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  • Create a personal financial strategy to establish the life you want: work for hire or build your own property

    Create a personal financial strategy to establish the life you want: work for hire or build your own property

    Welcome to moneycoach.vn financial page and continue your quest for sustainable success. Surely you have seen, there are many people all their lives just go to get rich and build dreams for others. Hard work, hard work, obedience, but not being myself, not being able to live up to the personality I have and doing what I want. Recently, many people asked Phuc Finance whether they should continue their hired job? Or quit your job, start your own business?

    Phuc Finance's answer is: Initially you can choose to work as a hired laborer to have stable money for your life. But that is not a destination, a long-term strategy. In your free time, explore and learn to build your own career development. Instead of wasteful spending, know how to accumulate. To one day turn out to do what you want, live the life you expected, freely and actively no longer bend your back.

    For you to grasp the core of the problem, Phuc Finance will analyze immediately below:

    There are no guarantees for you, for your future, except for assets.

    Assets are something that requires you to learn, experience, and expand your mind to be able to see. And it takes a lot of construction to get there.

    Money is easy to find, assets are hard to find and few people can do it successfully to build success. That is the reason why you do not want to get rich immediately. You can easily apply for a job and get a salary right away. You can also easily come up with tricks to cut the money of the business you are working for. But building wealth is much more difficult. The first difficulty is that you have to change your mindset. From money-making thinking to constructive thinking. From the thought of receiving a monthly salary to willingness to invest money, effort, willingness to work for free to go build and enjoy profits.

    One can easily follow the path of making money, but in return, the cost of a lifetime depends on others, racing for money and being a slave to it. And when following the path of building property, which belongs to you. It may be hard at first, but then you will enjoy great, long-term profits, even your children and grandchildren's life. Just like you plant a tree, in the beginning, you find seeds, sow seeds, cultivate, and put in effort to take care of it. As it grows, it will give you sweet fruit year after year.

    Property is hard to find, hard to build. That's why few people do it. When the labor market and hired labor compete fiercely, compete for each department position. Then look around, how many people are you building a personal brand around?

    How many people have products, seriously invest in building businesses instead of just selling online and sticking to other people's brands?

    How many people write books?

    How many people build a sales system?

    How many people have real estate for rent?

    Very few, right?

    The asset game has very few people realizing, very few people taking action, very few people going to the end. So as long as you act persistently, the road always welcomes you.

    For those who go to make money, right in the wrong direction, it is impossible to win. Whole life to enrich others. Even though they sometimes know that this job is risky, they can be fired at any time. But they dare not turn out. Fearful thinking, the habit of receiving monthly salaries, a familiar environment, bills, overspending for oneself, family, and children are like a giant chain holding them back.

    Sparkling is not necessarily gold.

    The high and stable salary is all fake gold. A good job, wholeheartedly for it, climbing to a position, holding it patiently, being respected by others, the sweetness of subordinates. Salary stability. Full of sparkle and attraction. But unfortunately it is fake gold. Time to fall, melt into nothing at any time, just blink your eyes and turn empty right away. Extremely risky. If you lose someone's heart, you can completely lose your job.

    Company people go in and out, many people pass by, they don't care who you are, the old boss may love you, but one day someone else takes their place, the work you do is also shaken. People often tell you to be enthusiastic, show other people to see your capabilities, rush into work like a child incinerating, but each salary inched little while the cost of living is increasing.

    Isn't there a time when you sit in the office for 8 hours, you do not know where your life is going or what?

    As a hired job, you are on the path of others.

    Like it or not, the time comes when you have to go your own way, take responsibility for your life. The courage to step out into the world, not just hide daily under the guise of high-paying, stable jobs. Let's turn to the concept that working in one place is only a short-term strategy, a place to learn and experience the field you want, to earn money in the short term to go further, not a shelter. judgment of glances around a lifetime.

    When you work on your own, the market, your customers will evaluate your capabilities. Being tough is also for you to be better, to develop yourself, to train your skills to go up, to step strongly on the path you choose. Your capacity, your salary does not depend on the subjective judgment of any individual, or a person's outlook. You pay for yourself.

    Dedicate all your efforts, talents, to your market, to your customers. That is really worth the effort. And all, a sympathetic look from the Boss, the satisfaction of colleagues, the high salary. In that working environment. All is fake gold. I thought holding gold and nothing in my hand. By the time she regained consciousness, only two empty hands remained.

    How old are you to step out of that coma? 25, 27 or 36, 38 or even after retiring 55, 60? All lies in your choice and bravery.

    From our practical experience in building our own business system, Phuc Finance has concluded that: when you are wholehearted to the market, valuable, helping customers, being kind to employees, you will be taken to the pinnacle of money and full of happiness.

    Employees are always frustrated by the injustice and receive unworthy treatment. But the market always pays off worth what you spend. You have to know how to put your values ​​where it is best. Know to seize the opportunity and forcefully let go at the right time.

    Employees often lose temper. The habit of receiving a monthly salary, depending on the company, is deeply absorbed, making them not dare to change. Not to mention that sometimes we don't need to work, we still have a living wage without trying. Making employees in the office or office stagnant, the productivity is poor, the worst thing is to surf the web until the end of the hour to stand up.

    Free but being restrained is what robs many employees of their youth. Although there are many things to learn and many things to worry about, the working environment has lost all the spirit of advancement, taking away many ambitions and aspirations of youth. Instead, it is to obey so as not to be punished, to be obedient, flattering, ... It's a pity, isn't it.

    If you are a person who desires, the flame of enrichment remains, the morale, the youthful substance is still deep down somewhere. Once out, focus wholeheartedly, build values, assets, work for yourself. If you do not have enough strength and strength, you should both work as a laborer and learn. But when the time is right, give yourself the opportunity to be the king, the queen in your world once, without having to listen to anyone all day long. Freedom to decide on his own life. Get out of prison for 8 hours, get rid of problems in that company. Break out, explore the beautiful world, full of opportunities out there.

    Time is the most precious thing. Make it your property. Dreams must be freely spread in the sky. Instead of walking into the box for eight hours when the sun was just dawn, then walking out when it was already out of the sun.

    That is what Phuc Finance enthusiastically wants to convey to you in this sharing. Wish you always strong to learn and walk on the path you have always cherished. Please share your changes with Phuc Finance and especially if you want to start a business but do not know where to start, Phuc Tai can help you right now by inbox on the link to Phuc Tai Facebook. Main attached right below this article! See you in the next article!

    In your free time, remember to click on the website: moneycoach.vn to read useful information to help you grow more brilliantly!

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