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  • Analyze investment plans to avoid sweet scams [Financial Education]

    Analyze investment plans to avoid sweet scams [Financial Education]

    Many brokers recommend investments that are not meant to make you money, but only to make them rich. And they're always ready to paint that investment with their best words. Discussing about true investment to examine investments based on good deals to lure others into money with Phuc Finance. Get started now!

    Your rich dream, must be driven by you. But it was broken if I went to listen to other people. So if you have been, or are going to crash into a predetermined investment that is losing money and you still rush into it, the first person to blame is to blame your best friend, not to spend it cursing people. another scam. Blame yourself first. Why did not know, why did they want to make money, and then blinded by the deals that other people brought to their mouth Success comes from bravery, from effort, from ups and downs, but never from others. If there are no people who like to get rich easily, then the opportunist will not have land to live.

    Analysis # 1: Investing is about risk analysis, not just about opportunity
    You know, when the people who really do invest sit round tables together, what they talk about most is the risks, the risks that need to be faced, and the solutions to how to deal with them. Absolutely never sit complimenting the company, complimenting the boss, or complimenting each other. They also do not sit and gossip, take a selfie, and sell saliva that their investment will become a trend. But they will find a way, come up with a deployment plan, measure and measure their finances, how to make their investment, first to survive, then grow. To be honest, even investing in creating a small business system is busy, working all day, even though the big investment is still busy, there is no time to sit around. It's not rich dreaming. That is to say, the first step to getting rich is to stop thinking about being rich, use your mind to think about the things that create wealth like: How to build brands, research products, then build systems. operation, ... hundred jobs.

    Those who keep dreaming about success, wealth, money often put money into a certain investment, no different than teenage boys and girls, when the money is not yet made, think about a happy marriage. Only experience, their lives give away, when they return to the fact that they need money, lose money, then they turn to tearing up and cursing each other.

    Remember, a true investment is an investment, where people are talking about risks. There is always a subject: market research and risk analysis in large firms. Discussing risks is not negative. The brokers all day shouting out good things to lure others into money will definitely jump up and capture others: "you are a negative, if you want to be rich, you must speak positively". Hey, these are two completely different things. Investing is to analyze risks, do everything you need to have mind, analyze to do or not, and decide to do, how to handle that risk, or what to prepare if risks do come.

    Analysis No. 2: Investment is about risk management, not flooding, still sitting there waiting for rescue
    Hey, the investment brokers say very well. They say: you analyze the above risks, then you are a shy man, you have no guts to participate in venture capital investments. Heard or thanks, hear the description of a venture capital participant like Captain American asked. Then I would like to say: Investors do not matter low risk or high risk, because everything has its price, low risk, less money, high risk more money. However, no matter how little money or a lot of money, whether the risk is low or the risk is high, they can all manage the risk.

    That is, when risks strike, when their investment is taking their money away, when they are gradually losing money to the risk of exhaustion, they always have a way to respond, to improve the situation. and turn things around. Not the kind of guy who invests, the lost money just sits there holding his pillow, waiting, and watching each of his coins evaporate. Because they have put money in places where capital is not to be invested, what investments do not have power at all, even the right to handle risk does not have. Yet it is called star investment. That is called offering money to others.

    Analysis 3: Investing is a place for number dissection, not a place for sample sentences of praise

    People who sit and talk well, speak well, use beautiful language like describing a scene, to talk about an investment. No no. This is not a contest of describing texts and scenes. Investing is a game of numbers. And of course not to increase the interest rate to 50%, 200%, 1000% to stimulate your temptation to invest. Some questions for you are as follows:

    -% ownership, decision-making power in that investment deal. An investment without ownership is ruined.

    - How long will it take you to get payback, to bring that capital to go round in a new investment project?

    - How long will you receive interest, how much interest?

    - Even if you have recovered your capital, will you still receive interest? How many more times to receive interest?

    When I say these things, many people will be surprised, two are angry, three are not understood? Because they can not answer many questions. Or be surprised at completely new knowledge. Make sure you take these questions to ask the people who are calling for investment out there, then trends, trends, ... shut up.

    Analysis # 4: Investing is about being willing to lose money, not just dreaming of getting rich
    And of course, when you step into investing, you have to ask yourself one question, is it acceptable to lose all this money? If the answer is no, then stop. If so, then play. When I ask this question, I believe, there will be a lot of people who won't throw their money in and go like burning. Because there are some people who invest, like my soul in my twenties, thinking of good things. Investment, however, is a double-edged sword. Flipping a shot is cutting the finance, losing all your money.

    Many people, seeing other people say good food is to rush in, even withdraw all their savings, sell the whole family to put money into it, with a sure to win, sure to be rich, how much to put into eat bold fruit. Extremely wrong. Investing always comes with losing money. But the kind of investment that is being praised x100, x200, x1000 times assets, is the kind that needs to accept losing money in the blink of an eye. When one knows, one will not take a risk, but always give themselves a way back, because everyone needs to live on, it is impossible to bet all the happiness in a game created by others. out.

    Hopefully the above discussion can help you pause for a moment. It's also for your pocket safety. And always remember, other than that you are not responsible for protecting your money or bringing it back for you. Always improve your financial knowledge so that before you want to get rich, you need to know how to protect your money, avoid being swept away by the investment deals. Wish you success. And to better understand money. Sign up for the Coach 101 package you need to know about this money. See you inside. See you.

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