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  • Absolutely never say your money - financial education

    Absolutely never say your money - financial education

    On the internet, sometimes I see guys going to claim to groups: 400 million, where should I invest? We have 1 billion then what to do. I don't know if any of these guys have real money. But I don't think they have one. Because people with money never go out like that. Some people, after years of working as a podium with money, started to show off everywhere. And they do not know that, for money, they just show it off. Not one way, the other. Money, success. As tight as possible. Don't let anyone know how much you have to be good at.

    Up to now, the people around me, who know me through the name Phuc, still don't know what I do, they never know I am a financial brand and are known by many people, they also never know what I do. know i write books. And those who know me through this brand Phuc Finance, do not know, apart from these things I do. Those who know me through the name Phuc Marketing do not know my life in the name Phuc and my life in the name Phuc Finance, and under other names. I can say my life is mysterious, no one knows who I really am, except myself.
    It would be troublesome to let others know what we do, because our thinking is different. There were a lot of people who used to pull me back just to say things like don't do this, don't do that, just do those things with them. So at least in order to avoid wasting time going on with stories nowhere, I never tell anyone else what I do. And of course, when returning home, I met people who asked verbal questions such as: What are you doing, how much money are you making a month. I just laughed except keeping my social relationship, but couldn't tell them: why are you asking ungainly questions.
    During 8 years of ups and downs, life has taught me to be quiet and do it, and it's best not to tell anyone the exact financial numbers and my work. You can see, even in this moneycoach.vn system, no one can know my exact number. On facebook, on my facebook, there are only a few dozen likes, a few hundred likes are the same, I cannot rate this as a celebrity. So if anyone looks, it will be ignored because it is too trivial. In this Vietnamese society, being ignored is very troublesome. All business numbers must say that most of them are misleading numbers. There are always two copies, a real financial report, and a financial report that is open to all parties. When working for a long time, people are no different from walking in a quiet, thorny forest, having to be very careful every step of the way, not the type of moss.

    Note # 1: It is known that you have money that you will eventually lose.
    Did you know that usually the banks and the insurers work together. Because when you transact money, you save money, the bank will know how much your money is. From there, see who has money, then give information to the insurer to meet and access. Even the insurer sits directly at the bank and has access to it. Everybody knows you have money, sales teams from all over the world will reach out. One is that you will be bothered, lost time, even very frustrated when you are on the circuit, you will be cut off by the sales pitch, the other is that if you are a weak person, you will be killed by the shopkeeper, and no. spend money again, instead of creating assets.
    Especially, for Vietnamese people, honestly, whoever knows you have money, they jump in to borrow. Especially, when some brothers see others with money, they claim to be close brothers, when they met a few years well a few years. I was also like that, once someone suddenly jumped in and said: You lent me 100 million. I kept in amazement. After all, the money we accumulate, especially when we are young, at the age of 23, 24, 25, 26. It is also the moment of birth, learn from the lowest, is During the most tired period, the hard work is done, every penny earned is very precious, so much hard work. Yet others asked leisurely. Of course those I have been indebted to, I am willing to pay. But indeed there are relationships, when I was in trouble, I couldn't see my face, until it was easy to see someone else's hundreds of millions.
    There are also many close sisters of mine confided that, even young people go to make money, accumulate a little capital. Because of the youth, many people spend money to get nothing. These people save to accumulate money, get married, get a bit of capital, and even take care of their newborn babies when they can't work yet. The husband's family members kept asking for loans, they couldn't give loans for long, they still got angry. Actually, I sometimes cannot understand, but also refuse to understand.

    So it must be very tight. My money still has a hundred things to take care of my life. It is impossible to make money for others to spend, except that people are voluntary. As for myself, when I was young, I made money and gave it all to others to borrow. Short loans are okay, loans long 2.3 years, then I, even my youth, is the time we take money to invest, go business to develop ourselves. So I pointed out to exactly one brother when I was a student I used to stay at his house, when I had a failed start-up, he extended his hand to help. The rest came home from work and gave gifts of a piece of cake to the elderly in my beloved hometown. The rest of our youth is when our money has a lot of work to do. Through youth and youth, hugging a few children in, saying so, the money spent is not as strong as when I was single. Money is inherently confidential. It's troublesome to get out even if it's not lost At least quiet to do business. Do you agree with Phuc Finance?

    Note # 2: The simpler the better, the better you don't get
    That is why people have a saying: What you cannot see controls the world, and what you cannot see has more power than what you see. For example, electricity, electricity is invisible but enough to make people feel in seconds. So is life, really rich things, powerful groups of people who will always hide and stand behind. Like myself here, I open this website moneycoach.vn because I want to share financial knowledge, and I am still young, so I want to show off more to connect, but when I get older, it is not sure. As for the other business systems, I'm sure I hide myself.
    Have you ever heard Mr. Donal Trump talk about underground groups? The richest people in the world are not the men on the Forbes list, not Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, but the people they have hidden away for easy control. They even deliberately tossed the other men on so that others would not pay attention to them.
    I meet a lot of longtime business owners, they all hide themselves. They even hire others to document some companies for them. Previously I had 3 bosses. 2 bosses above and 1 boss above me. All three of them work for the corporation, and the two big bosses keep the little boss in the names of the backyard companies, making this little boss evade all the time. Or even in a work case, the boss above wanted to send me to sign an advance note for him. The more old people, the more deeply they want to hide, not show.
    You guys keep showing me a lot of money, I'm rich, I'm going to become a million dollars and you're still a kid. Even this moneycoach.vn page, I only say financial knowledge, but playing clowns touches on how much money I have, or exhale any rich sentence I am here. Dangerous. If you cry out too much money, you will be ignored. One of the reasons why I make the web, also because, the real number will not be understood by anyone. No one knows whether my web is small or growing. That is why I focus on building the web, bringing all the customers to the web, not focusing too much on building a facebook channel for thousands of likes, because the facebook channel is big, who is famous easily. They look at the views, like, share, and then watch.
    Who is watching, not the jealous friends, or the antifan people who enter comments say some negative things. It is the people in power, and if you have any loopholes it will easily take your money. So the more you hide the better. I myself is nothing at all. But the lessons in the past, and also taught by many friends in the world, told stories, and even my failed start-ups, of my companies made me understand that. . To me, forever a more intimate stalker. I just want a simple business life and help people have real financial knowledge. Avoid getting swept up in a group of people all day cheering to put money in this place to invest and get rich, then travel now, showing wealth from far away. Hopefully, the fact that I come up and share like this can help many Vietnamese people to have more knowledge, avoid losing money injustice, or follow people who shout empty.

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