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  • Absolutely not get involved in debt! Broken mouth - Financial education

    Absolutely not get involved in debt! Broken mouth - Financial education

    Many people see borrowing as a way to solve the problem. And they do not consider making more money a way to solve the problem. The problem is that they only think of borrowing, end up living forever as a debtor, those at the bottom, under the control of others. Absolutely do not get involved in a loan, break your mouth! Let's join Phuc Finance to understand the harmful effects of debt right below.

    Remember number 1: Lack of money has to change who you are
    Borrowing debt has never been the way to solve the problem, it even made the problem worse. Have you seen people who borrow more money, the deeper they go into debt? If borrowing was the way, wouldn't they have to pay more? Right. Borrowing only makes the situation worse, because then you do not think, do nothing, you rely on debt. It makes you weak, and you are shackled in debt, you just like to have money to eat first, then make money back to make money. It's pathetic.

    Borrowing debt is never the way to solve the problem. The point is to change who you are. Instead of taking out a loan, consider the following issues for yourself:

    - First: Consumption habits, whether you have well managed spending. There are many people who are in debt but continue to engage in installment payments, and then go shopping, many times when they buy, they are not used. Whenever you run out of money, you have to stop unnecessary spending, don't hang around on websites and buy products, focus your attention on making money. The time spent searching for things to buy, spending hours and making money is better.

    - Second: The ability to make money, see if you have made money to the best of your ability or not. Find out how you can make more money, focus on it, not the slightest bit of thinking about debt. Very weak.

    Remember number 2: Debt gives you money in the short term, but robs you of lots of things
    You go on experiencing it, the borrower is not like that. Debt will gradually shrink them, not just a career story but even a love affair. A person who owes 200 million to flirting is different from someone who has 200 million flirting with. Take such a simple example. No matter how much you negotiate about work, your usual behavior. If a person owes 200 million, how can they be able to turn on their boss, they have to listen to the wrong things about nonsense, but someone with 200 million they is ready to give their opinion, if they are forced, they are ready to think about work. next brighter.

    One of the ways to improve your life is to have a little temper. This aura shows that you will feel, you are confident, generous, generous, you are not afraid, confused, you will play according to your opinion, you will not agree, then you next. You are always in control of the game and looking for the best in your life. People who don't have the temperament are just the opposite, endure, be patient, fear change, dare not speak up, fear offend others, live their lives unexpectedly, but for fear of losing money, fear of having no money. debt repayment should suffer like that.

    Borrowing will rob you of your temperament, a precious sword for you to conquer in search of your own money and happiness. Lack of money, please do your best to make money, there are always many ways to make money around you, find more things to sell, small profits and big profits, small increments, diligence, diligence for change. Don't bump into a loan that leaves you with no door and face up. It's all about your thinking and your choices.

    Many people use the excuse: the rich also borrowed, and their businesses also borrowed, however, the rich people do not borrow, but they use other people's money to create assets for them. they, they will be the creditors. After that experience, then speak, not dreaming, listening to one person, listening to the other, but in the end you become a debt. Loss of morale.

    Lack of money, go ahead. There are countless ways to make money around you. You are simply being blinded by the thinking of debt. Put aside the idea of ​​getting a loan, and find a way to make money. Wishing you a lot of courage and courage to overcome them. After this experience, you will certainly be a lot more stable, not weak and stick to debt.

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