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  • 6 ways to work effectively for business owners

    6 ways to work effectively for business owners

    Welcome back to moneycoach.vn financial page and continue your journey of searching for sustainable success, discovering valuable lessons to improve the quality of your life. Phuc Finance believes that if you know how to arrange your time properly, and prioritize your work, you will be able to do a lot of work in a day. And here are 6 working methods for business owners that Phuc Finance has learned and applied extremely effectively not only for themselves but also for the employees working for themselves.

    Tip # 1: Always make sure to have a Job Checklist before starting a new day.

    Every morning, remember to schedule the whole day, and break down the calendar for the day you will always do. When we plan everything in advance, it will be much easier, and at the same time you will not waste time on useless things.

    Phuc Finance recommends that you only select up to 3 most important jobs to complete first. And highly focused to do, avoid doing too many things at once, leading to distraction and inefficiency.

    To be effective, you must have a one-month, three-month, six-month, one-year goal set. These goals can be gradually adjusted to suit reality, but you must have one and keep your goals in mind.

    Record the daily job based on your goals: what are the job goals like? personal job goals like? What skills do you want to practice? What knowledge do you want to hone? And doing a little every day, surely after a while, there will be great results.

    Writing Checklist work like that makes you always stick to your goals. Because Phuc Tai Tai has met many people, at the beginning of the month set majestic goals, but every day, it could not do anything to get closer to the goal. In the end, the goal was set but it was not fulfilled. So always stick to each day.

    A little note to you: When you complete your goal, check the box. This action will give you the spirit to complete the next task. Many people have applied it and it is extremely effective.

    Tip # 2: Choose work of high value to do

    Do you see whether rich or poor people only have 24 hours a day. So why do they make hundreds, thousands or even millions of times more than others?

    The answer here is that the rich know how to choose high-value jobs to do. Instead of organizing the paperwork every day, become a negotiator to bring back lucrative contracts. Instead of being an employee, rise up to do the jobs of managers and leaders in the company. Choose things of high value to do. And knowing how to give these high values ​​helps many people.

    If you are working for a hired job, the job is boring, can not learn anything, everything is repeated, feels simple, Phuc Finance advises you to find more difficult and high-value jobs to do. Often at first you will find it difficult, learn and improve yourself. When you increase your self-worth, do hard things, money comes into your own hands.

    With its experience, Phuc Finance shares with you the following high-value things for you to practice: Sales, Marketing, branding, recruiting, negotiating, speaking other languages, creating photos influence the community, Share in front of the crowd, create useful products, improve people's lives, the ability to create real estate for rent, ...

    Tip # 3: Don't spend time on useless things

    Did you know that when business owners meet, they don't talk ill about others, they talk about business opportunities, important transactions, and lucrative contracts that help you. their company. They don't have time to surf the web, read junk news, read tabloids, watch entertainment on TV, even in their home there is no TV ... They just focus on meaningful things and bring prosperity and happiness in life such as: Reading, taking time to teach children, thinking about how to work more effectively, learning new languages, new skills.

    Stay away from meaningful conversations that won't make your life better. Replace the time spent surfing the web by finding more customers, learning a foreign language sentence. Just applying such a month, you will surely make your life go up a lot.

    Tip # 4: Don't take all your work into yourself.

    A good person is not someone who can do everything. A good person is someone who knows how to assign the right people and arrange the work properly.

    What can be assigned to other people to do, do it. Phuc Tai Finance has seen managers always prove themselves good, and to prove that they embrace all their jobs, their jobs must be done according to their wishes. Instead of letting employees develop their abilities. Instead of taking advantage of the team's brainpower. Then they reel in the chains they create.

    Simple, low-value jobs, be transferred to others. You can hire your own personal assistant. Depending on the job and income, you can recruit parttime students 2-3 million / month. For women, if housework is a burden, hiring a maid will help you have more time for yourself, for your husband and children, to take care of your beauty, to expand your work.

    Tip 5: Always focus on health training, taking care of yourself to always have the highest energy

    A healthy body will produce ample energy for the highest level of performance. With a dense schedule, Phuc Finance always remember to take care of yourself every day. Like getting enough sleep, living in a fresh environment, inspiring to work.

    Over the years, no matter how heavy or how bad a day of Phuc Tai is, Phuc Tai always takes the time to exercise, choose the most polite clothes before go out. Simply because Phuc Finance understands to cherish yourself, to be the most beautiful. You think, myself, if I don't even know how to cherish, don't know how to treasure, who can cherish me here. So take good care of yourself. Especially the girls, always be beautiful in the face of any storm.

    When you feel confident in yourself, proud of your body, cherish what you have, always full of energy with new ideas you will surely have a productive day.

    Tip # 6: Avoid spending time on negative thoughts and negative emotions.

    Take everything lightly and think positively. A person's level of satisfaction with life is based on his or her thinking, not on living conditions. If you want to be happy, do not pay attention to the things you are not satisfied with, but look at the positive points. When you are in a bad situation, learn to accept to feel lighter.

    Everything comes to you there is always a reason for it. Problems will make you strong, troubles will help you grow, failures will make you intelligent. So what has come has come. Take the time to think about how to solve the problem instead of whining and filling yourself with negative thoughts.

    Are you successful or not? It lies in what you do with your time. Singapore's late Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew once said: Young man, sell me a year old, I will pay you a billion green dollars.

    Now is the time to apply the tips above to create a life of innovation, value and meaning by putting your phone aside, finding a book to read, talking to a customer, or researching. save new opportunities.

    Phuc Finance see you in the next article.

    In your free time, remember to click on the website: moneycoach.vn to read useful information to help you grow more brilliantly!

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