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  • Business 0 VND and 3 practical business experience

    Business 0 VND and 3 practical business experience

    Many people just wait for the money to start their business or just study, study course after course to read another book. That is a very wrong thing for amateurs, new to starting a business or just sitting around dreaming of doing business. Business is to gradually improve each corner. Business is to start working immediately. Right now. Right now.

    Experience 1: Perfecting yourself before perfecting the business

    Self-improvement here is not learning. That self-improvement here is the ability to work. Perhaps, the speakers emerged, everyone taught business courses, and many business people that formed a trend kept rushing to study, then proudly studying this teacher, that teacher, the disciple of that person. that. Then I also have a pretty illusion that if you learn that, you will get rich quickly, you will be successful very quickly. But forgetting one thing is that: from knowledge to reality it is far away. Knowledge is just a catalyst, the most important thing is the ability to apply, is the capacity to work is cultivated, accumulated. Is what you enlighten after grinding, rubbing in the marketplace, that is your real knowledge. As for going to school, listening to other people, but not applying to enlightenment, seven, three, two, one days, I will immediately forget the idea. What to lose.

    The fact that 12 years of sitting in school is not enough for us to realize or later, just sit and study, listen like a parrot, and then create nothing, and now, puzzles cannot solve the problem, solving the exam questions even though in the old days it was like a machine. Learning is to apply. Must be involved in the capacity to work. And now what is your capacity for work? Let's take a look at the important competencies in business!

    Ability No. 1: Marketing: Writing thousands of readers, making videos of thousands of viewers, designing attractive and eye-catching images.

    Ability # 2: Sales: Communication skills, connecting chatting, discussing, talking with people.

    Capability 3: Customer care: Ability to create and keep relationships

    Capability 4: Ability to understand and manage business financial numbers

    Capability 5: Management capacity, charting skills, process systems

    Capability 6: Experience in that profession

    You see, you need to perfect these competencies to get into business. But if you wait for the money, then you work, then you will die ill with money. Perfect these skills first, so that when you use your money, you hit the hit.

    Many people keep studying, just wait. Don't lose money, start to improve gradually. The days when I was 19 or 20 years old, I went to learn English, soft skills, and I sold those things right away. 700k courses, 2 million. Not having to dream, tomorrow I will sell hundreds of millions of things, so I won't put my hands on it and sit to study. God, what's the point of learning if you don't take action. Which should be, you act, then in the process you need something new you learn.

    Then I learned to write, attracted hundreds of people in each status, I didn't know what to sell, then I saw that every time I posted the books, a lot of people came in to ask where to buy, so I went to import books to sell. always. When I was 22 years old, I had a book business.

    Then when I graduated, I knew that I needed to master Marketing, so I worked as a hired employee, from the position of content writing, to the position of managing the Marketing department, I learned and gradually improved those business skills. . Looking back and forth, it's a whole 7.8 years long road. Only when it turns out to do a separate job will definitely win.

    Always focus on personal development by embarking on action right now, do whatever you want. If you do not know what to do, then apply to do a job not to study but to train people. Before I got the book business system at the age of 22, when I was 21 years old, I worked as a collaborator. I made 300 phone calls per day for the owner of the telesales business. Through the times of being humiliated, reminded, and scolded, I have grown up.

    Throw yourself at it, not just sitting cool, holding up your compound notebook, or lying in bed, covering up with a blanket and listening to some inspirational video. No, do, grind your face, forge, train yourself in austerity to realize business truths, have to fail, have to act a lot, so that you can forge a perfect person. Business. At a time, the hammer does not break, the will of steel, the spirit of steel, the intelligence, the ingenuity, and mastery control each business segment.

    Experience 2: In business, what makes 0 dong is more sustainable than it takes a lot of money

    Phuc Finance itself, when consulting and coaching for those who want to do business, is really sorry for those who have waited a lot to do so. Because they do not know that business is life only, what makes from zero dong is sustainable, and if they pour money into it, they can build it, and feed the business system, the loss of money is waiting for them. in front of me.

    It's like raising two kids, one independent child, 18 years old working, going to business, going through the storms, making money, it's more brave, the parents don't have any problems, it becomes a prop, both psychologically, financially. And a 30-year-old still provides money for him. If he is lazy to work, if he is afraid to work, it is not enough money.

    Each time it publishes a newspaper that people in the industry call it, each time it goes to press like that, it is nearly 10 million. But post up, sometimes not up to 10 customer data. But if an article you write by yourself, it is very good and can destroy thousands of likes, hundreds of shares, bring hundreds of data, then it is 0 VND but very effective, behind that is a writing capacity of one. content mastery.

    Signing a rising actor lets them promote a product, a video they shoot is 40 million. But if you have a good relationship with that person, they are completely free to post, behind it is a quality relationship that builds on May.

    That's it, 0 copper business is new quality. Money it is just a tool only. For business to develop, is how people use that tool, how their capabilities are. You can start a business right away for $ 0, by developing your capabilities. Instead of paying you, my entire financial system, every day welcomes less than 1000 customers, receives thousands of customers a month like that, but the maintenance fee for the whole system is only 615,000 / month. Very little, right, with just one meal. Because, the power, the value of this system radiates from the very strong human gray matter. No need for money. 0 dong.

    Don't wait for the perfect timing. When I was 22 years old because of my family, I quit the book business to focus on studying. After that, when I graduated, I worked as a hired employee in marketing. During 4 years of working, I have been extremely active in a lot of money, allowing me to build a business system and support myself for 2 or 3 years of living and living if my startup has not returned any money yet. However, I couldn't even do it myself forever. In all, I got used to working as a hired laborer for 4 years, and my family went to prison. When I was 22 years old, I had nothing, money had no experience, was as young as a breast, squeezed and crushed, but with a great will I still built, still managed to do my own. At the age of 26, everything has an enhanced life, a lot of money accumulated, a lot of experience also exists, but still used it forever, because of its people, it is a lot of imprisonment. Forever training, I turned out to be my own to regain the mentality as before. One side is nothing but willpower, the other side is nothing but willpower. So the important thing is the morale of you, whether you dare to do it, dare to storm, dare to pop out of the comfort zone or not.

    And do not tell successful people are lucky, because they have more conditions or more money. All are constructive efforts, human training, hard work to improve every day. Money is just one of many business tools. The most important thing is who you are. The more you 0, the more sustainable. Money is the weakest tool in business. Other tools have stronger capacities such as: relationships, abilities, experience.

    Experience 3: Sustainable business is built on your own capabilities

    Once I saw a friend, unchanged my articles about, and then renamed, changed the source, claiming to be her writing. I also kept silent and said nothing. Because I know, if something is not born out of his power, then it will be lost.

    In general, businesses have a lot of games to outperform customers, partners, and original employees. When I was 23 years old, still young. I work for a couple's private company. That day I was very enthusiastic, undertaking a personal branding project, this guy wanted to be a speaker, but he could only speak, not do Marketing. I work day and night and bring classes home, at 80, when 100 people. Work from 8am to 11pm at night. The story before 9 o'clock at night is still rare. But you know, her wife charged me 15,000 an hour of night work. Vl. When the sales were about 200 million, and the profit was about 150 million, then I started asking about the commission% when I sold the courses. Because at that time my hard salary was only 6 million, while the remaining 500k was the qualified KPI to add this 500k. No different from fooling a kid. When I asked for the% commission, the wife jumped up and judged me as a demanding child, and the husband said in a way that you need to invest more, the young children care about money. What? How the fuck is that? I decided to quit my job. Since then, he opened 1.2 more locks and then sank completely. And still call me to go home. I would have been blunt: if I gave money to me, I would not dare come back to work with him, surpassing a 23-year-old.

    There will be many games, surpassing the customer, using the best tricks to lock the unit, hacking games like, hacking views, or living dishonestly with each other. All just a short time. Such a business will not be durable. In order for something to be widely and sustainably promoted, one must be honest and honest. Because after all, business is a way of life between people. How to live with people who do yourself. How to live with partners. How to live with customers. Life is not ok for 3 days it comes out immediately. Not to mention that in this world, there is no fool at all. They don't say they just don't want to talk, they don't know.

    So, everything in business, one is not to expect others. There are people who are not in business who have the naive thought that if we do not know, they will hire employees to do it. Sorry, the good staff they joined the big company, and the employees who hired them sometimes had to hang out and teach it, but take care of it. The second is to improve your abilities, not to use tricks, immediately spray three days. Doing a lot of money business is only one part, is it important for a long time or not? Whether it becomes a regular money-generating machine, or collapses all day, must be rebuilt over and over.

    Building up a business system is very tiring, from the Marketing - Communication system: web, facebook, youtube, ... To attract and emerge is not easy, not a day or two. Then to get out the customers, it's not easy for customers to buy, then how to keep them. After they buy the goods, they run away and die. Building a well-established business system takes a lot of work, but it is a pity that it collapses. So just do the right calibration, keep your head up high right from the start.

    Wish you will start working right away, and the person you have capacity to increase in every day

    Sincerely introduce solutions for you on the way to build a business system, lasting 3 years, directly by Phuc Finance Coach. Sign up here to build up your business system.

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