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  • 9 Differential Work Habits Between Rich and Poor - Part 2

    9 Differential Work Habits Between Rich and Poor - Part 2

    Welcome back to moneycoach.vn and continue your journey to find valuable lessons and experiences to achieve sustainable success. Phuc Finance believes you also agree that: Success cannot come in a day or two. It requires both non-stop learning and working. If someone tells you to have a get-rich-quick recipe, they are probably trying to sell you something or lure you into pouring money somewhere. Sustainable enrichment always goes from learning to develop for yourself to every day and bringing values ​​to the community. Now, you must be very eager to come to part 2 of 9 different work habits between rich and poor to discover more useful knowledge, right? So let's get started now!

    Habit 6: Appreciate yourself

    The truth is, the person we communicate with the most is ourselves. Therefore, what we think and say to ourselves is very important, what it will make us become and what we can do.

    The poor always torture them with feelings such as low self-esteem, torment or regret for what they have done. They spend hours and days living with past sufferings and forgetting the present and the future.

    The rich have completely different habits. They love, cherish and always encourage themselves. If they do it wrong they will remind themselves to do better next time. They know that the past cannot be fixed, so they focus on improving the current situation for a better future. The rich always feel they deserve the best. So they are willing to quit bad jobs, let go of bad relationships. But the poor do not accept.

    Instead of thinking of yourself as bad, encourage yourself to change. Instead of blaming the wrong thing, tell yourself you will do it right next time. Instead of enduring, act forcefully. Never allow other people the opportunity to overwhelm you, kick you in tea. And never allow yourself to let that happen. Appreciating yourself is the first step in becoming rich.

    Never say things like: This is too expensive for me to buy. I'm so bad. I can't do anything right. I cannot be happy and rich, ... Instead, always tell myself: Be bold, I can do it. I will definitely succeed. I deserve to be happy. I deserve to be loved. I deserve respect in my work and in life. Next time I will do better. Fighting, I will definitely be rewarded. I am a wonderful person.

    Self-esteem is also shown in the way you take opportunities. The rich are always confidently embracing when the opportunity comes. They are willing to embrace something bigger than they are doing. Then learn, find ways to accomplish the best quality. But the poor are afraid of opportunities, they are not confident in themselves, they are afraid of failure, so they cannot increase their money.

    From now on, when any opportunity comes, take it boldly to change your present life. What do not know, learn to cultivate later. The opportunity to come is right for you, just whether you are willing to change yourself to grasp it or not.

    Habit 7: Always be full of energy

    The rich always ensure a healthy body and always full of exciting energy. If a poor man crawls out of bed with a weak, tired body and doesn't know what to do. The rich always get up early, usually 5am to breathe fresh air, and prepare the highest spirit of excitement to get to work.

    There is not a genius mind in a weak body. The rich pay great attention to diet and exercise to keep the body healthy. The poor use their health in exchange for money. There are people who bury their feet 14, 16 hours a day at work, who want to work at night and stay up late at night. They think that will make more money, but that only makes the efficiency less and less effective. The rich never sell their health for money. But they use the intelligence, expertise, and creativity to create many rich ideas and working methods.

    Take care of your body today. Do not lie down all day or crouch in the phone or computer. Don't sell your health for money either. Train to have the healthiest, most energetic body to attract good people.

    Especially don't bring a sad face to the workplace. That only makes you forever poor. Always be cheerful, radiant, confident and smile. That way, new people want to work with you and new opportunities come to you even more. The truth is, no one will give a big deal to someone who is sad and looking bored all the time. You also agree with that right. So every time you go out, dress in the most professional and energetic way to create more wealth for yourself every day.

    Phuc Finance advises you if you have the opportunity to embrace the moments of watching the rich work. Surely you will understand why they are rich, and why you still do not have enough money on hand. There are business owners who have just returned from the airport to the office, while resting they read books to relax their bodies and then go into the next meeting. They are still smiling, courageous. It seems like it's impossible to see their weary looks in the company.

    Habit 8: Take control of everything

    The rich never expect and depend on others. They are always proactive in everything. They never let their success be held by others. Their money, they control. Their job, they control. Their investments, they control. You will be clearer through the practical examples below:

    - The poor save money and put it in the bank. They did not control it, but left it to the bank for management. Even though money is devalued, they do not think about withdrawing to buy other assets.

    - Many people invest only on the advice of others without doing careful research. So many people lose their fortune just because they poured into bitcoin.

    - The poor have only one source of income while the rich have many sources of income. They are not dependent on any job. For the poor, the unemployment is always a lurking danger.

    - They don't have reserves for problems such as illness, retirement money, unemployment reserve, ... but are always passive in situations.

    Habit 9: Always willing to work hard

    If you haven't done what you love, love what you do. That is the beautiful way of thinking of people who are searching for success. Before someone can do the job they love they go through the process of doing other jobs. Therefore, never hate the work you are doing, but always be willing to do your best.

    Which job comes to you is meant to help you learn and accumulate more experience. Never criticize work without doing because the great is made of the smallest. The more you experience, the higher your understanding.

    When you're young. Don't just do the familiar things. But willing to do whatever job is assigned. Only then can the promotion come quickly.

    So, together we have secretly unlocked 9 different work habits between the rich and the poor. The time has come for you to apply these 9 golden keys to your life to gain mastery of your finances.

    And Phuc Finance is here to help. If you have any doubts, please message inbox for Phuc Finance at the facebook link attached below the description of this article. And often visit the website moneycoach.vn to receive new articles as soon as possible! There are many useful things waiting for you. Goodbye and see you again.

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