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  • Decode the truth freely financial, passive income, multi-level sales

    Decode the truth freely financial, passive income, multi-level sales

    I have been involved in multi-level sales for 3 years, along with experiencing different industries, forms of business and doing my own, building my own business system. Then here are the things I realized, lessons I learned from successful deals, but also many failures. Hopefully this 8-year experience can give you the best overview of the sparkling aura: financial freedom, passive income, multi-level marketing and the facts about them. Does multi-level selling really create financial freedom or passive income as the people claim?

    That day, when she first went to university, a child with clear eyes and innocence, everything strange and proud when he passed the Academy of Finance. I thought I was about to enter a world of something great, learn something sublime. But life was not like a dream, it was the school I had been yearning for and proud of during 12 years of school that gave me the first slap: BOOKS! Province, Province, dear!

    The first period I studied defense education. If other people, they consider it idle. I feel spicy. Mother, having studied blindly for 12 years, finally went to school how to shoot guns. I think it is unnecessary, while my goals are business, corporate finance, companies, getting rich, lots of money. I don't know where to start, but I do know, I have to leave this school. There are so many things out there, I can't just sit here holding a gun and chatting with my friends in the late summer sun. Since 12 years have taken me so much effort, I do not accept what I get after such efforts.

    One evening, I joined a program organized at the school, they shared about students getting rich something, I joined. And having met a sister, seeing her energetic and cheerful, I went with her to lecture English courses. Registration is 720 thousand of tuition fees. Because my science is Corporate Finance, the direction will be to become business financial advisors, I think public speaking and speaking skills are essential. Joining all the students is also quite fun. With my bubbly personality, I find an environment to explore myself. What I chose that day was largely instinctive. Now looking back, I can see that what I chose is right, because now, presenting the financial statements, marketing plans, then sharing the finances with everyone is my main job. Talk all day.

    Everything is nothing, except that instead of selling English speaking courses by selling online, retail or using a team of sales collaborators, ... here they distribute in the form of multi-level sales, selling by people network, from the people who buy the product. At that time I liked business, didn't know anything, just knew that there was business, there was sales and made money. So I recommend the courses to my friends. All are instinct. And I worked there for 3 years. My sales team kept building and collapsing. There were times when it was 50 people, and then it collapsed.

    That day many of my friends were also involved in selling cosmetics like amway or oriflame, ... but I still like this place, selling soft skills courses and English, more fun. It is also where I learned a lot about how to organize courses, training sessions. I worked and played there for 3 years, building teams with the spirit of learning, personal development, not just making money. And I am always proud of the culture that the team has built up.

    Because of that, I think I am qualified to share with you what you should and should not do when entering multi-level marketing. Also, do not put it on the team and worship it, nor be too negative about it. It's just as simple a business as it is out there. And scoundrels are everywhere, no job, even in your own family, relatives. Not somewhere far away.

    This article is shared with the most honest and objective perspective, of a person who has worked at multiple levels for 3 years. And currently do not multilevel any companies. For a bit, starting as a 4th year student, I started my own book business, then I went to work to specialize in an overseas study company, and then built my own business systems. Currently I am building and running my own business systems, and not participating in multiple levels anymore, has no intention of going back. Specifically, the following sharing will make you understand the underlying causes! Let's go!

    Decoding # 1: Expand your thinking about multiple levels

    Multi-level, simply, instead of distributing your goods, selling your goods in the form of online, retail, ..., you distribute goods by network and hierarchy. For example: General agent, agent in the North, agent in the South, then agent of provinces, to agent of districts and communes, and finally, the agent of product is retailers. Instead of creating individual sellers, create sales groups, whose heads are easy to manage. If thousands of agents work with you alone, you're out of luck! This is according to the Chinese theory of battle: Divide and conquer.

    In fact, the current business models, personnel structure also follow the same form, the head and the head of the department, the manager, the small managers, then each employee.

    So it's not a bad thing to have a multi-level, hierarchical, or network distribution. That is the preeminent model in business. When they use the customers themselves to be the distributors of the product. Strategy: Getting old customers to come back to buy and refer more people to buy is one of the preeminent and money-making strategies in business. So as an ordinary business person you should experience learning the beauty of the multi-level model to optimize sales performance in your business.

    Things will turn out bad when the company produces poor quality products and the price of the product is too high compared to the actual value of the product. But based on a relationship, on the ability to speak sweet, so it sells at exorbitant prices.

    The nature of multi-level realism is that instead of spending a huge amount of money on marketing expenses, a huge amount of up to 60% for businesses to operate, thanks to the source of customers coming back to buy and refer customers, so will The cost is cheaper than the actual value of the product. And whoever sells, has the brokerage service to be deducted% is normal.

    But here Vietnamese fathers do the opposite. Instead of reducing costs, offer a price that is superior to the value of the product to provide a good product for everyone. Then the father relies on a relationship of trust and introduction to sell an exorbitant price of a "damn" product of what value.

    The first is that the fathers who set up a business are not enough to create quality products for the market, and are greedy, want to get rich quickly, offer too high prices, too unreasonable for the market. a product with too low value.

    The second mistake from the people participating in the network, knowing that the product has little real value, knowing that the price is too high, but still selling because it sees a lot of profit. No matter what value product, just find interest cut 80, 90% delicious food is rushed in.

    Companies like this, for a few years shouting for financial freedom, passive income just collapsed. It is not durable!

    Decoding number 2: Multi-level is just a form of business only. Do not be too worshipful or crazy.

    Get rich in countless ways, not just multi-level, bitcoin, ... The fact that you adore too much into a company, a form of business is your own harm. Business has no place for emotions, feelings will wash all your money.

    Become a business flirtatious person, devoted to many things, but not too much for anything. There are many sources of income, many business systems, not devoted to anything. There is always a second back - up option in place. Which source of income is more in focus will be on that, what less is less focused.

    In business there is always the 2-year rule. Build, get results, then go down. Like wavy sine shapes.

    The truth is, no matter the multi-level company, the bicoin system or whatever, it obeys the budding law fund, flourishing and dying, nothing will last forever. Business is the same. It should be determined: sometimes it will go down. But it belongs to another guy, another guy's company, another guy's product so sooner or later you will go, no one will shout passive income, financial freedom without coming to build floating your own business system, but keep hanging on to other people's companies or what? Right? So don't go all out, keep a part for yourself.

    Like I work as a hired laborer, how much enthusiastic about the boss, how much to the company, how much with my teammates, only 30-60% enthusiasm only. I always keep at least 30% for myself. That is:

    - During the process of working as a hired employee: Signing an 8 hour contract for 8 hours, there is no 8 hours sitting at the company to work, then the boss is constantly assigning or interrupting my private time. I must have said that before talking. If not suitable, then next!

    I still remember, that time, there was a boss because he had a mistress, the younger sister was an employee in the company, until the time was discovered by his wife, sometimes at 9 o'clock at night, at 11 o'clock at night still texted her. let our marketing team ask for a job. It's full of shitty questions, it's not so important to ask at night, purely during the day. Maybe you won't talk to your wife at night. Every 8 hours during the day, he does not see the boss's face, every night he pokes out his face and text us. The first night I continued to answer. Seeing all the nonsense talk about work, starting Monday night, the children below me were afraid their boss should talk, but I was the fucker. I turn off my phone, sit and read.

    For a few days, the boss texted the group directly: Phuc, why didn't you reply?

    Vl, I have a different concept, I sign an HD with the company for 8 hours, then for 8 hours I am his employee. And in the evening I was the king, and under no one, I sat there talking to him. Where the hell is my youth sitting next to a lover, every evening, I go to work and cover my wife's face. If I don't read books, I still go to chant and find my husband for Mom. Not to mention that I also went to build my business system. You just click on replying to the boss message that it spreads to another one, it takes 1 or 2 hours at night is normal. I sent a message straight:

    - At night I also take care of my privacy. Looking forward to things not urgent work boss during office hours.

    At that time I determined my spirit, 1 is ok, 2 is next, but I can't have that kind of thing, I messaged my boss with text messages. In fact, he wanted to talk to me at night he had to ask permission, to apologize, but the fucker, the message that people didn't reply the night was still good. Normally, there are events, corporate events, dark and running events are normal, but it is urgent, and work 8 hours a day, must respect each other's time. After all, he was also a hired worker.

    After I replied like that, I'm crazy, I said to my kids:

    - At 11, 12 o'clock at night, don't get your wife out and fuck, text the shit!

    If you are not familiar with this kind of talk then this is the true story that I tell, its life like that. We don't swear at each other, but it really makes me swear! Some of the children in my room often tease: If the boss is under 30 years old, handsome and not yet in love, we will continue. Otherwise, it will be next.

    So, whatever the profession, any job, any position, don't have any worship, put it first. It will drown you to the bottom of the abyss. Have multiple sources of income, create your own systems, create your own products.

    People all day cheering that you join this multi-level company will be financially free, to see if they still work in that company in 2 or 3 years? Or do they run to another company, run into a different product form and then celebrate financial freedom, passive income in another company? Only what is yours, the right to life and death is in your hands, can you dream of financial freedom or passive income.

    So, no matter what you do, time, money, effort, .... don't spend more than 100%, always know to set aside 30% for yourself. For myself now, 70% for me, and 30% to cooperate with other brothers to create services like Vending Web. If you need or know who needs to build a website, build a sales or business system automatically, ... please contact Vending web!

    Decode # 3: If it's not the company you create, the products you create, you have no right or the right to mention passive income or financial freedom.

    Passive income also has passive income this, that passive income. There are one-year, two-year, passive income types for several months. But what we aim at here is passive income for life.

    Just think of this simple, the time of sticking and working for a company is over, the average hour of staff only works about 2-3 years / 1 company. So when you work in a multi-level company and then you quit, like an employee quitting, moving to a new company. So whether you sell to another person's company, you work for another person's company, how about long-term passive income or financial freedom. Calculate days, count months only. What to say to decades or a whole life. Just a little time.

    Many people joining multi-level networks are mistaken. Admittedly, just building a network, by selling it, you will create passive income or financial freedom. Not. Just think of it simply as, a salesman or a sales leader for a company. Selling to another company is working as a hired employee. There are a few sentences that say: you are the owner of your sales system, then blah bla bla, ... just the sweet lures of the company's creator to lure you into their network. , sell them only.

    Many people take Mr. Robert Kiyosaki out and say: He advised multilevel financial freedom. That is the multi-level it turns the steering wheel. In fact, he advised: Create a company that distributes goods in the form of a multi-level sales network. That is, you create your company, create your product, and distribute that product in a multi-level network model, instead of retail, or sell online, .... But here you are. Joining another company's network, selling another company's products, you are just a link generating passive income for the head of that company only. Dream what!

    During my 3-year multi-level career, I also wish to create a passive sales system. I can also taste a little. That is when my F1, F2, and F3 are hardened and do their jobs, when they communicate better, sell better, close customers better, then when I am sitting in the classroom, they accept Get a message from the downline saying that you have sold more goods, sold a language course or soft skills. One order I get deducted 200-300 thousand. Very happy, sitting at home and receiving news of money. Everyone is happy.

    However only a few days. :))) kk

    Creating a system, training downlines to sell goods, the system collapsed and then rebuilding, extremely hard. Now I can't count how many system crashes there are, but me or one or two people. Initially each crash I still count. Finished it collapsed too much I do not bother to count anymore. Then, after 2 and a half years, 3 years, boring one company I quit looking for another company.

    The two most important things to create passive income are product branding and personal branding. In the process of selling to other companies, maybe your system goes down, but the process you do, you tell about that product, even if your system goes down, it has spread to the brand of the product a lot. . So what benefits most is the company that makes the product. You are just a hired employee.

    Many multi-level sellers, took personal brands to promote other company's products. They just work as hired labor but do not know, their mouths are loud, their hands keep hitting the crackling keyboard: which is passive income, which is financial freedom. I love you! That being said, ignorance always makes you miserable.

    Now, looking at the people selling other company's products, from multi-level, bitcoin, virtual money, insurance, ... and countless other forms of sale, ... they just cherish financial freedom. I feel sorry. Also, the scene of going to work as a hired worker is just delusion

    That's why, in order for multi-level selling to generate real long-term passive income, you must be the owner of that multi-level company, the person who created the product. Likewise for Bitcoin, insurance, ... There are no financial freedom rewards, passive income for people who cling to other people's companies.

    Those are lessons I learned from when I was 21 years old. So indeed, now looking at those 30, 40, people still shout like that, baby, I feel so shameful. Instead, build your own business system. That will last forever.

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