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  • 6 business styles touch the hole in the face

    6 business styles touch the hole in the face

    Business is not a game, much less everyone is rich. Many success stories, but behind them are countless failure stories. Many homeowners fail just because they are wrong from the very first step. Together with Phuc Finance, we can flip the flamboyant curtain of business, see what's behind the losses!

    The business model is sure to lose number 1: Hugging blind goods

    A lot of business people out there like to gamble, just decide on their emotions without doing research, based on specific numbers.


    You can see many people online complaining that this product is very good and effective. They show them magnificence, wealth is pouring in. But in fact, they are struggling with a lot of inventory and have put tons of money in and out. Holding goods never makes you rich, it just makes you stand on the verge of losing money.

    Do not see other people sparkling thinking that they have gold in their hands. What you see clearly is always fake gold. Because real gold is always deep in the ground, but not so obvious.

    In the investment business, it is always divided into stages, not one-off. Import goods must be divided into stages. And the commissioning phase is always important. Please enter a little, when selling to add more. Even many smart people do the opposite. Selling goods, customers transfer money and then import them to transfer to customers.

    Business model definitely lost number 2: Work with best friend

    This is also the most common case of Phuc Finance. Many people think that friends play together so it will be easier to do business. Actually, it's not like that. Friends may share their interests and love each other, but there is no room for love in a fierce marketplace. If you intend to invite the people you are playing with, Phuc Finance advises you to immediately abolish that intention.

    You have to find like-minded people, their capabilities are a must-have in business that you don't have to make up for each other. For example: If you are good at importing products, you have to find someone who is good at marketing, sales, find someone who can do accounting, tax, someone who knows how to manage human resources, and people to create a team that needs to be in business.

    Business type definitely lost number 3: Gently listen to others

    It is extremely wrong to do business by obeying others. Seeing other people make money and then follow without even calculating, definitely bring losses to people.

    The prime example is bitcoin or scam multi-level schemes. The first person can make a lot of money, but the follower only brings money to enrich the first.

    It is often said that: Others succeed you can also succeed. The reality is completely different. If someone else does business successfully, you may not be successful.

    Because Business wants to win depends a lot on timing. Maybe they do it when they do, but by the time you step in there are already too many people doing it, the success rate is extremely difficult.

    So don't do business just because of obeying, following others. Buffaloes come first to drink clear water, buffalo come after drinking cloudy water. That is the truth to grasp if you do not want to step into a losing business.

    Business model definitely lost number 4: Follow inspiration

    Phuc Tai is very pleased with the saying in the real business world: Greatness is created by repeating little things. This statement emphasizes regularity and continuity. The rule of 6 days playing a day is a certain thing to be disciplined until successful. Follow discipline, not inspiration. Inspiration is always what kills success.

    Like a store that has to open continuously to pick up customers if it opens 3 days, 2 days closes, customers will surely lose everything. Online sales every day to be on duty inbox to answer customers even 6am or 11pm.

    Before entering into business, you must define this spirit. If not sure the hole.

    The business model is sure to lose number 5: Want to get rich fast

    Psychology of wanting to get rich quickly has made many people blind, spending money innocently and spending tons of money. Nothing is easy. What comes easy is also easy. Like building a sand castle. Fast but unable to stand up to the wind.

    Entrepreneurship is a journey that requires persistence. Wanting sustainable success requires at least 15 years of accumulation, not 3 or 4 years as people think. Especially young people are eager to start a business and then embrace the debt.

    Like planting a tree, it takes time to grow. No matter how much fertilizer you fertilize, it will not go up, even die. Business too, definitely takes time to develop gradually.

    Listen carefully to the following story to avoid the rush to spoil the big deal: Because of the mentality of wanting to have a lot of sales, a lot of money, a small business owner has pushed an employee to work from 8am until At 10am, 11pm during a net month, the earliest day is 9pm to have a rest. Sales soared that month, he was very proud. However, immediately after that, that employee quit. He could not find a second employee who understood the job, was capable, enthusiastic, and able to do such a thing. Because of the mentality of hurry and quickly having a lot of money, this business owner has lost a lot of money in the future. While recruiting good people to do is always the most difficult problem of any business.

    Have you ever received heavy losses just because you were in a hurry? Business psychology must be strong and persistent in building small steps. That is what Phuc Finance wants to remind you who are reading this article.

    Business model inevitably loses number 6: No clear distribution of interests

    There are 3 brothers sharing the same capital to open pharmaceutical companies. Person in charge of business, Person in charge of production, Person in charge of expertise. The initial stage of starting a company is extremely difficult. All 3 unanimously built. But when it succeeds, because it is not clear how to divide the profits, leading to great internal conflict. Everyone recognizes their efforts as the most important, must receive more. This is extremely common today, when a group of friends do business together, out of respect or shyness, there is no convention of the original percentage of profits. As well as the terms must be specified. Always remember that numbers are power in business.

    No matter how attractive the job, no matter how much money that job promises to bring in. If there is no clear figure in the calculation of salary, bonus, profit, what you enjoy, you absolutely do not participate, do not put effort into it. Because it wasn't clear from the start, then surely after the day there was no door. When the power of money blurs other people's eyes, everyone thinks they are important, wanting to receive more, not less.

    Ambiguity at work will take away the benefits you enjoy. So here are the questions you should have clear answers to before getting into any business:

    - How much is the monthly salary?

    - If the bonus is calculated, what is the specific bonus level? specific numbers and requirements, not just general rewards

    - If cooperating with a business, the% of profit you will receive is. 10, 20 or 30, 50%. It's not like you just do it together and then calculate it later. Or just talk about what you will do without affecting your benefits.

    The above numbers will determine how much effort you will invest in that business. In particular, it will keep a conflict of interest from ever happening because everyone has clearly identified it from the start. Phuc Tai is really sorry to see companies doing business on the rise, eventually leading to bankruptcy because of internal conflicts of interest, and then suffer losses.

    In today's more spontaneous business environment, there is no professionalism for small and medium business models, just like some friends do with. Please pay close attention to this if you do not want to lose money, ensure your own interests and protect the results of building together.

    Entering into business requires extreme alertness. Just a little mistake will make you prone to failure, just a little trust in the blind will turn you into a lucrative prey. Phuc Finance will always accompany you to learn business lessons together.

    In your free time, remember to click on the website: moneycoach.vn to read useful information to help you grow more brilliantly!

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