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  • Covit pandemic 19 and 5 vigilance lessons for business people

    Covit pandemic 19 and 5 vigilance lessons for business people

    The Covid 19 epidemic is sweeping the careers of countless business owners and the jobs of many employees. Employees can lose one, lose their jobs and wages each month, and suffer from worries about money. But for business owners and business people, they suffer heavy losses, beaten directly to the economy. Many people choose to surrender, lay off employees, and wait. Still some are holding out. Some tried to climb quickly. However, this war dragged on and this time was only just beginning. Well in this article, there are also advertising templates suggested by Google, when you finish reading, click on these ads to support Phuc Tai to continue to produce even better content! Thank you very much.

    A look at the loose business machines in Covit's time 19

    Perhaps Covit 19's disease is a test test, an extremely strict exam to see if the business machines, the businesses that are building, are really solid after all. It must be said that, thanks to Covit, those who still keep the traditional way of doing business must really reconsider their business model in this 4.0 technology age. When customers are no longer on the street, they are online. Or the business people who rely on importing or selling other people's products, depending on the source of importing goods from others, are suffering because the shipments from abroad are blocked because of disease. Or those who are raising a large staff, it is difficult to bear each other's burden, when the epidemic is never known, it will never be suppressed.


    Let's take a look at the following 5 outstanding business lessons, so that when things can't go forward, sit back, take care of the things that you hurriedly overlooked, consolidating. system, after Covid 19 has passed. You already have a sturdy apparatus to break up into the market and outdo your competitors.

    Lesson 1: Create your own products, take control of the game
    Countless people importing goods from China, the UK, the US, Japan or Korea are all suffering and lamenting on Facebook. This is a problem that many people have to seriously take back. A business that depends on someone else's stock is not good at securing your financial future. You understand that the Covid 19 pandemic is something that comes sooner. Sooner or later these problems will eventually come. A lot of people spend time, money and effort promoting other company's products or products. In the end, it is only because of the obstacles, or the unsatisfactory interest-cutting mechanism, but is cut off in the middle of the road. While it is not possible to sell another product because the customer only buys the products of the other company. If a hundred sellers and customers can't buy from you, they'll buy someone else's right away. I have also shared a lot that when you sell products from other companies, you are still just a hired employee.

    Also in this 19 Covit epidemic era, how many people tied up pillows just because they could not import goods. Very dangerous!

    Solution: Take advantage of this moment, to think about and implement your new products, created by you. Creating your own product is the key to mastering the business!

    Lesson 2: Establish a technology network, monopolize the Internet market. Do not depend on direct source of customers
    Hanoi's streets are now quieter than the first day. And those who walked on the road were busy walking quickly and went home to stay. Very few people enter the shops as before. Countless stores had to close because there were no customers. During the Coaching process for business owners, Phuc Finance was really surprised, nowadays many business people still depend on the source of customers coming through stores, nearby customers or customers. Currents passed through. A lot of people have been hard to change in this technology age!

    Even if the Covit 19 epidemic does not happen, you are still required to create a source of customers on the Internet. Because sooner or later, it is dangerous to depend on the source of customers to come directly to the stores!

    Solution: If you do not have customers on the Internet, right now do the following: Website, Youtube Video Channel, or Facebook, to build channels for new customers. Not sooner or later, even if it is not because of Covit 19, your business will be right away!

    Lesson 3: Sales do not depend too much on premises
    When walking around the streets of Hanoi at this time, you will see a series of street stalls closed with pigs. Spas, motels, hotels, ... or even teaching facilities. These are business lines that depend 100% on premises.

    When the translation of Covit 19 broke out, there were many teaching places or schools that quickly turned to online learning. However there are places that have not been able to catch up that have completely collapsed. Phuc also recently joined an English center for all employees to take time off.

    It is not advisable to depend 100% of the revenue on the premises. If you are doing that or are about to go into such a business, think about handy cross-sell items. To reduce this number to 60 or 70 percent. For example: You run a spa business, instead of spa services sell more beauty products. To like this epidemic, instead of customers afraid of infection not going to the spa, they still buy beautiful ready-made care products. Just increase revenue and take the initiative.

    Establish additional revenue streams from other products. Like spas, they sell more cosmetic items, not just space.

    Lesson 4: Shifting machinery to operating technology. Do not depend too much on people
    Many companies put employees off because of the translation, but in the end the business machine completely froze. And raising staff at this point is not possible.

    Over-reliance on people is always a barrier. Learn how to move part or whole of your business system to technology. Do not worried. There is always a way.

    Lesson 5: Shifting jobs online. Managing through value does not over time.
    There is a shortcoming that I personally find in the way of working of many businesses, is the measurement of employee's efficiency on a hourly basis. Must do 8 hours. But forget to evaluate work efficiency according to the value created.

    The embankment to force employees to work full 8 hours, or check what employees do during hours is not the solution. Turn your movement into a measure of numbers.

    No work is immeasurable. Even the effectiveness of writing is measurable, you know.

    Create systems that are time-flexible and workable Online. That way you can get out.

    Not only one but many companies are struggling in this raging Covid-19 epidemic. This is the best time to revamp your business system to thrive when the pandemic ends! In danger there is always chance. Covid - 19 is sure to wipe out loose and corrupt companies, the opportunity to bounce back and dominate the market is right in front of you! Refresh yourself and your business, and upgrade, you will open up opportunities and rise to dominate the market! Good luck!

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