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  • 5 financial ladder if you do not know and then return empty-handed - financial education

    5 financial ladder if you do not know and then return empty-handed - financial education

    The financial world is dirty or shouted, investment is for everyone, just have money to give here, pay here, smart people must know how to invest, must follow the trend. Those who do not invest in me are those who wear green leaf loincloths, all at night. However, Phuc Finance asserts to you that investment is not for everyone, investment is only for those who have passed these 5 financial ladder only. If not, I eat bananas all the time, watching naked, empty-handed.

    Financial intelligence index

    Have you heard the phrase: Financial Intelligence? It's not that you just spend money and spend it, it's not like you just like to invest. Think of this metric as your classroom. You can't be at grade 1 and enjoy jumping up and down on 12th grade exams, sure. You cannot be at level 0, money does not know how to make it to meet your sleep needs, but like to joke with a level of 10 investing that wants money to spit money like you open your mouth. successful, being super rich, will definitely fall face-to-face, deformed wallet.

    If you want to be rich, you must rely on your own intelligence stats, but do not think about relying on one man or another. Many people also know that they are poor, especially those who are often attracted to virtual money by multi-level money. However, in their thinking, it is kind of thinking based on, oh this company is big, trustworthy, based. Oh this man is good, can be trusted, he relies on it. Well, not a rich person is not independent.

    There were years when I was 22, 23 years old, because I also attended the Academy of Finance, so I also thought I would find a big company like this and that, full of ambitions, dreams and illusions. In the end, after a few years, he practically kicked off many wakes, then my thinking turned the car: Do not rely on the father of any son, must rely on myself. Because you climb high without a foundation, you can't even raise your head.

    Each person will be on different levels of financial intelligence. To climb the high ladder, it is imperative that you go from the lowest ladder yourself. I couldn't expect anyone to pick it up. Yes, people hold them up to the altar. So what are those 5 financial ladder? With Phuc Finance, find out now!

    Financial ladder number 1: Understanding money - Using money

    Most Vietnamese have no money education. As a child, just keep holding money and spending. Nobody tells the kids what money is? Even in many places, children talk about money is bad, they only study well for me thanks. Therefore, the vast majority of Vietnamese people do not understand anything about money. Knowledge of money is extensive. For example, some questions such as: Is money today money or money? Money today quests used to do? Is money an asset? What is the history of money? Who controls money? Where does the money come from? Such a knowledge base must be known before using money, yet the Vietnamese are left open.

    Think about it, you must learn to ride a motorbike, you must learn the buttons to use an air conditioner. But using the money to study nothing. Only know how to take money to give to others and receive what you want. Give 20 thousand a bunch of vegetables, give 500 thousand a drink. Over. Many people do not know how to use money, how to store it. And what is not understood about it will be lost. Even for the girl, he likes to go to West Lake ice cream to enjoy the breeze without understanding if he just leads her to the motel, it will lose. Payments are money. Without understanding what you will lose it. The motorcycle does not understand how to ride, how to maintain it, and for a few years it is spun.

    So if you want your money to be with you a lot, you must first understand the money. To understand it, it must read. First of all, you must read about the history of money, its origin, how money has been corrupted through each period. Is it an asset now, or simply a solvable application, how to use the money, what to buy, where to hoard the money to ensure its value. If there is no guarantee it will evaporate.

    Your exercise: To find the above knowledge, it took me 4 years to fumble because no one can only read, I read countless books, spend tens of millions of dollars, all student coins. Your precious com is precious. If you do not want to spend that time and money, then you just need to own a Coach 101 package that you need to know about this money, you will have it all.

    Financial ladder number 2: Know your personal finances - Protect your money

    Since a lot of people lack step 1 above, up to this step is extremely short of legs. It is shown in the following results: How much money is earned, only after the time it is gone! I could not even control my desire to spend, but led to seeing myself earning a bit of money. debt to buy items you are in love with. The more you earn, the more you owe it. This leads to consequences, money is lost, assets are piled up around people. Forever as a hired worker, clinging to other people's companies, the money is just thrown away to buy goods to enrich people. We know when we can build our own career.

    Many young people cannot even do enough to support their excessive spending. Money does not have but I like to play. But the important thing is to be luxury a few days. When others gradually establish their own careers, they no longer live in captive employment. But they still put on sparkling things, money is not available, and still carry corpses to work for hire every day. People who do not know how to manage personal finances, they only know each other within decades. Just struggled to run after the money.

    Therefore, each of us must overcome this financial ladder number 2. At this level, we mainly have to struggle with the people living in the wrong place, spending money improperly in each of us. Because each person is empty of step two, the harm is that over the years, they can only spend, plus the desire to possess material is too great, everyone wants to play.

    The first thing to forge is: Never spend all your money. Must know how to keep the money and protect it from the desire to spend too much of yourself, that you just open it up, you just want to take all the money. The first milestone sets the goal of having to hoard 200 million. This 200 million does not come back a few years later to buy a house on installments, buy a car to pay directly, but leave it there for long-term storage in gold. Challenge yourself to see if you can keep it. Or he was instigated by the demon spending in his body, or he was told by a financial dealer to give money to them. If anyone who has worked for a long time has earned 200 million, then challenge yourself to hoard 1 billion.

    Because of this, do not bring the principle of not letting money die, you have to give money to go around. That counts later. But here is the challenge of whether you can keep the money or not. If you cannot forge the ability to keep money, protect this money, whether you go back into the business, or turn around, you may turn yourself into a roast pig of many sellers, offering to invest. outside. Forge yourself the ability to protect money first. Then like to swing the sword swing later.

    And of course, the person who can protect the amount of 1 billion will have a smarter level of financial indicators than the person who can only protect the amount of 1, 2 million. Think about how a person can only protect the amount of 1, 2 million, then how much to give away, then if they open a business, it would be as much work as the money flowing away. Doing a business without knowing how to protect money is equal to an innocent sheep placed among wolves to tear them apart. Do you agree? So now it's your turn!


    Your exercise: Set out how much money you want to have. Like 200 million, 1 billion, ... depending on your current financial level. Then accumulate, then protect them. Long-term protection, you can use it when it comes to safety. After 3 days of accumulation, my wife pressed on my stomach to buy a house, took out all of it, pounded a few hundred more loans, paid in installments, then it was ruined. Overcoming this realm, you will be very calm before life, not dominated or led by anything.

    To serve you in the process of protecting your money and managing your personal financial situation conveniently. Phuc Finance gives you this automatic financial management file, every day just spend 2-3 minutes entering the amount of money collected and spent in the day, and all numbers are automatically calculated out.

    Financial ladder number 3: Understand corporate finance - Make money make money

    Passing the financial ladder No. 2, you already have the ability to know how to protect money. Now you can step to step 3: business, start-ups that make money flourish. Remember, these are like steps, you must step by step, not leapfrogging. What if a person lacks two steps: lack of knowledge of money, and not knowing how to protect money above. If they do business, start a company is definitely a big deal, right. So you are only allowed to take this step 3, when you have successfully passed the other two steps.

    Many people keep lottering the question: if we fail, we can do it again, but we can not say so messing about with money. Because sometimes I can earn money, but sometimes times, times are cramped, and I can't help but earn any more money. Whereas how much responsibility to take care of, money for money, or sickness. So we can't say if we fail, we can do it again. After each failure, it takes some time to recover. And there are people that the recovery period is 1 year, but there are people that recovery time is 5 years, 10 years. While the enthusiastic age of starting a business has been 5 years ago? Right?

    So, you have to practice the first and second rungs as soon as possible. Right from the time when students or new time to work, before 25 years old is beautiful, after 25 years old began to probe to step 3 to start a business, to learn how to operate corporate finance. And if you are reading these words, you understand that many people have empty financial knowledge and have no control over financial management, then in the life of your children, teach them early, right from the moment they hold the money. First, let them learn money and finance and teach them how to manage their finances. Until the age of 25, 30, but do not have knowledge of money, do not know how to manage finances, it is very miserable.

    If on tier 1 and 2, you already understand money, know how to keep money, protect money. Then on this financial ladder 3, you will learn how to build a business, to know how to control money, to know how to put money in assets to make them make money. Moving from the habit of spending money is losing, to the habit of spending money is okay, spending money is making money.

    - Spend money to buy website, build community, attract thousands of people, to generate sales of tens of millions per month

    - Spend money on excursions, take beautiful product photos, to attract buyers, making each photo generate millions of sales

    - Instead of 100 thousand going to eat everything and it is all, we know that giving up 100 thousand and hiring other people makes the amount of money 5 or 6 times. After that, we can use that interest to eat

    Just like that, in the process of grasping this corporate finance, knowing how to control this corporate finance, you will gradually become able, know how to use money to create real money. It's your own ability, not the kids out there shouting, giving it money, for its company, for a big project. Instead of pouring money into assets, you will know how to control the cash flow to create assets, so that your wealth grows day by day, real cash flows pour in every day.

    Supporting you to know how to put money into building to successfully build assets, mastering business finance, Phuc Finance has designed this Coach package of building business assets, guaranteed to follow, sure to succeed. Step 3 is faster and easier instead of tinkering with your own hands, spending a lot of money on things that are not worth it.

    Financial ladder number 4: Understand economic finance - Making money makes a lot of money

    Once you have passed the 3rd ladder, when you have successfully made one of your business systems. Then, it is an opportunity for you to open up more successful business systems. Find out more about other businesses to penetrate people.

    In 8 years, from working, from studying, from listening, I have had the understanding of some of these businesses, the deep tense, the rocky tense: English business, soft skills business, business in preschool education, multi-level sales, overseas business, pharmacy business, business course business, marketing services: from website, design, video, securities business, business loans, insurance business. And this journey will continue for the rest of life. To fully understand transactions between humans.

    From the knowledge of those industries, you will have the understanding of operating the economy, knowing which deals are good and which are bad. Panoramic view on a large and wide viewing angle. It's not like, hearing some or three groups of people who are thirsty for money, chanting this is the trend and just rushing in like a fanatic. After succeeding in this step 4, you will become a human being, on astronomy, under the geographic wall, in the middle of the human mind.

    Your exercise: Participate in as many businesses as possible. However, not everyone has enough time to experience it all, it is best to make friends, communicate a lot, and most importantly to be honest, to be able to be told by others the secrets and tips. the dark side of their profession. Maybe you get to experience someone else's 5 years in just one 50-minute talk. Take your backpack and explore a lot. And always remember: everyone is smart, never take advantage of it. You agree with this. Only with sincere respect will you be able to play with people of that nature. And whoever has some dirty personality, he can only play with people like that. You can join Phuc Finance's PRIVATE COACHING group to expand your relationship and understanding of the economy here.

    When you complete this step 4, not only possessing the financial knowledge of the entire economic sector, you can also open up a multitude of business systems, not just stop at a business system like Step 3. And you see, as Jack Ma said: one day his business systems are generating 60 million transactions. Then the step to open up a variety of business systems in fields and industries is the goal you need to go through, is the achievement you need to create to mark the success of the financial ladder No. 4.

    Financial ladder number 5: Understand your financial investment - Give money to others to make money

    Overcoming the above journey from having knowledge of money, to knowledge of financial management, to successfully building up a business system, then successfully building up many business systems, only now can It's time to sit in the world, lead the world. That's why investing is the game of the big guys. When they have done it successfully, when they have really understood, then the time comes, they give money to others to do and sit to manage and control.

    Many people misunderstand investment. Because the investment brokers pumped. Makes them think: Investing is small, we send it to others, let people do it. No no, the investment game, you have to be above the person you give the money. You have to know if they are doing the right thing or doing it wrong and don't look at you. It is not the type of giving money to others, then the money is not known, it is not known, how the money is used is not good, the money goes into each other's hands. Then what to invest, so make money to get rich for the people behind that investment deal.

    Like me now, have been clear about the business of studying abroad, I have also gone through the steps with some men to set up their own study abroad website, fully understanding the way to move, the tricks of the machine, then At that time, tomorrow, someone told Ms. Phuc to invest in this study abroad project we founded, then I would invest, and still asked to show me the number to see if the money was used effectively or not. See how they are doing, where is their system missing. It's not like, the money gives them and then do whatever they want, sit there and wait 5 years later to get the principal and interest, but the principal contributed to their investment, they split to buy a house, buy a car.

    Investing is not for everyone. Investment must be spent at the right time, the right place, the right people, the right ability. Maybe you also agree with Phuc Finance that you must pass the above four steps to reach this true investment ladder. Indeed, giving money to people, playing with water and holding interest is not easy. Our money is only protected, but no one is worried about our house. Wish you success.

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