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  • Analysis of investment opportunities: money, gold, virtual money, land, ... Financial education

    Analysis of investment opportunities: money, gold, virtual money, land, ... Financial education

    I swear that no man has read or heard this expensive analysis. It's raw, it's real and it's cool. Take a sip of iced tea with Phuc Finance and we will discuss the hottest topics today: Analysis of investment opportunities: money, gold, virtual money, land, ... okay! Let's go!

    1. Chattering about Virtual Money
    The essence of "Trends" is just the rules of the game launched by other people to be Marketing with sweet words. You follow, invest in it, spend money on it is still rich for other guys after all. Then, when it comes time, what you want to break out, is nothing but a coal flickering into someone else's hand. Vietnamese people destroyed each other again. Please follow your own path. Create value. Create your own rules.

    I see many people clapping Xu's chest, shouting to follow the rich. Damn it. As long as you are doing business on other people's products, as long as you put money into products created by others. So far, you are still a hired worker, making others rich. Don't think about financial freedom.

    And why do you lose money. You are just participating in the rules of the game that are not owned by you, participating in the game, even if you do not understand the rules of the game. How many times will the bubble burst, the stock bubble, the real estate bubble, the Bitcoin bubble. Then comes the time to come to the scene selling off a piece of trash that has been called a trend. Then this coal burn the Vietnamese poured from one hand to another.

    Do not expect to be rich while you are donating money to someone else. Use money to buy something other guy created. There is never a trend of worthlessness. Only ignorance and greed. Do not get rich fast, get rich sustainably!

    I am really bored with you guys playing Virtual money, electronic money. Pour money into other people's products and think you're a trend leader. So asking if Vietnamese people lead the trend and are rich, who will lose money to make you rich? By the time the bubble happened, the doctors who sold the system sold off would just throw a coal ball at other Vietnamese hands.

    You obediently paid for the sweat of the work made for another guy, lost a lot of money right in front of your eyes like that, and then you told them to incubate for 20 years, then the fermentation money was gone, how rich? Investments must see capital returns. Capital turnover is fast, many times have not eaten anyone, let alone that 20 years of incubation and wait for riches. Tomorrow I still do not know whether I will be in an accident and then leave, but dare to confirm that I will be rich in 20 years. vl. Then bring the power of the subconscious, so be rich. Thought it was boring. I'm so bored, teacher. There is no knowledge, only being led by some shiny financial traders, and then only one day.

    2. Frustrating about investment
    Honestly, people say "Invest" to give it to the mouth and flaunt others. But there is no investment opportunity that is well known in the market. The kind of shouting to pay money in, or buy something on a large scale, anyone can put money in, it is to pay and lose money, but what to invest. The real investment is that there are few people, the top guys sitting together to discuss, and enough muscle, enough to get into the same construction, make a fortune, and share.

    Honestly, now if my moneycoach.v system, and someone says I want to invest in it, if so, I have to consider and see what that person is like, believe it, what can the ability to contribute support, ... But the kind of shouting that everyone could put money here, it was selling, and the person who put money in at that time was just a pawn to help the people behind the playground become rich. only faster.

    Remember, the nature of investment is extremely difficult. Like you can contribute capital, and then sit at the table with Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong, Vin owner, Mr. Dang Le Nguyen Vu, owner of Trung Nguyen Cafe? Will they let you invest in the same people? The answer is not? Investing is never a game of popularity and spread, anyone can put money in, so it's a sale. Plunge into money, rush to buy goods produced by people and think investment. It's a myth.

    Investing, if you are a late birth, there is no way to be able to participate in real investments like those of the real big Shark, or not have an investment relationship in price startups. because they are not their children, they will not easily give it to you. Then there is only one way, is to build your own business systems, invest in it, give it up to its level. Equal people, like 3 people, 5 people, also know, converge brainpower and money to build a business system together. There is no door for anyone else to enter.

    The core of investing is not money. Like many people who want to cooperate with famous people who already have a community, what they need is not money but the brain, the experience, the community that person already has. Not the type, just put money here. Many people go to buy products such as virtual money, not unlike buying baskets or buying stuff out there, but they are under the illusion of investing. What is widespread on a large scale is not an investment, but a purchase. Be careful.

    3. Frustrated about the price

    If the price is set by someone else, you get caught up in the price game and die. Just see this increase, increase is rush in, it's time for all the money to die, a show off for all of your wallet. I saw many men say: You did not know that this virtual currency increased in value, initially only 1 $ 1 dong, now up to tens of thousands of dollars 1 dong. Those guys were led by them but they thought they could get a good deal. So ask, who sets that price, it is them, the creator of that virtual currency. They set their own prices, they declared themselves. And even if you are seeing this reputable newspaper saying, only an amount of money to buy the article is done. Don't believe what others draw. When we just sit in a corner of Vietnam and update the news on a website, or from someone who benefits from the money you pay.

    Like, you make your own. You tell everyone that it is a trend, spend money to own this item, because tomorrow it will increase in price, you can sell 1000 times more, you become a billionaire easily just now you spend money to buy. Next, in order to attract as many people as possible, they marketed their posts on the Internet with the trick of increasing prices, today they report $ 1, tomorrow they update online, report to $ 5, the day after tomorrow, they Again, they report to $ 10, .... Next, they continue to update their newspapers to $ 10,000. So you guys want to get rich quickly, see a bargain, immediately rush in, put all the money to hope to own, day by day the web, on the internet, see the heart fluttering: Oh the opportunity to get rich is not difficult here it is.

    So the flock of sheep was dragged into the furnace and ran out of hair, plucked all their wallets without knowing. When they feel that the box of delicious sheep has raised their legs and are tied, they start to drop the price down to $ 5,000 for example. So the pile of money immediately evaporated, evaporated wherever, all evaporated into their pockets. As for the reason for the price reduction, there are reasons to suppress public opinion, and avoid being End game, they started to publish articles like, because of Covid translation, the economy was in decline, because he became president, Because there is violence, ... People we hear are also reasonable, so we should wait for the price increase.

    So after reducing the price to $ 5,000, they continue to regain their trust, so they increase the price, just like that, lure new sheep in. The flock of sheep that only need to say "trend" word is that they plunge into it, so easy. The sheep that only need to spend a few million posting a few articles on the Internet that they believe the investment is a bargain, go home and sell the land. The sheep were lazy to work, just waited for the rich opportunity, then listened to each other and brought each other to the shaving oven to hand over all their wallet.

    The things above you will see. The financial markets, the business guys, the dirty finances, will do a lot more. In the past, there were many subprime securities, now virtual money, I really do not know what the future can think of alternative products when virtual money is out of hot here. However, the way is the same, flirting with the same song. Just understand, you will realize by yourself. For even though a wolf has sheep peeling, cow's, and dog's guise, it still keeps a wolf's hunting technique. Sincerely share from Phuc Finance.

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