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  • Diary of financial happiness - Part 2: Shameful life and how to overcome it

    Diary of financial happiness - Part 2: Shameful life and how to overcome it

    In the first period of Phuc Finance Diary, you know, the luggage I bring into my startup life is the thinking: Building communities, creating products for sale, building up an automatic business system. And I did not expect that, this ambitious and idealistic direction, to take all my innocence to the point of exhaustion, slapped my life with countless distortions in this second period. Suffering from life humiliation and ways to overcome.

    Dear friend, the karma according to the convergence rule is real. Your work can come sporadically, or all at once. But as for the karma, it gathered, it gave a crushing blow. It knocks the thought of success. If anyone is weak, it is difficult to get up. That's how I experienced my first failure. Karma poured in like a fierce storm, tormented us miserably, and then took all that we had away. There are days as humiliating as dogs are real.


    Part two: Suffering from life and how to overcome it

    Honestly, I don't want to relive those stupid days, even just thinking. Hopefully retelling the first failure story, so that those who are starting a business can avoid being hurt both physically and mentally.

    That day, when I learned the skill of writing a status that attracted 200, 300 likes, then gave presentations, sales, ... from part-time job as a student, in my third year of college, I turned out to build a community. its own customer companion and enter the book on sale. I have never felt so happy in my life, when I have 500, 1 million pocket interest every day. The fine sound of money transfer always makes me excited.

    I indulged and neglected my studies. When you are doing an exercise related to the capital analysis, I am working to import the goods. When you are doing the profit calculation exercises, I am counting today how much money is in my pocket. Honestly my personality is very real, no wonder my dear sister said: you never know what love is. Yes, love it, but all love, I think again: Oh now free vl, what do I make a lot of money? :)) Most of my life I don't have the time to waste time on moneymaking.

    However, there is one problem I have to face to fulfill my obligations to my family, which is to get a degree and finish school. And you know, at the end of third year, at the beginning of the first year, when you are going to do internships, my business is going up, and I have to say a word. How many years to eat an hour. From the 19-year-old working overtime days, I couldn't see any money, I kept banging my head against the wall, until my third year was when the money poured into me. Every day, every day, there are many peaks of posting status of attracting and selling, about 500, 1 million, some days about 3, 4 million. That day I took the brand name Phuc Jim Rohn, the years when facebook was not popular, but my channel attracted 300, 400 people like status, a video posted and broadcast more than 1000 views a day. Floating very well. So much so that a very famous speaker, I used to accompany that day, even said: Son Phuc, today I teach, but I asked here how many people know Phuc Jim Rohn? but half of the hall raised their hands. haha.

    That's why I'm infatuated with the emerging system. Honestly, anyone who starts a business is passionate. When what I used to search, work, build, yield such rich results.

    But also too emotional but calculating shallow, I have invested too much money, from the website, hiring employees, importing large volumes of goods, working machinery and equipment, the study fee alone is 1000 $ ... I'm at the stage of running out of money, literally running out of capital.

    At this time, the school sent the paper home, at that time, I was still a final year student. Notice of expulsion warning. For me at that time it was also a warning paper, still allowed to continue studying. But the school sent it back to my parents. My house was all panicked. Parents were threatened with a great battle. Throw all my belongings there, and drag me to Aunt's house in My Dinh. At that time, I was going from a good image, into a son of a sinner in the eyes of my family.

    I spoke up to explain how my family also considered me a spoiled child, went on the way of sin, ... and the brains of women, deduced how the worst scenario unfolded. cursing me to let me ... turn around. I'm really scared of women. They were free, they sat together, how many stories from ants to elephants momentarily passing from person to person.

    That day, only parents cursed me, it was okay to be a child, but here are sisters, or brothers who have a name of their last name for billions of years, they have only met once, hearing that I was like that, they also swore as right . Actually I refuse to understand. That was when I realized, it seems that people, hearing that other people are misplaced, they give them the right to rush into the fields and insult others. And also for the first time I realized, relatives, but it doesn't seem very close either.

    Because my parents panicked at the news that I was expelled, I gave up my business system, and said, hold on for two years and come back. Because more and more explanations became wrong, and no one listened to me, focused only on cursing me, I chose to silence, not to explain anything. I became taciturn, quieted, settled on 14 debt subjects, and made a full 10-point graduation thesis.

    While going back to school, I stayed at my brother's house. My brother goes all the time, so I often go with my sister-in-law. It seems my life is always bumping into entrepreneurship. That day both re-studying and supporting her sister-in-law to start a career in kindergarten. The days of going to Montesrori early childhood education method, then working with his sister-in-law to do the first days of opening school in the summer sun to catch up the fall of school. From branding, promoting, preschool decoration, consulting for parents to organizing events, being the opening MC. Hard days can not be forgotten.

    In 2015 I graduated from school, got my degree, and said goodbye to my brother and sister-in-law from outside and looking for a job, although she still kept working with her. But I still want to explore a lot of things out there. Holding the diploma and handing it to my parents to keep, I felt like I could escape from the last burden of duty. I look for a job for myself, and what I do is Marketing.

    I work for the Chinese YouTube channel builder, build a personal brand to train business administration for a CEO who wants to be a speaker, I do Marketing for an English training system, then do Content Marketing and then go up. Marketing Manager for an overseas student.

    During all of that time, I kept remaking my own business system. Waiting for a rematch where I stopped, I want to live again at 22.

    I am too used to being talked about by outsiders. Anyone who stumbles with life will see it as a humane thing going on. When you lie still, you also hit the bullet. When you don't do anything, people also add to your name. As a matter of fact, experiencing the feeling of being distrusted and outraged by my own family, and then seeing those who have her reputation, being relatives but jumping into other people's lives and cursing when others are lost, then really bitter.

    I think that's what many startups encounter. The ideal in you, the big thought in you, ... many people around say crazy, say delusions. Different from what's stable in their life is that they plunge into happiness. So startups are extremely lonely, especially those who want to start a business early like me.

    But of course, what goes through has a price. The higher the price, the more you get back. If I let it back, I still choose to start a business at the age of 21, 22. I will not be able to stand sitting in the classroom with no money, nor will I be able to stand by waiting for time to pass 8 hours and then go back to text the boss. If I choose again, I still choose the loneliness that goes against everyone around like that. Honestly, just like everyone else, how can we stand out and create a community here.

    Want to create a career, you have to face and overcome the grudges, the slaps of the failures, the humiliation of the world when you have not created anything successfully, but your thoughts go on. extravagant have to get rich. You can choose to resent, resist, or re-explain. But the best way is to be quiet and patient. Then slowly, the fruit will grow, like over many days of silence, you will see the underground potato appear and emerge.

    Until now, my family still does not know what I do, I hide it very well, until I succeed, I do not report, just when there is something like taking my dad to a doctor or my mother tells me to run out of money, I give out money. Solve it. Need as much as enough to meet.

    My family did not know that I had successfully built the auto-business systems I dreamed of in the past. During the Covid period, I was able to live with Mom and Dad back home and still have money to return regularly.

    Everything is over, and there are things our mind has no room to remember. People will eventually forget what they say after hurting us with words. But the way we overcome it will make our life go where and what we have in the future.

    Everyone who starts a business and then suffers from one of those things, his friends make fun of him, his family doesn't trust him, even his life is miserable. But the only thing, anyone can leave you, turn your back on you, but never leave yourself, turn your back on great ideas and cultivated successful thinking.

    I often see challenges as something that challenges me to see if I really want to do what I want. If we want to build up great karma, a little hard work, we call it, some difficult ones have faltered.

    To be honest, I find it funny to hear young people calling out for disoriented children. Also listening to the adults saying that, I could not sit there and continue to talk. Time, never spend whining, presenting or explaining, focus on solving the problem, finding ways to make more and more money and freedom. Children don't sit around with a few stories chewing over and over again.

    My group of friends also agreed with each other to go a lot, do a lot, then meet with new stories to tell. I often tease that, like one day we whine about the 10 million story, the next time we meet we will complain about the 20 million problem headache, and after that, we complain again but the problem is now 100 million, 200 million, then billions. But can't complain about the same thing over and over. Is it right.

    If it is difficult, pass. If you can't get over it right away, then be patient, hone your skills, and accumulate more money to wait for the rematch with your life. How did I rematch to succeed. Because I never let my best friend fail more than 3 times. But I'm not the type of worship failure. Since I see quite a lot of people talking about failure like miracles, let's talk about the successful rematches and the results you made.

    How are the rematches? How to cool down the roof boat? Come to period 3 Phuc Finance Diary!

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