think loudly, and make it strong, but after a few years I feel that what I learned is always wrong, or is the teacher going to cut the wind every day?

    Of course, after a few years of disillusionment and being slapped in the face by her life, I had the biggest ride in my youth. It is less or less, also known as stop delusions, daydreams, but change to a completely new way of doing. Groping for start-up knowledge, practical start-ups and doing. I finally had a start-up that I called success, enough for me to completely say goodbye to my job. The person who turned away did not look back. Salary is falling behind.

    Since then, I realized, two knowledge, two ways of two phases: Starting a business and growing a business, it is completely opposite, even it is destructive. Wrong application is not possible, even leading to heavy losses, and a combo of more debt. Here are 5 most memorable lessons from the startup position of Phuc Finance, pleased to share with you. If you find it good, then remember to share this article to help Phuc Finance.

    Lesson 1: You won't learn anything until you start working

    I have met people, they say they know a lot, they learn all this teacher and that teacher. Speaking of famous speakers, we also know. Then they just consider the fact that they learn from one person, the other as they are very sublime. But when asked the opposite: Did you make your own? Not yet. There are even some children who have not earned enough money to support themselves. I just want to say: Knowledge they know, but knowledge does not produce results, it is not qualitative knowledge. Not to mention the popular popular knowledge, you know: Grass is everywhere, only the feet have to be done. If knowledge does not help you start a business, does not produce the promised results, then that knowledge is just a mess. Your job is to reduce it, to find the knowledge that this knowledge only has, when you start working.

    Remember! It is only when you shake - hand - in - do. As for the knowledge you know, you say well, you give money to learn from others, that knowledge is the "legs" of others, but it is still your "grass". It doesn't make any sense if you don't transform it to produce results. That means a whole process: You buy a baby buffalo, you feed it by feeding it on other grass, and then it grows, it gives you the "excellent cow's feet". Never be proud of knowledge, be proud of the results. And what is your result? Have you created the results yet? Have you started to work yet? Not yet? If not, the knowledge you have is of no value to your life. Like, grass is meaningful to some species, but not necessarily meaningful to you.

    Like: knowledge of financial statements makes no sense to a preschool teacher. And parenting methods mean nothing to a civil engineer presentation. So the knowledge you learn from the types of speakers and teachers is not necessarily helpful for you.

    Like this one, let me recall some lessons from the course of $ 1000 when I was 22 years old, how to get rich quick 3 years, how to build a million dollar business, or simply manage human resources, negotiating, leadership skills, ...

    In the end it applies nothing, honestly, if anyone is a fan of DISC a formula to see what kind of other people are, in HR management, then to be honest, when you start a business, maybe not. Where is the recruitment money, or at best only 1 or 2 personnel. But recruiting people is still difficult, because you are nothing, people will tend to find larger businesses. È she can't even recruit people, one of them accepted to work with me is happy knee kick, the time that DISC and DICS In fact it is.

    Then the types of leadership skills. Many grandparents go to learn this teacher, that teacher. I used to work for the couple, when I first met this teacher, she learned this teacher's leadership skills course. But in the end, cursing the eating staff, the staff found a good place to find a delicious place. While any leadership skill is cursing others. Only encouragement. But to be honest, sales are not available, employees sometimes like butterflies flying butterflies, penguins, wings spread, and then make mistakes, sometimes just want to cremate :)) I'm also a clear person, I received the job but the work was not completed during the day, the salary of 150,000 / day still received enough, I let out immediately. Because obviously, I pay you enough, you have to pay enough for me. The mouth of the eel is straight. That's why, like myself, I don't have any leadership skills, leadership isn't finished myself, so I put all of it into the automated technology system, from communication, consulting, sales, ... for technology to do it all. And combine jobs, live freelance business life.

    What you learn is good, sounds reasonable, vl ears vl. But in this life, the law is born to break, from books, from study, in fact it's a thousand steps away. But here, a stepless step, just standing there proudly filled with knowledge. Can't stand it. I never am proud I learned this, learned that. Even after a few years working as a hired worker, I never once said that I attended a financial academy. Only talking about the things I have done. Only on this website moneycoach.vn, it is about financial sharing so I told me to study finance academy. Indeed, after 4.5 years of graduation, that was the first time I told me which school I went to.

    As for me, there were many people who kept shouting, I was a student of this teacher and that, in fact they took it to create a brand, or even said in young language, "suck fame". Instead of studying, the speaker now puts money in, the husband is finished, but there is no competition. So hopefully, no one is proud of this or that study. Even when designing the Coach 101 package I need to know about money, I always emphasize application, not reading the word face. Talking about 1 year of companion application. If not applicable, Phuc Finance, but Phuc Tai's father Bui Quang Cham also accepts. hi hi.

    Should do it, what is your achievement. Keep asking yourself: What is my achievement? How much money do I make from this knowledge? Look at that pile of knowledge and think: How many legs can I create from this grass?

    Lesson 2: Focus on finding and creating a community of potential customers

    There are many people, daydreaming about their hay, forgetting about the important job of finding cows. When I started a start-up, I ignored all types of leadership skills, HR management skills, sales strategies, ad pouring strategies, ... all. Remove all. Told that it was one of the strongest car turns in youth. Get rid of all sublime knowledge, sublime dreams. And the first step, is to find people interested in what I offer and most importantly they withdraw money to pay me because I give them that.

    - Get rid of all the things that seem important, take a lot of time but do not bring efficiency to this initial start-up stage from: Making beautiful and quality videos like distilled water but only 3 days to finish 1, Then I adjusted how to make my voice good, then I made up the design of each photo one by one, ... then thought the company name, logo design, ... You know, this logo moneycoach.vn is A student who works part-time at a company I worked for the day before, I asked her to design it

    - Eliminate all the people who seem to be customers, talk enthusiastically, want to ask me for help, feel like my knowledge is needed, I take a quick test to make money, quote money, then run away. Get rid of everyone who just likes to eat food. Business people 's time is not litter to go around like that.

    - How to eliminate all hiring, how to create a facility, how to buy equipment, buy tables, chairs, how to buy things, ...

    I put it all out. I just do one thing right, write articles, shoot marketing videos for leads, and find people willing to pay for what I offer. So, by the way, I also express my point of view: With this financial consulting and business training segment, I have built the website moneycoach.vn and the youtube channel MONEY COACH VN with many useful lessons and sharing. The time I spend writing, creating support videos for thousands, tens of thousands of people. So if anyone wants me to consult directly, please pay. Fair. But I am not seduced by some sweet words and then free consultation. The time of the business is very valuable, it is a daze that the month is over, with how much money must be spent, the bills need to be paid to the ass, where can we use the time to serve comrades who want to use. products and services of others that do not want to lose money. My personality is very fair, when I was young, I did not have money, I did not ask for money from my parents to buy, when I grew up, I made money so I spent. I will spend money to get what I want.

    So, just spend your direct time finding and serving to support potential customers who are always willing to spend money to get the product or service you provide. Usually, these customers only account for 20% of the total number of people coming to you only. The remaining 80% are people who like your product, seemingly enthusiastically interested, but inside they do not really need it, so they do not spend money. If any business person gets hypnotized and depressed by these people and spends time, consulting to support them, the business will soon crash the car into a dead end. Carry it out now. 80% of these people, please "treat" them with a website and a youtube page with many good shares, for what: Let them plow views for. Each of their views, views, will help your article, video more view, so that it can easily reach your real potential customers. That is the reason why if anyone wants me to consult directly but does not want to spend money, or cannot afford to spend money, I say: go to read the web, watch Youtube channel, there I divide Share a lot of useful things.

    Or for those who have not purchased, are considering, I can not sit for hours to persuade them, but instead I direct them to read the web, watch youtube, so that these two systems persuade customers to automatically give I, after watching, if they buy, I have more customers, if they don't buy, I increase the views to google, youtbe rated my article, video quality. A double job for sure, although I spend all day convincing, it is impossible to use the web writing system and youtube video, not to mention the date, there is this date, that day, when the day comes when the temper is uncomfortable. But how can we convince each other, so there is a web and youtube system that will be much more effective.

    In my daily life, I write articles and make videos to serve thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of customers, as at this moment, moneycoach.vn has just been built for 4 months. up to 1000 reads / day. Or I go on building other business systems for Vending web, about PAS video, Magic Pen or study abroad service with my TEAM. My direct life is so valuable. So I can't have time to say whether I have eaten, or sit back and talk, "I can say video is still fast", or sit down and enjoy texting. I will use my current life to HIGH VALUE CREATIVE WORKS.

    I have a lot of free time to preach, I do not talk to me and tell her to be like this, you have to be like that, you must be humble, you must learn not to be conservative. The problem is not that I am conservative, the problem is that I don't have time to sit through all this stuff. I was always like a sword fighting, time to not notice a dusty stain on my hand, and I am the one in my business system, all have strategies. Things are weak, still not perfect, I have not spent time, but I have to spend time on important things at this stage.

    All are win win:

    - 20% of potential customers are willing to withdraw their wallet: We serve them directly, take the time to help support them.

    - 80% of people who have not bought goods, are not ready to spend money, or will never buy from you: Give them web link, youtube link for them to see. Just give them knowledge, and after this process, one of them becomes the customer paying for you, the other is that they still do not buy from you, you still get views to spread the website to the customers. your real customers.

    But those who don't want to pay, want to be served, want to be helped, they say that they feel narcissistic, but the fuck is so sad. NEXT! The brave person should stay away. Choose people who live clear, fair, like heterosexual meals waiting for others to pay for free meals, who are willing to pull out their wallets to pay for their meals. Build such a community of potential customers to support and help them in the long term, because such people, sooner or later, they will be rich. Rich in it lies in the temperament. A man who just wants to eat nothing of the world will forever lie at the bottom.

    Lesson 3: Do not consult when starting a business

    If you start a career, you can ask this person and that person, and you won't be able to do it forever And even in entrepreneurship, listening to this and that and following them is to break the system. Like I just mentioned, there are people who come in to say: Which video I speak quickly, or I need to be gentle, then you should not say bad things, blah, blah, ...

    I am proud of myself, but I am quite astute in building a personal brand, I used to be the one behind branding and branding consultant for speakers. What will I do only when I become an expert in that field, understand the field and stay long enough in that field. During the first 4 years on the land of Hanoi, I was in the field of this speaker.

    So the knowledge of the passersby, they thought they were very good, then did not know anything, suddenly burst into other people's lives and advised. After that, people don't listen, they say they are conservative. Ask a question, what are you that I have to listen to you? If you want others to listen to you, build your brand, become someone who comes to seek advice, why watch someone you don't know and jump into their life and then bring the humanitarian label. wanna be good for me while bothering me vl out?

    When you start a business or start a business, stay away from these advice passersby, they are all free people. Because people are good, people are busy making money. As for me, my time to support customers is not even available, where to get the time to jump into the life of someone I don't know and tell you my hands are stained with this ink. It shit.

    I would never advise anyone unless I was asked. Because I know, those who work in that field, they are experts in that field, like how can I advise others to take care of children, when did I give birth. The scooped knowledge outside does not work, but the mistakes you see, others they cannot see for sure. There are people who think they are great people, but in fact, they are poor in thinking and free time. Not a few guys who never know, just jumped in and advised me about it, so I would say: stop it, take your wife and fuck me, please tell me what to do. Maybe my wife also wanted to fuck a Trym or go crazy so she could jump into life to advise you. So these people, I usually say politely yes ok, thank you, then leave. But they saw me speak politely, so they jumped into my life and advised to show off. Then I cried, there are people who have to be buried to keep them away from your life. I am gentle, friendly and redundant, but anyone who needs burial must still be buried when needed.

    So when you've decided to do it, after a long enough research period, enough advice, then when you start working, be determined to follow your strategy. What you need most right now is consistency. Today you have outlined to write 5 web articles, shoot 20 videos for example, focus on finishing, it is impossible because a message from a certain kid, say your floor is stained, you spend all day we can clean the house. Right? If there are questions and problems, look for the experts, not the turn of the indifferent, free-spirited, wandering kids on the other internet. Like myself, my current teacher, I only listen to experts in the industry who make me admire, or a teacher in Malaysia, not like to advise me, like to be my teacher.

    Already decided to do, is just do, follow your own strategy. Looking horizontally, looking vertically is not doing anything at the end of the year. Be persistent. Successful people are people who always have a big ego. And must be consistent. Not those free people, will pull you down like them.

    Lesson 4: Starting a business alone

    I know this will face many people's problems when I say it. Because many people start a business with friends, relatives, spouses, ... or because they are only strong in one area, they want to work with a few other people to complement each other to form a business system. But my opinion is different, hopefully share a few ideas with you as follows.

    For the ultimate goal of business, you create wealth. And this property, which must last, must serve you until you are old, until your last breath, until your eyes are closed, even your children and grandchildren. Karma. So, you have to build solid business systems. And to eliminate all the cases that can cause your dedication, time, and effort to build up and end up paying off.

    The fracture of friends, husband and wife quarreling, from the face, divorced, rife outside. The business of the brothers that collided with each other was very easy to break. There is a pink love affair, there is a business that you guys work together to grow old. Even the Facebook founders have been fighting, burying each other, eliminating each other's mother. Or Steve Jobs himself was excluded from his business by those who were once brothers. It was very quick.

    So I can't build it, it's risky, I can't bet on it. Which I will do the following:

    - Main business system - the system that I am dedicated to putting money and effort into for many years - Accounting for 50 to 70%: Must be my own.

    - The satellite business systems, the 10%, the 20%, the 30%: I will combine to work with the same person with good expertise in that field, having jobs together, sharing equal%. . I build my property, they have their property. Together and share meals according to jobs. Obviously, no property ambiguity.

    I cannot bet on something very breakable. And nothing is changing as fast as human thinking. Business is a long novel of stories, stories that have a happy ending. Even Mr. Dang Le Nguyen Vu, who carried a bag of coffee, worked with his wife in the end. I don't understand why people are so optimistic. Put them all into one job. That's not wrong, but it still takes time to build your own system. Towards diversifying sources of income, not putting everything in one business. Very precarious. You see, even the big boat they have little boats, or relief buoys when needed. There are people who wish to build a big boat with friends, just trust the big boat and subjectively do not prepare the buoy for themselves. Don't do this, always open yourself a way back when needed, as the Titanic also sinks at times.

    I also used to contribute money before. After only 3 years, having experienced enough, boiling water for nine hearts, I decided to follow the path of building my own thing. And rushed to learn to leave her mother. The first system I built was broken, but I kept learning, I kept doing it, and I still had to prepare one day to sail out to sea, fail again. Learn from A to Z. From working days without paying to the end of saliva 300 phone calls per day, to days of tinkering with web design, self-design, ... After 8 years, I have completely done. Owning a large business system and spawning 6 other systems by building teams, not to mention who needs and has time, I still work for them. Start a business, but you need to know your destination to be sure.

    So, for those who are working together, please take the time to build small boats and buoys as well. Along with that is learning a lot to build a big boat for yourself. Today the fish eat ants, but tomorrow the ants can completely eat the fish.

    Lesson 5: Branding strategy in the early stage of startup

    All problems of the business will be largely solved if there are many customers buying. To do so, the first thing you have to do is: Spread your brand to a lot of people. Usually, the number of shoppers will account for 7% of the reach. So you have to spread as hard as possible.

    And if you want to spread it on the Internet or in real life, with a newly established brand, you are required to play a spreading strategy - ie spreading lots of videos, articles, or spreading lots of leaflets.

    For example, shoot a lot of videos on the Internet. Because with a newly created Youtube channel, the relationship is not, it is impossible for a video to emerge, no matter how many videos it comes. So let's play a coating strategy. Overlay videos. And the first milestone to hit was 2000 videos. That is why, instead of making a perfect video, it takes a week to make 1 or 2. It is imperative that you spread and cover up to 20 videos per day. Remember every day. 100 videos a month is normal. If it is perfect, it will take a few years. So let's ignore the details. Therefore, perfection is the enemy of success. Regardless of whether someone says, your video is not beautiful, or video is fast, or video like this or that, ... ignore it, those people advise to show it, do not know what business strategy. Good is always the enemy of greatness. To become great, you have to ignore the little ones. The internet that you spread to millions of videos is immediately floating. Covered all over the corner like that, whoever is the winner can be. Unless he only has a rich dad.

    I am very sad because I met many businesses with extremely sketchy marketing systems, video was blurred a few things, the article on the web was ruined, the web gradually turned into a dead web, and then poured money into advertising. It won't be durable. Focus on covering many videos and articles. What type of Internet market will you own. If you want to be perfect, you will die in 5 days of making a video.

    Pleased to share with you the above 5 lessons, there will be many good lessons on the web and the video channel MONEY COACH VN. Please read and watch. And of course, if you need Phuc Finance advice, start-up support, please contact here.

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