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  • Borrowing money to create leverage? Whether there is default? - Financial education

    Borrowing money to create leverage? Whether there is default? - Financial education

    Don't listen to the investment guys. If you do not have money, it will lure you, you have to borrow money to create leverage, the rich will borrow money, they will get rich. If you obey, you will die. Stop for a moment and consider who you are. Borrowing money to create leverage? Whether there is default? A lot of people have heard from others that they borrow money to create leverage. But financial leverage is nowhere to be seen. Finally hug a pile of debt. Let's analyze debt leverage from Phuc Finance today.

    Note 1: Absolutely Not Follow the Rich!

    Financial traders - investment brokers often encourage you to invest by saying: follow the rich. After that, some people saw that they dressed neatly, spoke reasonably, and also followed the rich, so it was okay. You cannot follow the rich. You just have to follow the same path as them. You can't leapfrog to do as they are. A person who only earns 10 million a month cannot follow the same action as someone who has 100 million. You have to start doing what they do when they have 10 million already.

    There was a brother texting me saying: I invest like this man, he is very rich, Top 5 in some world, ended up losing 100 million, while the salary per month has more than 10 million. Many people use Mr. Warren Buffett as an example, who is a billionaire investor. But you cannot follow him either. You have to do what when he doesn't have any money in his hand. What he learned, what he experienced to create that genius.

    Don't follow them currently. Go through what they've been through. To be successful now, they are also beaten by many failures. You have to eat those smashes first. It is not possible to claim that they have not undergone suffering and eat a banana right away. I have just posted on facebook a sentence: Not allowed to borrow to spend. Stay away from installment tricks. So there was a series of young people commenting: big businesses, they pay installments, then Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong also borrowed money to create Vingroup. I was bored, not bothered to say it again, I just said: just go somewhere else to play.

    Everything brings big businesses and rich people as an example and they lose it all. You can't be like them now. Must know who they are, and know when they have nothing, what they have to go through to do things like this today they are doing. You can't completely walk their way, leapfrog to be like them.

    Like, this book is not for everyone I give the opportunity to buy. I put a high price to eliminate the people downstairs who just shake their heads. Because of their below level, reading this book cannot be understood, cannot fully absorb, or is not grounded enough to understand. I consider this book to be a seed, sown in the most fertile lands of thought to grow the most valuable fruit trees. At that time, it is called investing in assets. Each customer is an asset for every business person to focus on. And target customers as rich as possible. Because business people, the people we interact with the most are the customers.

    So always improve your values, always be enthusiastic to be able to create a file of quality and richest customers. Let every penny we spend is the money we invest in assets, so that every minute, every second we spend, creates great value.

    Note # 2: Leverage leverage, however, leverage up or down to sml is due to each person

    A lot of men say very well: "You don't teach rich people, they borrow money, all big businesses don't borrow trillion dong, so it's normal to create a loan." Why do you take all the beauty of the world into you? The rich, the big business they borrow money are real, but they are different. Not everyone who borrows is the same. There are experienced people, even though they have done it successfully, now the loan is to expand. And those men, experienced in failure, also borrowed money to create leverage.
    You need to know who you are, where are the qualifications. Only fit can be successful. After all, do you know where you are at your level? The right financial figure so you know how much money you should invest? So you can calculate as follows: Let's see, from the beginning of the year until now, how much do you make, how much total income is, assuming that you make 20 million per month, then 240 million a year. . Appropriate investment amount is 10%, i.e. 24 million. Well, whatever you go to invest, you only invest in this amount of 24 million. It is suitable for your ability. As for the higher amount, you do not have the strength, knowledge and knowledge to invest large sums of money.
    Finance must go gradually, cannot go fast. Both lose money, not get anything, there are only experiences of failure. If you want to invest a $ 100 million deal, make the effort to make a billion. In the process of earning and accumulating this 1 billion, your experience is different, your ability is different, your ability to control your emotions is different. You think, how bad is a person making only 10 million, but going to invest a 50 million money. See it yourself, don't you?
    Suppose with 24 million investment money to get out after 1 year above. 2 years is 48 million. 3 years is 72 million. 4 years is 96 million. It is only 4 years that you have accumulated 100 million investments, not to mention in the process, you invest in small things, then create assets, then recover capital, and then take that capital to invest in creating wealth. the next, ... so, just like that, your investment fund will gradually increase.
    Many people go on advocating, borrowing money to create leverage. However, in the investment business, money is only part of it. The most important thing is the ability of business people, investors. If a person borrows 100 million, the possibilities are not increased at all. But the person who creates 100 million money to invest, they not only have 100 million, but they also have the ability to create that 100 million. It is with the ability to create 100 million new that help them invest successfully.
    So, you want to invest, right now do the same. How much income each month, deduct 10% as an investment fund. If you have not invested, the money will be sent to the bank for interest. When you are ready, you will take that money to invest. And to tell you the truth, it doesn't cost much to invest. There is my investment deal that can generate more than 100 million that costs about 5 million, the cost of making the web, the cost of getresponse is done. The most important thing is competence, is the brainpower, is the ability to do business. Absolutely not from the loan. It is only your ability to create leverage, not never to borrow money that creates leverage. An incompetent person can borrow billions and destroy all within one note.
    So never be greedy, never be in a hurry. Do you see good business people that they are always very calm. The more you hurry, the more dog blood will ruin the job. Train yourself first. And you can train your finances with Coach 101 package of things you need to know about this money.

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