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  • Business Ideas: 5 definitive 2021 business ideas you need to know

    Business Ideas: 5 definitive 2021 business ideas you need to know

    2021 is not a year full of optimism for the growth of the economy or growth in people's consumption, so business people will have to continue to face the problem of how to work with Minimum cost to maintain a business system when average sales of the industry are decreasing and in addition to different business ideas to continue to find new customers and increase sales. 2021 will be a hard year! And luckily, Phuc Finance is always here to support you. Read now: 5 must-know business ideas for 2021!

    Business idea 2021
    Honestly, many men just let 2020 pass and expect to wait until 2021. However, according to Phuc Finance, things are not so simple. This 2021, the economic situation will go down seriously after a exhausted 2020 maintained. Not to mention that the epidemic of Covid19 around the world is continuing to evolve at a higher level, and according to the law of everything, it is the year 2021 that is the peak of the epidemic. Employees without adding direction, when it comes to losing their jobs, they do not know who to call. If business people do not come up with new business ideas, the time will come to be helpless and stuck in their own business.


    Why this 2021, the economic situation will become more bleak? To understand that, imagine like this, Covid19 was like such a cold. And if it comes and goes within just a few months, people will remain optimistic, and have not realized its heavy damage, so still spend money. But Covid19 was not like that, it was persistent, like a leech clenching its feet, it blew a bit cold into the economy year after year, gradually people will realize and shrink for long-term response, They are no longer optimistic and freely release money, not to mention that the Vietnamese economy will lose a large amount of money poured in from abroad, so regardless of the industry, it will be affected.

    Therefore, in this year 2021, business people will have to face two problems: One is operating at the lowest cost to maintain the existence of the business, surviving through 2021. The second is to bring the business. Business channel Online to catch up with now and later.

    1. Business Idea No. 1: Online Business 2021
    Online business is the most relevant thing today, especially this year 2021. If we say 2021 is war then Online business is hero. Both ensure extremely low operating costs, and help you find more customers in the sea of ​​people Online. And if someone is teaching you online business at an extremely expensive cost, that person is the one who gouges your money. They see you do not know so just flaunt you. Online business courses are extremely inexpensive, and running this online business engine costs less.

    Because Online technologies are replicable, make a mirror to 10 without any cost. Technologies from Email, Youtube, Facebook, Web, Design, ... are all things created to serve people, you can completely do it with just a few buttons, and the cost of operating it is simple. several hundred thousand for paid software, most of the rest is free. Many teachers, many units trust you do not know and think that online business is difficult to deceive you with costs in the world. However, please determine that online business is extremely simple and extremely low cost. Many stores shut down just because the selling interest is not enough to pay for the house, however, online business never happens. The cost of operating an online business system is only 600-700,000 / month only.

    Just boldly learn and step into an Online business, building an Online business for yourself. If you don't do this in 2021, then by 2022 you will have nothing, while 2022 luckily the epidemic stops and the economy starts to recover. That's lucky, but with the translation not reaching the top in the world, it is very difficult for the year 2022 to show signs of downgrade and end.

    To be honest, my life has become a lot lighter, from the pressure to make money to the pressure of business season, because in 2020, I have been trying to build an Online business system, and in 2021 will continue to build the next Online business system. And by 2022, build another online business system. So at least when the Covid19 screen was lowered, there were three more Online business systems in hand. It is perfectly possible for anyone to get into the action. Heroic times, and heroes are only created from action.

    2. Business idea number 2: Sales of essential products
    That day, my brother told me: Statistics Ho Chi Minh had more than 1 million unemployed people. Even if you are an insatiable consumer, this prospect will hit your face for defense savings. Perhaps no one is optimistic about the epidemic until now. At the beginning of 2020, Phuc Finance had a constant warning saying: Translation is still a long time, at least 2 years, save money. Many doctors probably could not manage their finances, so they jumped into cursing and told Phuc Finance to scare others. While I warned like that. But by now, everyone understands. Translation will be ... very long. Even with vaccines, it will take a long time to return to the bustling economy and let money flow from foreigners to Vietnam. Many people will have a sense of keeping money and spending essential. Even though many sides of stimulus, it is difficult to stimulate people who are having a headache about money. People will gradually spend only the necessities such as: Dress, dress, accommodation, travel.

    I just read a status on a sister's facebook saying that her favorite ice cream shop just closed because the company closed it because the whole year of selling was not enough to pay the rent. You see, people don't even eat ice cream. And I also know my younger brother, who works as a waitress, has to quit because the restaurant has no customers. Perhaps people only tend to eat three meals a day, but the rest is also limited.

    Therefore, no matter what industry you are in, there must be additional sales of essential products in that industry. Something that customers with little money are also willing to spend. Like the spa industry, for example, instead of going to a high-end spa, you add skin care products, an essential product and an easy-to-spend cost. There is a need for essential products downstairs to salvage more sales coming from customers.

    3. Business Idea No. 3: Multi-disciplinary business
    Currently, I am 28 years old and I have some business fields as follows: Overseas business (translation is frozen already), Business communication services such as: Web design, Viral video creation , Photo design, ... Finance training consultancy, Marketing at moneycoach.vn, Selling essential goods in life. Gradually introduce these to everyone in 2021.

    The day before, I also talked to a brother, I also said that my business style is to create many business systems to run automatically, not to put everything into a big company. model design many small ones. Put one down, the other is better, the income goes up and down one by one, but the gross income is still stable. It was like a friend I knew, putting all the money into a company to study abroad, when I got up, it was a real blow, but when Covid dropped one, the company closed the company and took home more than 1 billion in debt.

    And for each career it has its peak, if we work forever, we can only reach that limit, we cannot go up high. Should create more business systems, you will have the chance to touch more peaks. And there is a beauty in my youth, is the use of technology to work for, so being able to do many business systems at the same time. As in the previous era, the men between 35 and 40 years old are a traditional business, relying on human power and limited time, so they can only do one. Nowadays, instead of saying, let's have a steady job, let's say: let's have 10+ permanent jobs. Rather than say business in one category, let's say, run 10 categories.

    Online business for it or one, once you have done one successfully, it is very easy to clone to the next. Having been in business, everything can be sold. So don't hesitate to sell more new products. As long as you have a community of customers, you can't sell anything. Sales people simply provide what others need. Especially in this scenario, the extra business you sell or sell is also a financial support for you.

    4. Business idea number 4: Sales of diversified product funnels
    If you are selling expensive products, design more products for less for your customers. Simply put, the higher the value, the higher the money, the lower the value, the lower the fee. Create a variety of products for customers to choose from at this time. Or if the customer is unable to buy a high-priced product, you also have something to recommend to the customer to buy. You see when they went to eat that KFC, they offered more from a bag of chips, a slice of cheese, from a 5,000 dong ice cream. It is because they do not miss every dollar that makes them rich.

    In this year 2021, design smaller products to scan your customers' essential details. Pick up every dollar will give you a great fortune. That is the reason that many giants fallow and beggars become a profession. I used to know a doctor who came up from a job weighing scrap metal in Hai Phong, but two children went to study in Canada. So never neglect the source of income from the lowest priced product.

    5. Business Idea Number 5: A Business Cycle Pay Product
    One of the industries that many people like and then I will also do, is renting accommodation, real estate. Cash flows on monthly basis. And when the era of technology takes the throne, there are many products that give us cash flow periodically, monthly, quarterly, annually like this. I take the example of web design service, you will hire hosting to order data and pay an annual fee to the provider. Or sites that watch movies, listen to music, read online newspapers, pay monthly fees, or use software for business such as: email software getresponse paid monthly, SMS sending software, central management software training, ... These products you only need to sell once, but the customer will pay the fee periodically. Isn't that very convenient. It is the thing that keeps you steady cash flow. Just looking for about 1000 customers to use it alone is long and quiet. And these costs are good in that because they are already used, it is difficult to change, so even if the economy goes down, these costs are listed as essential costs they will still pay.

    I know a business owner specializing in the Internet, specializing in opening this paid cycle software, the more I think, the more I think he is smart. And now my path is going to be into areas selling cyclical products like this.

    Solution for realizing your 2021 business ideas
    That is the Coach package of Building Business Assets that helps you build a successful Online business system, all of your knowledge building up an Online business system is located here.

    Discover with Phuc Finance what you will get from this Business Asset Building Coach Package:

    1. The book of Building Business Property: 700 pages

    2. Video tutorials on Building business assets: 60 videos

    3. Number of days for reading companion: 60 days

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    5. And especially, when owning this Coach package, you are specially promoted the image and brand name on the website moneycoach.vn forever, a quality website, just launched in 3 months, has attracted thousands of readers. /day. Specifically: Phuc Finance will attach your web link to the website moneycoach.vn so that anyone on the website moneycoach.vn can see and access your website, completely free of charge. It can be said that these are close and rare supports. It's all about really building up your successful business system.

    6. Full supportive companionship lasts: 3 years

    See you again at this Top Secret Business Coach package!

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