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  • 7 key mindsets for successful personal financial management to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic - Part 2

    7 key mindsets for successful personal financial management to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic - Part 2

    In part one, Phuc Finance shared four quarters of money management. In this second part let's focus on making more money. Because, everything is only resolved when you make more and more money. Never mind. Let's go!

    Thought # 5: Optimize your current income stream
    Be the best at what you're doing. Can you do better? Is there anything you still do not know? What do you need to do to be the best in that field? You lack the skills to achieve the highest level of income.

    To make more money, the easiest way is always to increase current income. You have to direct yourself to be the best in a field, then you can bounce back, to have a lot of money. If you are a gentle village, it is difficult to have a high income.

    Did you know that: the world will only honor and remember the number one and will immediately forget the number two? So you have to be the best at something. Like myself, I have a lot of skills and knowledge from overseas marketing, finance, accounting, customer care, sales, ... However, I have a strong point that I am confident. claiming that I am the best is Marketing abroad, and even better is writing about finance. Because the financial industry is extremely difficult and complicated, but I have the ability to make those things close under the extremely sharp pen. So when I work on overseas marketing and I am sharing my financial knowledge here.

    Regarding marketing abroad, there are companies that pay me 19 million / month and want me to cooperate with them. As for writing about finance, you will probably feel it for yourself. Right? hi hi. And many more good articles later on. Stay tuned in moneycoach.vn for updates!

    So to make more income, you need to know who you are, what your strengths are and dig into it. After all, everyone wants to pay to buy the best. And you must be the best you have the opportunity to make a lot of money.

    What about business people and business owners? It is the same thing. It is imperative that you find the point where your business system or company does the best in the market. Remember: Be the best. Then you hope to have the opportunity to have a foothold in the market and in the hearts of customers.

    It's not that hard either. Just a strong point. As I heard, Bruce has the fastest punch in the world. So is your company. It could be: the company with the best customer service, the company with the best product, the company with the best warranty, the company with the most valuable website, ... For this part, you have to do your best to use it. cold head to find strong points. Chư Phúc saw that there were many business owners who kept singing their mother to compliment well. That has never been the right branding.

    Because there aren't any perfect companies. An entire system, a machine, a process, ... will always have flaws. Like myself, too, I run a system to share financial knowledge, taking charge of: website, facebook system, youutbe, email marketing, design, video, customer care, book submission, ... .many stitches like that are inevitable, and not all are strong. But a lot of brothers and sisters and friends bought their beloved books because, when consulted, they were enthusiastic advice and support for them to do new things.

    The two strengths that I focus on in this book system are: sharing writing and customer support. And I confidently confirm that these two points cannot be surpassed in the market. Therefore, I focus on promoting and exploiting them to make these two strong points stronger and stronger!

    As for doing Marketing abroad, what I am most powerful is the sincere strategic advice for business owners or superiors. What is appropriate, what is not, when to go forward, when to back and reinforce the apparatus, to avoid burning money. I take on how much I propose to equal that salary. Do not extort money, block money or make false statements. Especially, I always have a Marketing Team ready to work. Recruiting is difficult, recruiting people to do the job is even more difficult, reducing the effort of training and getting to work is always what everyone wants.

    You need to know who you are, what strengths to bring to the salary negotiation table. Everyone is willing to pay people who bring high value to their company.

    You also need to know how your company is located, what high value offers to customers to price products or services to customers. Customers are always willing to spend money to get higher value for their money.


    First: Have to find your best friend's strengths to cultivate it strong, then it's time to explode on the salary negotiation table. Can not find anyone as capable as you.

    Second: Must find the strengths of the company and turn it into the core tactic to conquer customers. Customers cannot find any place for them those company things.

    Every time someone tells me: Why don't you search the internet for 101 things to write about money? I laughed again and said: Yes, because this is a book I wrote :)) Not only that, this book is 700 pages thick and incorporates a 101-day financial training course and 70 videos of in-depth sharing. finance too! Will not find anywhere.

    Create things that customers cannot find anywhere. Because, no matter how many people in the world, how many talents this country has, there is only one person who is you. Find out what is best about yourself!

    Thought # 6: Explore new sources of income. Especially the revenue source can work remotely
    There isn't anyone rich, but only one source of income. Even the rich they have thousands, millions of sources of income.

    Ordinary people like money, like a lot of money. And those who understand money, finance, assets, they will build and accumulate sources of income.

    If someone gave me a choice of a pile of money and an income stream valued by that money, I would definitely choose the source of income.

    Or you can see the husband and wife of Trung Nguyen coffee king, fighting smoke at media fronts and in court to compete for shares of the company. The wife does not need money, what she struggles with is the source of the income, that is the money printing machine.

    So don't accumulate money, build and accumulate sources of income.

    Do not think like making money, think like creating sources of income.

    The strategies are very important.

    Maybe you are young, you do not have anything in hand, but just go in the right direction, will definitely get to your destination, and the more and more the economy and the finances will improve. Identify a mindset that generates multiple sources of income.

    So how to generate income?

    In order to have an additional source of income, many people say that by finding more jobs, cooperating with more jobs or selling goods, doing business or starting a business. Success or failure is still in your power.

    Here, I want to go into the best direction that I want to share with you, is to create your product and find a way to build it into your own brand. That is always the best direction.

    As for me, when I share this, there are a lot of "gods" that tell me that I am delusional, and then comment curses like singing well. That also means, there are a large number of people who do not believe can create their own products. Perhaps Vietnam's culture of copying or hacking has been in existence for a long time.

    But to this day, we, about completely more knowledge than other countries, so why let our thoughts stop ourselves without creating new products!

    Indeed, in the beginning, when I wrote the book myself, I struggled a long time. Any thought anyone read it? Which one is positive? Which is to think or to import other books to sell quickly ???

    But as I have shared my story many times, the reincarnation of the fourth year I went to sell other people's books, very hard, and I found myself working as a hired employee for book writers and companies print that book, not for yourself. Therefore, when I am doing the book again now, I boldly write the book myself. And the warm reception of everyone made me really surprised, ...

    Turns out, the problem lies in thinking alone sir. It all lies in thinking. We can hardly overcome our thinking. So let go of the old mindset to do new things. Very good friend.

    To create your product, you don't have to be all at it, there's always someone willing to design it with you. As I am about to publish a set of financial education books for my children, to present the first son of Mr. Thanh - my biological brother. I just need financial knowledge and knowledge of teaching children, the rest of the drawing has a bachelor of economics for me.

    You too. If you don't need to be a good tailor to brand your clothes. There are always a lot of people willing to do it. Your job here is to find them, collaborate, create your best product. And find a way to bring that product to those in need.

    Go towards creating your product. There will be many things waiting for you. And if you want to talk more about this idea with Phuc, click to register for a consultation here.

    Thinking No. 7: Only invest when you have knowledge. And only invest heavily when tested effectively
    Countless people make money. Done having a good amount of money to start investing eagerly. However, after that, it disappeared.

    The extremely wrong things that make countless people decide to invest are: listen to others, read the news, see others telling each other that this investment is delicious, so you dive in. Very dangerous. Warm up all the talking!

    Investment is based on numbers. Never believe human words, especially investment. Let's look at the numbers. That number must be found and calculated by yourself, not through the stir-fried hands of others.

    The day before, there was a brother of mine, in his forties, in his forties, when foolishness had passed through countless numbers, when depression was over people, and innocence eroded. all over the pocket. He bit his teeth and told me: Never believe anyone.

    You are only allowed to invest after calculating the numbers. And really understood. The understanding here is 10,000 hours. Like there was only one book deal. which I have been studying for 8 years. Here you keep listening for a few days, going to a few seminars, listening to each other and thinking that the wealth is about to arrive. Really do not understand what to think!

    Usually, we have investment funds, which is 10% of monthly income. Each investment only invests 30% in this fund. Absolutely not all hands. Then, if you want to invest more, you must test how effective it is. Five years ago, when I was a 22-year-old student, I used to run an Online book business and succeeded. It is also a stepping stone for me to consider investing in this 27-year-old book segment.

    I see you guys, three days investing in an array, today in stocks, bitcoin tomorrow, day after day this project, that project. That is not called investment, but speculation is true. You watch young Mark Zuckerberg focus on investing in Facebook, then Bill Gates specializes in Micro soft skill all his life. And Warren was at the top of the stock market. He played from 10 years old until his hair turned gray. Not like, now people shout this, you go with that, the day after tomorrow they praise it and you put all the money in it.

    There must be thorough research and effective testing many times to see if it is hard.

    Keeping money is harder and making money because of it!

    Never get out of breath and end up throwing like that through the window.

    Never before has the pandemic Covid been making very difficult money for many industries. Be smart and careful with each of your coins!

    You should read the book 101 Things to Know About Money. Will show you, step by step, what to do with each of your coins. Please order by texting here.

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