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  • Business books to read during economic downturns

    Business books to read during economic downturns

    The Covid-19 translation made the economy of Vietnam and the world bleaker than ever. But it was not because of the gloom of the village that I also sprayed it. Let's find out the best business book worth reading in this recession period !!!

    1. Package Coach 101 things to know about money

    Entering into a long and tense battle, the first thing to prepare is food before thinking of big things. And the management of money, personal finance is essential. There are people who are about to die because of the epidemic, but still arrogant, optimistic, wasteful consumption. Then die. Money is also spent. But how to spend, how to spend, when to spend is a problem that greatly affects your current situation and your financial future.

    Once you understand money, understand the rules of the game, understand real assets, you will have a way to accumulate money and put money where it can generate money in the most reliable and sustainable way.
    When people read books or take courses, people always ask whether or not it will work. Then with the comprehensive Financial Coach package 101 things you need to know about this money, it will definitely help you improve your financial situation step by step. With a 700 page book, 101 sharing and analyzing videos, 101 reading companion days, especially 11 1 - 1 live Coaching sessions with Phuc Finance, and 1 year follow-up. Definitely support you in order for you to really penetrate knowledge as well as turn this knowledge into work for you.

    You may not know what you are missing, but your present life outcomes will tell you about it. If you are still having a headache because of money, still feeling short of money, and the feeling is always busy thinking, hustle to work to have enough money to spend, everything related to money will be chaotic If up, it shows you have a financial knowledge problem. Be equipped immediately to overcome the disaster that has happened and will take place because of this economic recession prospect.

    3. Marketing course is 0 VND

    Next, after building a solid wallet, avoiding the money pouring in is less, money out is more, without financial knowledge, breaking the bottom of the wallet, the tons of money is not guaranteed. After you have equipped defensive finance. Now it's time to consider offensive tactics. Make more money.
    To make more money, you can do more jobs, do more companies. But in today's scenario, the companies themselves are struggling and unable to hold on, all inclined to reduce workers' wages, they are being burned up from the bottom of the pot, how can they ensure that here you are

    In this era of economic downturn, only relying on yourself is the most confident. Because if the boat is too heavy but gradually sinks, no one will "throw" you out of the boat. You need to build your own boat. But to start with that, you need to have "Marketing 0 VND" - at zero cost - claim to be zero - for you to create your community of customers, attract thousands of potential customers. per day and at no cost.

    Marketing course is VND 0, a 3-evening course from 8:00 am to 23:00 pm via Zoom, directly by Phuc Finance Coach. In the form of group study, with a small number of students, the Coach can detail each student. You will gain in-depth knowledge and immediately apply, analyze and analyze into your business.
    Marketing personal brands, products to hundreds of thousands of people, millions of people know are always a huge expense. If no one knows, there is no way to sell goods, but earn sales, pay the costs, maintain operations and bring profits. That is the obstacle that makes many business people give up. However, with 30 marketing tactics of 0 VND from Phuc Finance shared for you, it is certain that the worry of no customer will immediately disappear, but it is 0 VND, so it is delicious.
    This is arguably the most valuable and money-worthy course you will ever study. An extremely effective solution when the economy goes down and your capital is limited.

    2. Build Business Coach Package

    This is an Intensive Coach Package for business people and business owners. Coach package focuses on building a business system with technology personnel, applying advanced technologies in processes: Marketing, Sales, Customer Care, Financial Management, Operations, ... in order to both minimize human resource costs for business owners, while creating a 24-hour customer service system, without ever doing anything against the word, neglecting work or demanding a raise.
    Even in agriculture, farmers know how to take advantage of machines in the process of sowing, transplanting, harvesting, ... factories employing production machines, ... until now, with the With the rapid development of software, business people who do not take advantage of the power of technology and the Internet really waste the gold mine.
    The Coach package guides you in detail the pieces of the puzzle that make up a business, a complete business system, from: Product, Marketing - Sales to Operations, financial management, and allocation of money for business investment through each phase. Moreover, guide you in detail in building an automated business system, with extremely low operating costs of just under 1 million VND per month. The era of the Internet has made it possible for anyone to create a glittering career. Especially in this period of economic recession, when the storm is over, then the mushroom buds grow strong.
    Business recession period, need intelligence, agility, not money, confusion, confusion about the orientation of itself, of the business. With the Coach Package to build business assets, including a 600-page book, 60 videos, 16 Coach sessions and a hand-held companion that just takes 3 years, will definitely help you avoid losing money when entering the business. joint venture or business deployment.
    Because this is a personal Coach Package, directly followed by Phuc Finance, advisors for each business person, each business owner 1 - 1, each month only receive Coach for up to 5 slots, so if you need to quickly post sign up to avoid deleying your job.

    4. Book lead or die - specializes in building each relationship and exploiting old customers

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