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  • 7 key mindsets for successful personal financial management to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic - Part 1

    7 key mindsets for successful personal financial management to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic - Part 1

    Hello. Countless people are burying themselves in financial holes. Covit-19 is a financial cancer that is spreading exhaustion fears for all of mankind. Everything will be more and more difficult. The situation of the economy will be more and more realistic. Now, instead of dreaming of being rich, more than anyone else, each person needs to strictly manage their personal finances. That is extremely urgent. Let Phuc Finance review 7 key thoughts to successfully manage your personal finances to overcome this Covid 19 Translation belt!

    Thought # 1: Don't eat up what you already have!
    The personal financial management war is a war with yourself. Even if the teacher is the best person in the world, imparts the best knowledge to you, and guides you through the most practical things. But if you don't take action, don't let go of bad financial habits on your own. Well, nothing has changed.


    Even now I share these things with you, but if you just read them, no discipline applies, nothing will change in your life. Let me review some of these questions:

    How many times have you clicked your tongue to buy a hammer, even if you have a hundred things to spend?
    How many times, even though you are wondering, but you still borrow money to spend and then tell yourself that, in the future, you will earn money and pay off what you spend today?
    How many times, do you know that this expense is redundant and unreasonable, but because of your dignity you are still strong, and then go home, when you are alone, your worries about money come, swallowing peaceful days?
    Well, financial management is your own battle with your own worst habits, your own lowest thoughts.

    The first thing you have to set up a new mindset is: Don't eat up everything you already have! If not, then stop. I don't have money, but I also demand that. Don't pamper yourself like that. One is that you suffer the pain of discipline. Second, you have to endure the pain of regret. And the cost is always hurting many times the pain of discipline.

    Let's start right away with accumulation. And aim to at least accumulate 10 times your current salary and wages each month. The more money you accumulate, the more you will be enhanced, in lifestyle, thinking and behavior. Will be much more luxurious!

    Thought # 2: Don't count crabs in the hole to spend!
    Quite a lot of people if I do not want to say that quite a lot of people keep doing the math, probably in the future we will have a lot of money, surely this dish will be profitable, this investment will probably eat a lot. So what do you think? Just calculate like that, there is a day to go out. Are you?

    The dream is in the mind. And money is to hold in hand. That must be a hit.

    Never charge in the air and then spend.

    Money goes hand in hand with real numbers. No optimism or illusion is allowed here. Right there!

    Thought No. 3: Don't put your hands on spending money in the future!
    This is popular with this. The day before, I had an old lover. And the concept of this guy's house, building a house for 1 year pays three years. What a rhyme, but I can't remember. This lover was also a long time ago, when his salary was only about 8 million, he probably had to eat 3 million to earn 3 million. Yet, I went to build a house of 300, 400 million, and left the table to paint and hang a beautiful hood. Real vl! Of course it is still the matter of their family, but indeed I cannot reconcile this thinking. Of course, it was not in harmony with the mind so everyone went after only 2 months.

    Actually, there are countless people out there that are like that. And I pray you don't get involved in this water-selling mindset. Very dangerous. Just keep awake, 2 years, 3 years from the same day, equal to the day so today will be spent.

    Oh, weird?

    You need to understand that future money has a job to spend in the future. If taking all the money in the future serves the present desire, what will the future spend? not to mention what happened. But as time goes by, for an individual and a family, the cost will only increase. As small members are born and the elderly will increasingly need more expenses for medicines and medical treatment.

    So let's ask what to spend in the present, what will the future use to spend.

    Rather: the present accumulates money for the future. Then this consumes all future money for the present. It is just giving up. If you have read this line, then together with you and I pledge to let go of this stupid and greedy mindset!

    Thought No. 4: Stay away from borrowing money!
    Absolutely not get involved in debt. Borrowing is not just about work, you lack of money to borrow temporarily. It's also dangerous to sow the seeds of harm to your financial future. Instead of something happening, thinking of ways to increase sales, sell more goods, make more money, work harder, smarter, ... then rely on yourself, just think about lowering yourself in debt. It makes the mind slow, lazy to think and the limbs shrink.

    When I was a student, when I was a freshman, I got into a lot of debt. Just spin around in the loan repayment cycle. Acknowledging something happened, it is easiest to think about debt. Just text a sweet message and promise to have some money. But my temperament was greatly reduced. Every time you deal with the way of borrowing, you will be lower and lower.

    And making money is quite the opposite. Think about how to optimize your income stream, create new sources of income, and think about how to make more money. This makes you bigger in the process of making more money! Thus, every time you need money, you become bigger, your mettle is still preserved, even much more increased.

    To get richer, you have to choose the harder things to do!

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