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  • Book 101 Things to Know About Money - A classic book about money you must have

    Book 101 Things to Know About Money - A classic book about money you must have

    101 Things to Know About Money - More than just a book, this is a great, thrilling money training course you need to take part in. Many people who have been cornered by life, fall into poverty, failures, bankruptcy, many years have been suffering like this. However, they do not know why they are like this? While they always strive, always strive, even bring the will to get rich and the hard work they have redundant, plowing hard every day? In the end, it turns out that they have a job, have a job, have a business, have expertise, ... but when the money is in hand, they have no financial knowledge to use it. , manipulate it, or make it flourish with really right farming investments, they panic and disorientate with the fancy words out there, then fall in, and make their own money lessen. At this point, the Coach 101 package of things to know about money appears in front of you, which is the moment when you find the key to open the crew to solve all the problems you are having. And if the statements above contain your silhouette. Then 101 things to know about money, exactly what you need right now.

    With 101 lessons about money spanning 700 pages
    Analyze and share in-depth about the topics:
    • Understand money
    • Manage personal finance
    • Corporate financial management
    • Master the cash flow in start-ups, business, and investment
    Help equip fully with knowledge from basic to advanced to master your finances!
    Are you ready to spend 3 months researching and working with Phuc Finance on this topic?
    The book incorporates 101 realistic financial coaching videos that go deep and tear down every subject so you realize the financial gaps are plunging you to the bottom of the abyss.
    Accompany you for 101 days of email exchange to help readers understand and apply books into practice.
    Especially, you have 11 sessions of coaching exchange, direct 1 - 1 consultation via video call with the Author - Financial Advisor - Phuc Finance, throughout 1 year since the purchase of the book is tutored, supported, up plan to apply knowledge to your work.
    VERSION 2.0
    More lessons in the blood and bones of Covid pandemic 19

    Sent from Phuc Finance's reading room,
    Hi, if you have never studied money, finance, then perhaps that is the main reason why your life is in many shortcomings and uncertainties as at present.
    It is said: Save a man by building seven towers. Then also financial knowledge, have it by earning hundreds of millions, billions of your whole life. Because many people rushed to make money, but threw it all away, could not keep anything in their hands, all their lives kept going to get rich for others and then look back on the hard work of life, and finally empty-handed again. Lack of knowledge of money, finance can make your tower of future fall apart.
    If you are really ready to trace the roots of what is holding you back and are ready to improve it, then prepare yourself with a good mindset to work together, exchange with Phuc Finance about the field. this area.
    It is a long process that requires you to be focused, ready to realize the truths, ready to eat figs from the revealed truths, and then, you will touch the success formulas, the prejudices. consciousness will save your life.
    Do not be engrossed in working deer all day, and in the end your whole life looks like running hard like a pawn in someone else's hands. Don't be like that, take a moment to master your life.
    Admittedly, our people are extremely lacking in financial knowledge. Many people are so scared that they do not dare to take their own money to make, push the responsibility over other people's shoulders, and then hide in uncertainty. Many people reassure themselves that having a stable job is reassuring, and in their hearts they are always on the brink of losing their jobs, although they are disgusted with the suffering, but still accept to cling to a life buoy. birth can always be cut at any time. Many people set up their own companies, their own business systems that thought they would be free, no one would suppress, but ended up being subject to running after customers, being slaves of money, spinning around in the money circle. , staff, salary, bonus, month-end contract, ...

    Whether you run away or ignore it as if nothing happened, everything is fine, there is always a problem. Be ready to face and head straight into those worries, understand the nature of the problem and take action to dispel all worries! Reach for financial freedom and freedom in your own mind. This money book 101 Must Know About Money is the perfect solution for all of that!
    Do you want to accompany and work with Phuc Finance 3 months - 101 days to dissect this money issue? Understand every corner of money and each financial decision in entrepreneurship, business, investment ???
    If you are really ready, and want to learn, don't worry about the price. Because the knowledge in this book has not yet taken into account making money for you, just a brief calculation to help you understand life, grasp the financial tricks, sales, out there, have Save the wasted money, your people are up to tens, hundreds of millions of dong to get rich.
    Please fill in the form below to receive a quote for Coach 101 packages to know about money, payment instructions, transfer to receive useful financial information to have the right direction for you right now!

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