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  • 6 ways to think about earning you billions

    6 ways to think about earning you billions

    Welcome back to moneycoach.vn to continue your journey to find the key to unlocking success and achieving sustainable wealth. The truth is that wealth is nowhere far away, but comes from within ourselves. Got in the new head on hand. Cultivate your best thoughts and set yourself a way of thinking that brings success and wealth. Right here, let's explore with Phuc Finance 6 ways to think about making money for you.

    Thinking # 1: Failure is a valuable lesson

    If the poor are always afraid of failure and prevent them from doing anything, the rich use their failures to become smarter and make more money. They are not afraid of failure because they understand that failure is an inevitable thing to overcome if you want to succeed. After each failure, instead of resentment and fear, the rich draw valuable lessons for themselves.

    So cultivate yourself to be ready to act in spite of your fear of failure. If failure comes instead of torturing and falling, start over with old experiences to progress to success. Success is not giving up, just determination with people who are smarter, rich will surely come.

    Thinking # 2: Future Plans

    Instead of sitting and thinking about past haloes and then disgusted with the present. Think about your future plans. What will this month do to make more money? What is the direction to next year? What will be building more assets? Will the accumulated money be left in the bank or buy gold or land?

    We will never fear the future when it is clearly planned. So think about your future plans now and every day.

    Thinking # 3: Money makes life a better place

    Money is a tool, it's not at fault. The biggest mistake here is we don't have enough money. Always plant in your mind that money makes life a better life. Certainly, money will bring more money to you.

    Cherish and love money. Money is commensurate with your efforts and abilities. Less money is caused by weakness. A lot of money depends on how talented you are. The blame is to blame ourselves for not doing our best, not learning.

    Money helps you buy what you want, help you take care of your loved ones health, and help you have a great experience. Money always makes your life a better place. When you always make effort and master your work.

    Thinking # 4: If you want to make a lot of money, you have to choose

    Feng shui does not stop rotating, it must come to your home one day. Just like the wealth of money is immeasurable, the way to make money is also countless. But if you want to make a lot of money, you have to know how to choose. Choice is destiny and also a fortune. If you do not know whether to choose, you will lose your direction from which talents and riches will also slip out of your hand.

    No one else than you is the owner of destiny, the god of wealth. Twenty years ago, there was a 17-year-old American teenager with a mess of hair, ragged clothes, and thick glasses, but his choice was to pursue a job as a software developer, to start a job. business software company. It is this choice that allows us to see a Bill Gates and the Microsoft brand of today.

    The first Asian billionaire Mr. Masayoshi Son of Korean origin started his career at the age of 19. In a year he had planned up to 40 career plans, but in the end he only chose for himself the one he thought was the best one that was the SoftBank plan, which brought his name into list of billionaires.

    In this era of rapidly diversifying markets, only the right choice can bring success.

    Walmart America only chooses the retail grocery industry, Coca Cola only trades in soft drinks, KFC and McDonald's only trade Hamburger, similar to famous Japanese brands such as Panasonic, Sony, Sanyo specializing in product lines. electronic products.

    You want to make a career, so what are your options? According to the long-term analytical experience of the world's billionaires, most of the billionaires learn about stocks and real estate. In fact, over 60% of Americans and Europeans invest in stocks.

    Stock speculation must also know how to choose, such as choosing investment logic and principles, choosing long-term or short-term investment, choosing what kind of stock, whether it is general investment or specialized investment.

    Currently there are a lot of people who prefer short-term speculation, constantly investing in and then withdrawing capital, as well as constantly changing stocks in the stock market, a busy year seems like a stock master but Money results are nowhere to be seen, but my mind is always reeling.

    Stock speculation is bound to be specialized, just like being faithful to one's wife. Very few billionaires in and out of the equity market are short-term speculators, most of them long-term speculators.

    Warren Buffett is the most typical example. He told us, "If a stock I don't want to hold for 10 years, I never care about them." "Don't be too greedy, put the eggs in one basket and just care about them."

    At present, there are many experts in stocks, only focus on a few types of stocks, even within 2 or 3 years they only speculate in one type of stock, but win big. If you want to speculate on stocks, do not be too greedy, choose a stock that has the most future and adhere to it, it will become the golden hen for you.

    These laws of karma are really meaningful. All are the experiences of famous businesses in the world.

    Thinking # 5: Make more money

    The poor focus on saving. They live frugally, do not dare to spend. They dare not buy what they want. They always make excuses for not being able to make more money. They are always hiding instead of looking directly at the problem of lack of money.

    The rich are always the exact opposite. They are always looking for ways to make more money. And they always think about it. That is why they see many opportunities to make money and analyze them. If the poor avoid talking about money, the rich exchange business opportunities and invest right on the family dining table with an atmosphere of excitement and comfort.

    If there is a chance to sit next to successful people. Pay attention to their stories. They always talk about opportunities to make more money. You can also do that by thinking about them often.

    Money will come in more abundance as you shift the focus from saving to making more money. If you need money, think about how to make more money.

    Way of thinking number 6: Dare to think big

    When people think big, they know how to be great. It is not necessary to know whether to achieve it or not, but surely the way of life of the person who sets the goal of earning 100 million / month is definitely different from the person who sets the goal of earning 5 million / month. Do you agree with Phuc Finance this right?

    If you think, think big. You never lose anything. But you will know how to map out a larger method from which your way of living every day will certainly be more qualitative. According to research, people make a little or a lot of money because of their way of life. Surely you will be surprised, most people are poor due to lazy work and only do the easy jobs. The rich are always busy with a tight schedule and always ready to do the difficult things.

    When you set bigger goals. You have to work harder and smarter to make it bigger. If the sales person wants to aim for a double salary increase, you have to sell twice as many products as you are selling. You have to find a smarter way to get to know and meet more customers, your sales skills must increase. It is these things that help you get better every day.

    Or if you want to make more money by finding an extra-high-paying overtime job. You must go to exchanges, expand relationships to find partners willing to pay you a good salary. You need to be better, know how to promote yourself better.

    Thinking big and doing things seriously will only help you get better every day. Thinking big will help you live a better, better life. So don't be afraid to think big. There are people who just because small thoughts, snapping thoughts have lost countless opportunities, their minds too small to be able to see great opportunities.

    There are many employees working as hired labor, but only for the immediate benefit of cutting a little money from the boss. They thought they would get it over, but everyone was smart in life. Their talents would be appreciated, their diligence would increase, but it was their dignity and limited thinking that deprived the brilliant future that was right before them.

    Countless people are stuck in poverty because in their heads are all poor thoughts. Their way of life, their way of working, forever cannot make them rich.

    The desire to be rich is not enough, to improve yourself to be able to create wealth. When the person inside you is rich, the riches will always be by your side. That is why, many people in Vietnam are compensated for their land, they get rich quickly, but only after a while, the entire estate is dissipated. Because they humans cannot keep that wealth.

    So let's find out the next article to cultivate yourself to become richer.

    In your free time, remember to click on the website: moneycoach.vn to read useful information to help you grow more brilliantly!

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