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  • 9 Differential Work Habits Between Rich and Poor - Part 1

    9 Differential Work Habits Between Rich and Poor - Part 1

    Not only in thinking, but the rich and the poor also have completely different actions at work. You cannot be rich, have financial control if you act like a poor person. Let's revamp your way of doing things by finding out about 9 different work habits between rich and poor right now.

    Habit # 1: Act now

    The poor always give reasons for procrastination. They always have reasons to justify being poor. You may find many people saying they are tired of their current jobs, want to quit their jobs, but they don't act. They kept burying themselves there, enduring and complaining day after day, month after month, even year after year. You will also encounter, many people say they want to invest in a business to earn more income, but they are reluctant to do so. That said wait. Wait more free. Wait for the big one. Wait for the chance. et cetera. But in the end they still don't. They live frugally with their current salary.

    Rich people have completely different life habits. Their motto is always Act defying. Regardless of the reason. Regardless of circumstances. Regardless of the feelings. So they may not have money on hand and still make money.

    Act like a rich man. If you are going to sell. Sell ​​it today. If you want to learn something more. Learn today. If you want to quit your job, find new opportunities right away. Nothing will change until you take action.

    Habit # 2: See the strengths of others

    If the poor people often gather five or three people speak ill of others. The rich look at the good sides and strengths of each person to help them develop and create more value for the company and the market. Sometimes, defaming others also excites the poor. They spend their free time wandering around.

    The rich understand that, to be successful, it is certain that the team needs to work together. And they need to help people maximize their potential, get work done. They also understand that defaming others is not helping to get richer. While each has their own strengths to take advantage of.

    If the poor meet someone who is quiet. They are ready to let go of bad words that: "This child is not sociable, does not associate with others. This is broken. How can I do the job?". But the rich see that strength and arrange for them to work that requires high concentration, sit and study for many hours.

    When the poor meet a person who talks a lot, they say: "This child is ungrateful, not close, but as if he is very close, he will talk badly to others. But the rich look to that strength to arrange for them communication tasks such as receiving guests, receiving partners, diplomacy or organizing events.

    The rich also understand that, defaming each other only makes the internal opaque, making the company unable to grow. They are tolerant, see the strengths of others and encourage them to promote them. So please change your perspective to have yourself more quality relationships.

    Habit # 3: Make time for valuable treatment

    Do you know why at the same time 24 hours a day, people are very rich and people are extremely poor. The key here is that the rich choose to do things of high value.

    Do you see a lot of people feigning in the office to make copies of papers, then run out to drink tea, talk a few stories, smoke a few cigarettes, and end the day?

    Have you seen a lot of time spent making hopeless and fruitless phone calls to customers?

    Poor people spend their time on useless and low value things. The rich they choose the hard work to do. If you only need to do your own thing, they have to take care of hundreds of people. If you are typing away the paragraph over and over, they are writing valuable books. If you are making phone calls as time goes by, they are negotiating contracting several hundred million even a few billion. If you choose to sell goods with 100 thousand profit, they choose to sell cars with tens of millions of profit.

    Take time to work hard, work of high value. Develop yourself taller to be able to do bigger things. Then the automatic money will come.

    Habit # 4: Create jobs for others

    If the poor and middle-class go to find jobs, the rich create jobs for others, they hire people to work for them.

    You should practice this habit immediately by knowing if there is a good job to know to share with others. If you are busy, don't take it all, hire someone to work for you and pay a portion of the pay for them. You have more time to find other jobs to increase your income. That is the easiest step for you to start your small start-up company.

    For example: You hire a student parttime salary 3 million a month to do simple jobs that take you a lot of time. Surely this method makes your income increase quickly. Try it now! You also have a chance to learn employee recruitment and management skills.

    Habit # 5: Always learn and grow

    The hallmark of poor people is that they often say: I know. And the rich always tell themselves that learning is never enough. The rich are getting better each day. And the poor are still the same year after year. Still repeating the same old tasks every day. They don't change. So their salaries are still the same.

    Rich people know how much money they make and keep depends on their own understanding. So they always improve their knowledge, renew themselves and catch up with the times.

    Many people can not get a job, turn to blame their teachers, blame the school, and blame the company. But the only person to blame is themselves.

    Society will always develop and change very quickly. You are good today, but tomorrow you are not sure you will come back. Like so many traditional companies that have to refine their business models over the internet or else they will be out of the game. There are hundreds of thousands of businesses going bankrupt each year that testify to the results of refusing to change.

    You absolutely can do it when you start learning from today. Instead of spending time surfing the web reading tasteless articles, watching the news kill time. Read, learn a new language. Spend time socializing with successful people and learning from them. Get more part time work to add stumbling and experience.

    No one will help you except yourself. And if you do not change, it will be the same, the salary remains the same, but you will face increasing costs, increasing job competition. Fish

    My friend. Life is an ever-evolving series of journeys. Every morning, the leopard must run faster than the antelope to hunt, and the antelope must also run faster than the leopard in search of life. Those who follow will not receive much.

    You can see the rich and see them happy, but hidden behind it is a series of days of effort, effort, and difficulties and competition pressure no one knows. They are even a thousand times busier than you. According to statistics, the poor are mostly lazy people. So let's get into action today. Strive for a better future. Success is always in your hands.

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