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  • Analysis of OCCASION: Continuing to work or REMOVING? - 101dieucanbietvetien.gr8.com

    Analysis of OCCASION: Continuing to work or REMOVING? - 101dieucanbietvetien.gr8.com

    When working as a hired laborer, perhaps the time that wastes our time, our minds and our thoughts is the time to keep using it and staying, resting or continuing. Sometimes it robs me of a few months, in a bored, tired, angry, not even wanting to step foot in the company. Should I continue to work for this company or look for a new company, should I continue to work as this one again, or turn out to work for myself, once I let go of everything to live for myself, for my projects. is still often cherished? If you are in this mood, let Phuc Finance troubleshoot with you in this web moneycoach.vn analysis.

    Analysis of employment: If you have decided to quit, then quit
    If you've decided to quit, then quit. Because a job that makes you want to take time off, it's time to really take a break. I used to have a job for 2.5 years, and it took me almost 3 months for a decision to quit. Just use it, inside me, both outside when the boss, then the HR department keep it. After and until now, I always feel sorry for that indecisive time, not only in not making money, but also pushing myself into psychological hell. There are times when he comes to the door but does not want to step into the company, gets depressed in the mood that others judge him, and worry about the road ahead. Later, I discovered that, if anyone wants to quit their job, do not worry about the future deteriorating, but for sure, the future will be better. Will give you new experiences, new interesting things, and certainly many times better than the old place. Your job is to be ready to let go and ready to step forward.


    However, we cannot make a hasty decision either. I don't have any money in hand, next month I don't know what to eat, what to live by, but I can't just rest indiscriminately. So always accumulate for yourself. And always remember: The stability is based on your finances, not on the job. If the job no longer interests you and worries you about it, then it is no longer stable. And when you have accumulated money, in your hand have a few hundred million, then quit your job right now you are always stable. With money in hand, people always have strengths. If you are scared about the future, worried about whether or not you will get a better job in the future? I don't even dare to quit my job, because I'm afraid I can't find a job, then to be honest, if you have 100, 200 million accumulated, you will never have to think about it. There aren't any companies that give you stability, no jobs that give you stability. Stability can only come from knowing how to manage your finances, and how to accumulate money.

    I realized that, at work, money is never as important as our ability. If just for money to stay in one place makes our mood always bored, you cannot develop, our abilities and people are getting more and more imprisoned, then it is best to go to a new place. And if you want to be able to quit any time you want, you definitely need to have accumulated money. The position of people with several hundred million accumulated quit their jobs, it is completely different from that of people who do not have money to quit their jobs, they do not even dare to quit their jobs, just stay there and endure, then go home and talk badly, frustrated, the next day to endure, no different than self-torture. Just have the money accumulated in your hands, the way you live will be immediately different. As for the capable people, the leader also has land to live, even more fertile soil than the old place.

    Signs that you need to quit your old hired job to find a new job
    Here are some signs that you should quit your old hired job to find a new job, a new company. Let's see!

    1. You have been working there for 1-2 years but have not yet been promoted to:
    Find a new company, you have both the same salary as the old place, but also new experiences, new opportunities. It is not uncommon for many longtime employees to move to a new company and get a salary increase.

    2. As you feel, you cannot get to a higher position
    Look for a new company where you can see a higher position if you put in an effort. What you choose today will affect your future 2 or 3 years later. I also made the right choice to get a managerial position. And I also used to quit at the right time, otherwise forever I just stopped as an employee.

    3. You feel unsuitable for your boss
    Everyone wants the employee under him to be a powerful arm to support the work. However, outsourcing is very complicated, when the bosses you meet are also mostly employees, if you are not their employees, it is very difficult for you to get to a higher position, and keep the position. that high. It is very easy for the ropes to block the company's money, when you have a position, you have to hench the boss of the company to cut money out of the company. If you do not suit your boss, you will leave very soon, or if you stay to work, you will not be able to raise your head forever. As for those kids who are willing to be the boss's henchmen, it will be a hit first.

    4. You feel like you have learned nothing more
    It is best to leave as soon as possible. Because financial stability is up to you. If the ability you don't have, just stick to that company, when it kicks you away, you will drown in the middle of the road. Always focus on learning and development above, because that way your salary can increase. Do not for a few coins in the immediate future but cause damage to the future.

    However, don't just leave too soon. If a place still gives you development, just with effort, you have a higher position, it is worth confronting, changing yourself, making people smarter and more brave. A person who takes two or three months off a job, refuses to try, is a little depressed, becomes too weak in the middle of his life. We cannot ask for a dream job. In real life, every job is difficult and challenging. Feeling still fighting, let's just fight.

    Signs that you need to quit your old hired job to go into your own business

    It is normal to quit an old hired job to a new one. However, at a certain point, when you feel that you have enough factors to turn out to do your own, then you should boldly try your own business. Because, in the midst of making money, there will come a time when you have to give up the desire to make money, but instead want to build the things you own, follow your dreams, cultivate what you do. cherishing, not just chasing others, enriching others, helping others fulfill their dreams, building wealth for them. Your wealth is much more important than money. Money is only important when you are 22-25 years old for you to be financially stable. And after the age of 25 onwards, always have to be aware of building your own assets, business system. 20 - 25: Comedy. 25 - 30 Start a career. However, turning out to do separately is not the playground for those who like to show off or rush. You need to prepare your will, money, ability, ... And these are the signs that you are about to turn out to do your own.

    1. You already have the ability to manage your finances
    My own business also needs to manage finance, so three days after running out of money, I will go back to work as a hired laborer. When you work for a hired job, you need to manage your money to have accumulated money and wait for the opportunity to turn out to work on your own. However, once you have turned out to be your own, you need to be able to manage your finances, to know where to spend your money to make a profit, otherwise your business system will die. Some important skills you need such as: Money accumulation skills, money protection skills, skills to spend money on assets, skills to cut costs, skills to spend money, ... If you If you need support, the Coach 101 package you need to know about money will help you.

    2. You already have the ability to Marketing - Sales
    You will not be able to sell if no one knows you, your brand, your product. You definitely need to know Marketing. Because when working as a hired employee, success or failure only lies with you, but when you have worked separately, success or failure lies with you, no one else can be blamed, the failure to sell goods, no business. earn, without any interest, you have to be the one to bear it. Some important skills you need to have such as: Attractive writing skills, presentation skills, video recording skills, photo design skills, skills to operate on social networking platforms such as facebook, youtube,, web ,. .. If you need assistance then the Business Wealth Coach Package can assist you.

    3. You already have the ability to Create Product
    When you go to business, you will find that if you only sell products to others, you are no different from working for them. Doing it a lot, but receiving it is not worth it, the customer sells it once, and then they go to buy goods from other dealers, other sellers of that company. Only your product, your brand, will you earn a worthy profit and make a lasting business. Some skills needed: Skills of other people problem solving, creative skills, ...

    4. You are able to Operate
    Some skills you need such as: Skills to use technology at work, communication skills, behavior, fair living, beautiful, ... for others to want to work with you. But there are those who speak well but are smart from the rest of the world, so no one dares to do business with.

    5. You've Accumulated Money
    If you start a business by selling early, you do not need capital. However, you need to have accumulated money for at least 6 months to live, to wait for the business to grow, and if you have a big fortune, you still have a place to wait for recovery. You calculate how much your life is a month, say 5 million, then at least for the savings to live, you need 30 million. The rest depends on the business model that you have a reasonable business capital accumulation.

    From the above 5 things, as you can see, it is easy to turn it out to work on your own, sometimes if you have money, you can do it separately. However, it is not a simple thing to turn out a successful private job, but quickly and quickly hurry up and finish. You have to constantly learn, improve your abilities and need countless tests. Test selling a product to see how likely you are, how many products can you sell a day, and for how long, ... That's why, there is a new formula, when the pre-production level After working as a private worker, it must be 3 times higher than that of working as a hired laborer, then they must quit a job completely. Because it's not easy to do it yourself to be successful, but also to be successful in the long term. Always calculate and be careful. Of course, a young person with less responsibility will be more comfortable doing his own thing, so Phuc Finance encourages young people to be more aware of this own work, but when it comes time, getting married, getting married, Having children in, after the money you accumulate, less pressure will be more pressure when you are single. As for those who are already married, they are forced to work and work, but not forever working as a coolie for others. Is that right?

    Share with you like this, when I was 19-25, from working part time to working as a hired employee, I always wanted to find someone to follow, to work hard to build a brand for them, to work together. success. A person who always values ​​me, does not betray me, so that what I try to do to make that person rewarded. Then work under boss after boss, building up all personal brands, branding the company for one person after another. Then, one day, when I was betrayed by a boss that I worked for for two and a half years, I realized that the person I've been looking for for a long time is myself. Only by doing it for me, only by building a brand for myself can I not be betrayed and be rewarded, and accompany each other for a long time. And until now, telling me to work as a hired laborer, and then take my paycheck, I cannot do it. So, the person you most deserve to work for is yourself. The person who will always accompany, cherish and never betray you is yourself. The person who pays you the most is yourself. Only yourself. DO IT FOR YOURSELF!

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