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  • 7 different habits between the rich and the poor: contemplating life

    7 different habits between the rich and the poor: contemplating life

    Welcome to Financial Education Website: moneycoach.vn to continue your journey of searching for valuable lessons to achieve sustainable success. Surely you also agree: if success has not come, it proves that something we are doing wrong. Because if you are all doing it right, you must be rich. So when something new comes, in stark contrast to the way you are thinking, the way you are doing it. Instead of resisting, try to be receptive, try to apply it in your life to see if it is better. According to research, the rich have different habits from the poor. And as long as we can do what they do, there will be sure wealth. So what are those different habits? Let's find out here with Phuc Finance.

    Habit # 1: Punctuality

    The rich are always on time. To the rich, time is more valuable than money. They deeply cherish their time. What if the poor spend their time in exchange for money. The rich are always willing to use money to buy time. And they cherish other people's time just as much as they do their own.

    Appointments, rich people meetings are always precise, minute by minute. They also never accept late-time people, affecting the collective. The schedules are all streamlined.

    The poor are often late and have a particular habit of canceling appointments. The poor have many reasons to justify such behavior. So they are always poor and they do not know that because of that extremely bad habit, they never have the opportunity to work with the rich.

    From today, practice this punctual habit. Commitment to do exactly what you set out to do. Go to work on time, meet on time, the schedules you are ready to seriously implement. Otherwise no one will want to work with you. Respect other people's time and never let yourself influence the team. If you don't get a promotion, the chance to get rich will never come to you.

    Habit # 2: Reading

    There is a saying that Phuc Tai is extremely shocked that is: Those who say books are not worthwhile are those who never read books. The rich always know that books are an infinite source of knowledge to explore and understand all areas of the world. They read continuously, non-stop and make use of all their free time to read.

    In the case of the plane being deleyed instead of being angry, angry, annoyed like the poor and then wasting time, the rich just quietly bring the book to read.

    Here are some books you should read: Books about health, Books about money, Skills books, Sales books, Marketing books, Law books, Books about other countries,… Will definitely bring in return gives you great understanding.

    Phuc Finance recommends that you establish a habit of reading at least 2 books each month. Will make your mind always clear.

    Habit # 3: Connect

    Rich people are always ready to connect with people, expand relationships, from customers, partners, employees, and other business relationships, ... They are also always ready to connect with people richer than themselves. . This is the most notable difference.

    The poor are the exact opposite, very reluctant to get acquainted with people who are richer than them. They feel comfortable playing with people equal to and inferior to them. They even hate the rich.

    Your wealth level depends on average 5 people you meet and talk to. So boldly connect with people who are better than you, richer than you.

    Here are two ways Phuc Finance offers you.

    - Go to facebook to find successful people and make facebook friends

    - Go to Youtube to watch the videos shared by successful people

    - Join entrepreneur clubs, forums, seminars where successful people appear

    - If you happen to meet successful people outside, or meet managers and directors where you are working, come get acquainted and talk. Don't hesitate. Everyone values ​​confident people.

    If you feel your poor communication skills are stopping you, buy books, take courses to improve. Surely after only 21 days, you will surely acquire a lot of valuable knowledge. So let's do it now.

    Habit # 4: Be positive

    The rich look at opportunities, the poor are overwhelmed by difficulties. The poor spend a lot of time lamenting their problems in order to gain sympathy from others. They not only tell one person but tell many people the same story, the more they tell, the more they engulf them in confusion and negativity. In the end the problem is still there. As currently translating Covid-19, many people complain and then be negative, but successful people still keep the flames of blood and fire, working hard to win this pandemic!

    Rich people solve problems. If they tell others, it is also aimed at finding a solution. They choose the right people who can help them solve the problem for advice. They absolutely do not spend time doing things that are time-consuming and ineffective.

    So, if you are facing any problem, find a solution to make it better. Focus on taking your time to make money.

    Change right away by switching the time chatting, complaining with people by reading a book. Happiness cannot come if you persistently embrace suffering. Let go of the negative things, then you will be able to grasp the positives.

    Phuc Tai Finance loves this sentence very much but does not know if you have heard it before. That is: Whatever happens in our lives has its reasons. The problem comes simply to help you grow. Maybe the very thing that caused you to quit your old job is what gives you a better chance of working at the new company. Rich people always thank them for everything that comes to them.

    Habit # 5: Take responsibility

    Mostly due to the way of early childhood education that many Vietnamese have the habit of blaming. For example: Every time the child falls, the adult often hits the chair, scolds the table, causing the child not to acknowledge that he or she did not know how to observe or walk too quickly. When he grows up, he becomes mentally poor, and when he gets up, he blames others and other things.

    Rich people are always responsible for themselves. Therefore, they always stand out to solve the problem. When the work doesn't work well, they find the cause and fix it for the better. Because they understand that, if they blame it, the problem will remain. They are brave and richer thanks to always accepting responsibility.

    If you are poor or your job is deadlocked, don't blame your Parents, Wife, Children, Friends, Boss, Co-workers, Company or the regime, ... It's all about you. Make an effort to change from yourself to get more and more.

    Habit # 6: Going to many places

    Rich people love to go to many places to experience, learn and expand their horizons. They go all over the country, all over the world. Each time they go, they get richer, richer in soul, rich in bravery, rich in experience. Many successful business people share that many million dollar ideas emerge from their travels. Go to richer countries to learn the quintessence there. Come to developed people to perceive the most valuable.

    The poor are always afraid to go. Because they are afraid of losing money. They always want to save money, minimize costs. They live alone in the house and only know how to go to work every day and come home at night. But they did not know that it was that way of life that made them poorer every day. Because a monotonous life never makes them rich.

    Habit # 7: See the strengths of others

    If the poor people often gather five or three people speak ill of others. The rich look at the good sides and strengths of each person to help them develop and create more value for the company and the market. Sometimes, defaming others also excites the poor. They spend their free time wandering around.

    The rich understand that, to be successful, it is certain that the team needs to work together. And they need to help people maximize their potential, get work done. They also understand that defaming others is not helping to get richer. While each has their own strengths to take advantage of.


    If the poor meet someone who is quiet. They are ready to let go of bad words that: "This child lives without getting along with others. This is broken. How can I do the job?". But the rich see that strength and arrange for them to work that requires high concentration, sit and study for many hours.

    When the poor meet a person who talks a lot, they say: "This child is ungrateful, not close, but as if he is very close, he will talk badly about others. Stop it." But the rich look to that strength to arrange for them communication tasks such as receiving guests, receiving partners, diplomacy or organizing events.

    The rich also understand that, defaming each other only makes the internal chaos, making the company unable to grow. They are tolerant, see the strengths of others and encourage them to promote them. So please change your perspective to have more quality relationships for yourself!

    Thank you for listening to the above sharing of Phuc Finance today. Change habits, Change fate. As long as you are determined to change who you are, success will come. No one is born talented, it's all through practice.

    In your free time, remember to click on the website: moneycoach.vn to read useful information to help you grow more brilliantly!

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