5 types of smart investors need to know

    Nowadays, it looks like a lot of people like to invest. With that thought, just put money somewhere. Then wait a while, get an easy treat. Thus, for them it is called investment and is a successful investment. However, the truth is, since investment is being abused so much today, many people open up saying investing in their mouth. But your inner nature is like stealing other people's money. If you are not sane, it is very easy to become a lucrative prey for financial traders, wearing a dashing suit, talking about catching up with the trend of humanism out there. Hitting on their advice is a very easy one-step financial plunge. Therefore, Phuc Tai Finance will share with you 5 Tips you need to know if you intend to invest in right away.

    Tip # 1: Investing is not a must. Investment is a fit.

    Remember: Investing is not a level playing field for everyone. Investing is only suitable for a few people. It is the game of those who have been adept in the marketplace, have reached a certain level to have a clear eye, look at life, look at people, look at business systems, look at businesses to make decisions. money in there or not. So maybe at present, investment is not the playground for you. And you absolutely may not be really suitable for the investment.

    So when, when is the right time, let's hear about the 5 financial ladder below with Phuc Finance:

    - Staircase number 1: Understand money and finance knowledge

    - Staircase number 2: Good expertise, a job to make money

    - Ladder number 3: Develop yourself to add other fields, skills to make more money

    - Staircase No. 4: When your own capacity is ripe, it opens up your own company and business to understand companies, businesses, markets, use your money to do business with certainty.

    - Stairway No. 5: After doing it yourself and understanding, your eyes are adept at seeing companies, this is the right time to invest and hand over your money to others to do business. .

    In investment, no matter what you invest, the investment no matter how good it sounds is not as important as your ability and knowledge. You have to step through the 4th ladder. Not knowing what to give your money to others is like letting sheep to wolves. If you have not passed and are successful in step 4, then you are not suitable for investment.

    Don't listen to those guys taking Mr. Warren Buffet, Bill Gates gives an example. You cannot scrub with lime. Their journey, what he used to do, went through, how can you compare. You have to do what he is doing right now, but you can't do what he is doing now. Come to think of it, did you guys bring them out as examples, have they ever met him? Or they are their neighbors, do you know what they really do, but all day take them as examples as if they are familiar. I feel really sorry for them. Really :)) I don't know, I don't know anything, I just get brought up as an example, like the Vietnamese kids understand their moves very well. It is true that modern comedy.

    Investing is not a matter of inviting, much less a matter of following advice, or anyone's rich trend. It must be you, your capabilities, your qualifications. Until you are really adept at controlling your money, business is successful. Then it's time to sit down and hand over our money to someone else who can do it.

    Do you think this is correct: Whatever the lame, whether it's this project, that project, whether it's bitcoin, virtual money, or multi-level, this product, that product, ... There is always a company behind the controller, so is the business. But business, the company is filthy, financially trading it like killer knives, there are streaks in the eyes of others. You can see some sparkling font designs on the internet, some glittering marketing campaigns for it to be epic, some rich, free and ideological words, some videos made up like insurrection, Those things I do Marketing are simple, but nothing. If only your money is the real thing, they are trying to get you to hand your money over to them.

    Investing is the right thing, absolutely not a soliciting thing. The girl's flirting didn't even invite each other together, the guy who used it let alone is an investment.

    Only stop at the third step. Invite each other to study, practice skills together.

    Also on the 4th ladder: To set up a company, a business, or do a business, it's not about inviting friends but succeeding. Must find the right person. Like the PAS video communication service project created by me: I am in charge of Marketing, sales, searching for partners. I have to find someone who is good at operations in personnel, scripts, coordination, photography, shooting, ... and find a kid who is good at video editing who is responsible for production. It's not a matter, if this kid plays well, he can do it together. Holding a glass of beer to eat barbecue, a few stories are suitable, but business is another problem.

    Up to the 5th ladder to invest, it is not even a matter of each other. Seriously, when the two of you were playing together, you invited each other to invest. Well, dear mothers, we don't have to go to the market together. Many people invite each other to embrace goods, invite each other to play virtual money, ... clasp their hands and bow to the financial dealers, they forgive them, let them take care of their husbands and children.

    Remember these 5 financial ladder, to know where you are, to see if it is suitable or not. What determines success is not the investment. Five years ago it was crazy for multi-level investments. Now, the crypto investment packages, bitcoin. 5 years from now do not know what the financiers will think of to go crazy to get money from people. Everything will go crazy and go crazy. Everything will sparkle, sparkle again. But all is not important. Success is important to you, in who you are. In who you are.

    If you have your own business, each built your own business systems, each run the business successfully. You will see how crazy their investments are. Until you fully understand the nature of business, smell the corruption of the financial industry, taste the piles of excreted business manure, your eyes will brighten so as not to be like a sheep being led by the financial world.

    Investment success is not for the masses. Only for those who have passed the other 4 steps.

    Most people are empty on the first step. East is on the second step, lying there like being stable. Some have the will to move up to step 3, but not bravely go far. A few more went out to make their own, set out to build their own company, went up to Step 4. But on this fourth step, he died like a stubble. Business 1 or 2 years fainting up and fainting is normal. Therefore, there is only a few that succeed and get to the top of glory, which is ladder number 5. The hiccup does not work, but still eats, when a clear eye recognizes, sits there and hands over money to others to do. If we cannot go through these 4 steps, we will not have to do and eat. But as said on the internet, if you don't want to work, you only want to eat b * oi, you only eat c * t. Should be careful always. Reality is always so cruel. But there is no glittering story.

    Investing is a cultivation. One is that you plant your company. Second, you plant the person you give the ability to see and teach others to plant. Many people still think, paying money is investment, come to Tips 2 investment advice right below:

    Tip # 2: Crowds are a sign of a sale

    Always remember this sign: Investing is a matter of few people. Still many people are buying goods. Like love is a matter of two people. Add a third person immediately.

    I don't really understand, they held a seminar of thousands of people, and finished shouting for investment, they also jumped in and thought that they were investing, and then grasping the trend. Real mother leave.

    What is investment, investment, 3 or 4 people who share money to set up a company are fighting to divide the mother. Huong spent thousands of people rushing in. How many people can invest in. That is called investing, it's called buying and already offering money to others.

    Securities are not called investment either. Those things are simply businesses thinking up to raise money from the people. Those are just their products. And investment must really be a game for the tigers who have the right to kill, have the right to decide on the other company. Damn him, twenty men only. In some companies, they only have 1, 2, 3 men. As you see, Trung Nguyen Cafe Group belongs to whom. Did Mr. Dang Le Nguyen Vu invite thousands of people to share the shares of Trung Nguyen Cafe or did he and his wife, his parents take it all?

    So, if a lot of people are involved, it's not about investing, it's selling, buying products. I feel strange. Many people say bitcoin is the trend, then bring money to buy bitcoin. If bitcoin is of real value, why don't the producer keep it, sell it to you. They go and keep your money. vl. Why? Because money is delicious now, and bitcoin has a trend or not, that's the future. Bitcoin, then stocks, forex, ... is just a product. You buy in, if you sell it tomorrow, you make a profit, if you can't sell it, you lose money. Don't see it as an investment. That is a financial product only. No different from household products like pots and pans. Today you buy, do not know if you will be able to sell the profit tomorrow or not, the guy who invented the product, the company that made that product, is sure to make your money. Yet a lot of people think it is an investment.

    The scene where people flinch to buy virtual money, or buy this multi-level company, that multi-level, is like people who gather around to buy pots, pans and pans. What to invest. At least the pot could cook the rice right away. And the items have no value, or are promised value in the future, it is unlikely that they will happen. What to believe. Money, the best thing right now is in someone else's hands. If you eat money, you only eat money from people who come later. For every Vietnamese, Vietnamese people chore the Vietnamese and get rich for foreign financials.

    Tip # 3: Real investment, money is not just enough money

    Many people think that investing is enough just to put money in. That is not called investment. That is called offering money to others. The truth is, money is only a very small part of an investment.

    People find people to invest with, open a business, what people need is the capacity of that person. Contribute to work together. There must be a brain and a strategy for the investment to be successful. It's not money. There are two cases to consider:

    - The first case is: There are many brothers and sisters asking me, your friends, your friends who are doing this and that, want you to invest money. I asked, so she put money into it, did you do anything: No !, Do you know anything about that profession? neither!. Then excuse me, but they want you to put money in to take the risk with them. The loss you bear, but how much profit they will divide you is still unknown. Because other people need money, because they need people to take the same risks, instead of borrowing the bank to take responsibility for their actions, they go to ask each other to put money in. While not wanting to invite to work together to develop the company, but only to have more money for them to spend. While if you do not know the numbers, do not understand the profession, they do abc what you can know. Right? Real investment, money is not enough.

    Investment must be accompanied by capacity, money is a part. Even if you do not need to contribute money, just work with them, they are also ready to deduct% of the shares, if you are a capable person. There is no need to contribute money. In case of putting money in, it is just not to borrow or mobilize people to contribute to bear the risk. Losses then that person bear, profit, they completely correct the number from 10 to 2, 3 profit because the other person has no knowledge or is in their operation apparatus.

    - The second case is: A whole bunch of people buy a certain product, put money in, think it's an investment, keep up with the trend. Then you already know. Many people do not call investment, if you have money to put in, it is not called investment. That is to go to the market, to buy goods. Regarding resale or not, it is still due to the person's ability. Many people participate in multi-level purchases, but cannot sell them, so they lose it. Selling capacity is not available, I went back to post on facebook some rich questions not difficult, million dollar opportunity, just sitting there on 1, 2 thousand dollars, that story became the spring of 1945 already. Even if it's multi-level, you must have sales skills. Instead of buying a code, buying a position, putting money in is a rush of money. That's is no way. Never, go to the market to buy goods and think to invest. You have to know where the financial market is, what is the real investment.

    Tips # 4: The true nature of investment

    The nature of investment does not have to put money in and sit there waiting for interest. But the essence of investment is: if a loss happens, you have to turn the steering wheel. Investing is that you have to own it, as a company goes down you have a way to push it up. Not sitting there waiting to die.

    The day before, I met a guy who bought virtual money. When he hugged too much, he realized that it was a mistake, like someone who had just awakened a dream. At that time, he wanted to withdraw his leg, but because the price was too low, he could not sell, if he sold it, he lost too much so he waited. Investing is not waiting. The word wait is never in the dictionary of business people and investors. Hearing the word of such a monumental investor, the people who went ahead and caught up with the trend, but waited, it was humiliated. They are not investors, they are already buyers.

    Investment words are overused. Simply put, many people say I love you, but not necessarily love. It is said to invest, it is not sure if it is an investment. Watch his action, in love see how he acts. And in investment, how to see money. Don't sit there waiting.

    From ladder 4, number 5 onwards, is the success story of cash flows on a daily basis. Establishing businesses, companies, selling goods every day, ie daily cash flow. Must have a daily cash flow for that business to develop, that investment will be successful. Not only that, it must be cash flow in the long run and forever. It's not about putting money to wait for decades, twenty years of trend, it's not about putting money in and waiting 10 years later to eat a lump. Remember this daily cash flow signal to gauge whether what you are planning to put your money into is an investment. Investment is also business nature. Today, if there is no cash flow, let alone tomorrow.

    Tip # 5: Invest and ignore the trend, or believe one or the other is big!

    Financial dealers, they profit from the money you pour in. You can see guys in suits, talking about billionaires, getting rich. But the essence is all virtual. An investment advisor, a real financial advisor is not the one who brags about the good things. It's got to be the one sitting back, analyzing your risks. Today's business is much risky than success. Success story is easy to say, everyone is rich.

    A true investment business does not have to calculate what it will look like when it succeeds, but must be calculated when risks happen.

    You see, no matter what bitcoin, multi-level, securities, insurance ... or whatever lame the financial world will come up with, it's behind that is a company. But companies that die 2 or 3 years later, how many years do companies live for more than 10 years or 15 years? Yet you buy bitcoin virtual money or multi-level insurance, it is promised 20 years and also believe, please, please.

    Know that the speakers are self-proclaimed names, the ones on the stage who then sell the investment packages to you are the financial dealers. They will be deducted interest from the money you pay. They tend to promise trends, because at present there is no guarantee logic. And the trend does not know, now they just deduct the profit percentage from the money you have paid. Try to ask those items that have miraculous ability to have real wealth, why don't they keep them all, get rich, give you what to do. Then go take your money again.

    So you must be extremely alert, real gold is less but fake gold is plentiful out there. Take a moment, trust people a little, and your money will go away. Always remember where your trust is, the money you put there. Be careful with your own beliefs. Because the beliefs you have today are largely created by people around them.

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