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  • Decoding virtual money: New era bargain or deadly financial trap set out

    Decoding virtual money: New era bargain or deadly financial trap set out

    Come on, please invite virtual money fans, who care about virtual money, who are wondering about virtual money to swim in here, sit and play in the water and at the same time explain, listen to a new perspective from Phuc Finance. about a bogus coin that is being praised by many people. Welcome all the arguments from the doctors near and far and including you. Let's get It Started.

    Virtual money is like an arena set up by the dirty financial world. Want an entrance ticket to play. You have to spend real money - money can now buy anything and is being used by humans to trade goods - to buy virtual currency - which the financial guys behind creating, not yet public. receive - to play.

    And first you see, the financial world will keep your real money, and use this real money to go out and play, enjoy the wealth of mankind like gold and earth, ... And you keep the thing. virtual money they create, they value themselves, ... and secretly hope that one day, this virtual currency will be more and more valuable.

    The players who put money into this virtual currency floor, whether they win or lose, first of all, there are two people who benefit from taking the real money the players donate into it, it is the group of people behind building this virtual currency floor, and the second is the brokers, the financial traders persuade, lure you in. And if you win, it is also the victory of other players, the virtual money fire you push back and forth into other players' hands carries your risk. There were all the players playing petty, not unlike throwing animals on the fighting floor, while the people sitting outside shook their legs and hugged girls.


    The only glimmer of hope for players to eat sick money is, they think, in the future when this species of virtual currency is used to exchange goods, they already have a lot of virtual money in their hands. But sorry, this scenario is unlikely. Because if virtual money becomes a commodity exchange tool like real money now, those financial dealers have embraced it, there is no bone left for you. Second, perhaps your death, your children and grandchildren's life on the green grass mushroom, it is unlikely that virtual money will be used, when a powerful machine to create real money has come to power, will the financial guys building up a virtual currency that can be won, and then it takes thousands of years for people to accept to spend that currency.

    Do you find it ridiculous when a group of people gather together, label technology 4.0, come up with technology money, come up with it, and then say it will become a replacement currency today. It is true that only in the movie illusion. Yet they also exhort countless people to believe that virtual currency has value and becomes a trend in the future. If so, it is not your turn to keep those cryptocurrencies.

    But the players who lose money in virtual money can only bear with their teeth, some people claim that they are stupid. Only a few financial traders stood up and cheered to play virtual money to have a car, invest in it. You see, when you put real money in, these merchants partly transfer real money to the parent company, the rest they get together ripped up the money you paid in, took that money to buy a house to buy a car. If you're proud of virtual money, why not take all that money but buy virtual money, take everyone's real money and buy a house to buy a car? Surely you guys are also craving real money for your mother.

    Many people play virtual money, just sit in the corner and talk about the world. Read a few pages of PR advertisements of virtual money, listen to a few words of financial dealers shouting and dream about buying virtual money is going to be rich. They forget that, they have to witness the reality to be accurate, while reading in the newspaper, listening to this person and listening to that person, it is even if they are selling virtual money. The whole mother sang me a good compliment.

    If you play virtual currency, you should define that, as you go to buy a bunch of vegetables in the market for 1 VND, and hope to sell it to others for 3 VND for profit. Unfortunately, the vegetables are still valuable to be eaten, but the virtual money now has no value, and tomorrow it is not worth anything, you buy it, luckily, you pour the pan of fire into your hands. other than the high price, otherwise you will suffer heavy losses.

    If you are so optimistic that you expect one day, the virtual currency will rise up to revolt and rob the world's currency circulation, and humans have to accept the exchange of goods in virtual currency, then to be honest. Your relationship is like a Hollywood film director, because it also concerns the politics and power of the people who are governing the country and the world. Rights are in their hands, they are easy to let go for a handful of financial people to grow up to take. If this group of virtual money is strong enough, there will be a world war 4 robbing power. But it is difficult to have that scenario. But if so, then your great-grandchildren would have had a beautiful grave already.

    Honestly, these filthy financiers, do things like dirty multi-level, create an item and sell it for a high price, at least it's really expensive, but the other item is worth a little use. , this invented virtual money game, not even worth any practical use. If so, then some people in the virtual currency community exchange with each other and draw drawings so that new people believe that virtual money can only be exchanged.

    Hopefully, the life-long analysis above can play a part in the awakening of people who are led by financial traders, and then our Vietnamese people just go and pay money to foreign financiers. dirty, then boast foreign companies. Our people came up from three sao of paddy fields to cooperate with. Have

    a little money is donated to the dirty foreign financiers and is led by domestic financial dealers to pay their lives to the financial erosion.

    Sincerely share,

    Phuc Finance Advisor

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    Please continue to debate and give views here, avoid scorn each other because it does not bring handsome.

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