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  • [Daily Vlog # 2] Two tips on spending money, managing finances while shopping, going to the supermarket

    [Daily Vlog # 2] Two tips on spending money, managing finances while shopping, going to the supermarket

    Many people, before going to the market or supermarket, think to buy one, when they come back they forgive another way, because brands control their emotions, making spending money not planning. This represents a person who does not know how to manage money. It's not only bad for personal finance, but it's also bad for business finance. Satisfying immediate emotions, being controlled by others in spending habits, causing unpredictable disasters in the future. To avoid these things, come with the following two tips on spending money, managing your finances at the market, and going to the supermarket from Phuc Tai Chinh.

    Tip # 1: Make a plan to spend a week in advance, so you can decide whether to spend or not
    We are human. The human strong point is the emotion, the human's weakest point is also the emotion. You can use your emotions elsewhere such as love, filial piety. However, the whole playing field of numbers, absolutely not allowed to put emotions here. Emotional loss of money. Always be aware of removing emotions from this financial game. Even in spending. Did you know that most of the things you buy are not used or used very little? Accounting for 80%. Because when you buy it, you're driven by emotion. The ads intentionally hit your emotions, so you can withdraw your wallet, but there are many things you buy that you don't even use. Buy because it's necessary, don't buy because you want to buy, every time you feel yourself being controlled by emotions, stop!


    In businesses, expenditures must be planned 1 month in advance, considering what to spend, what is approved, what is not. After the spending has been approved, before making an advance to spend, they must reschedule the previous spending plan 1 week. All these planning steps a month, a week in advance, are also to consider whether it's really necessary or not, and to get rid of all emotions. So, if you want to grow up, please follow the adults. This financial habit of the rich is very good, but few people follow, just follow some loans, or invest as others shout. Plan all the money you plan to spend 1 month in advance, and reschedule 1 week in advance. Any money to be spent must be planned 1 week in advance. And if you plan to spend anything, please write it down to the plan so that it will be spent 1 week later. All this 1 month, 1 week waiting process is to get rid of your emotions, and to see if it's really necessary or not.

    Have you ever experienced this feeling, that is when you are going to spend something, you really want to buy the item, you use 36 thoughts to argue for spending money to buy, to have the item. However, for something you didn't spend. After a while, suddenly you feel that the item is no longer needed. Phuc Tai Tai also regularly experiences these things. Because, we are surrounded by the media channels of brands, urging us to buy, for a long time we are controlled to have that item, our emotions are heightened. However, when the emotion is over, the reason will analyze the standard, automatically feeling that the item is no longer needed. So whatever it is, just write it down and leave it off for at least a week. And it's best to plan your spending for the next month at the end of the month. Absolutely do not spend hammer chasing emotions. Have a spending plan to avoid being manipulated.

    Tip # 2: Record all the money you spend, and evaluate what goes on
    Correct financial thinking is: Spending money must be money. Whatever the expenses. If you have the mindset of spending money is losing: buying diapers means losing money, buying a shirt means losing money, buying a car means losing money, buying a phone means losing money, ... then surely the mountain money will also be lost. . Many people make money not enough to spend. Don't know whether the mindset of spending money is having to pay money you've ever known or already in your brain. This is the right financial thinking that few people have, because online or in life is full of false financial thinking. From today, set your mindset: Spending money is to put this money into your spending habits.

    When spending any, write it down. And after every 1 week, 1 month to reassess, see if that expense has been paid or not. If you do not pay, please mark it again so that you will not spend the money next time. If so, all your spending will be directed to building assets. Not only for personal finance but also for business finance later. Do you know, there are a lot of people who do not know how to manage their expenses, they go into their own businesses, in the end they spend all their money on property, until the capital is exhausted, the business system also dies. . Because that business system is not an asset, it does not generate money for them but is a machine that consumes money from the household to the last money.

    Practice this habit of spending money to make money, then you can step up the ladder of success. If you lose money, you can never bring money here. And Phuc Finance has this advice to advise you, if you think that you are spending all your money, then practice two habits of spending Phuc Finance just revealed to you, then step into your own business. if not, if you have good capital, it will become a cloud. Wish you success! To help you thoroughly give you this personal expense management board, please download and use it.

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