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  • Diary of financial happiness - period 1: In the middle of life, how to make money?

    Diary of financial happiness - period 1: In the middle of life, how to make money?

    Starting with the first period of the most expensive and honest diary of all time for startups: Diary Phuc Finance. Here you will discover different ways of life, along with how you wisely work to create your own great and amazing business systems. Under the witty storytelling hidden inside the stories that passed away and forged up Phuc Finance.

    Entrepreneurs and start-ups always have to deal with loneliness. And this, I claim to be correct. No matter who supports you, you will always have to be lonely in your own business, in your ideal, but few people can agree. Then each day when it was only you, facing the night, then day by day raising your head was 2 or 3 hours late to eat. Money back is okay, but the start-up stage, or the business system stage is at the bottom of a sinusoid, the month's waiting money is not coming back, at that time, you are hard to share with anyone. Tired of wanting to open up a little bit, strangers say a few words blankly, relatives are anxious, the carefree people throw the sentence: said in the first place, what the fuck? ... You just sigh, then there comes a time when you learn to be quiet, silent even when successful, to be silent even when you fail, to focus on continuing to build the career you cherished in your mind.
    That is to say, the start-up game, own business, many people give up. Many people re-invent their dream to return to work as a hired laborer, receive each salary each month to have money to maintain their life. They have to sit in a place that doesn't belong to them, and even if they get to the position of Head of Department or director, that victory doesn't really make them happy, there's only money. They will always be in pain for the day to come back. Back on their own path, and always protect the thought that the working environment will make them lose their way, even lose their whole life in the game of others and have no assets in life.


    There was a time, sitting in the position of Manager, money poured into thousand dollars, thousand dollars a month, sometimes breaking 4, 5 million was a normal matter. But I always feel like having money alone is not good. And indeed, if you bring both your financial future and the stability of you and your family into money, it's not okay at all. Must build assets that make money every month and belong to yourself.
    What I go through, the story I used to go, I tell it now. This whole process, I have presented it, does not at all be called luck. All are efforts, striving, fighting with myself, in a persistent and continuous way. There were also pitfalls of failure in life, and I overcame, failed, stood up again. To hope that my grumpy story, sometimes interesting, sometimes my grief, I can befriend someone, who is also on a journey to find and build up the success of my life.
    And welcome to Phuc Finance Diary and here, I show you exactly the thoughts you need to install and the journey to build a successful asset system, every step of the way. by. Let's start and accompany throughout this many diary.

    Period 1: Lonely in the middle of life, how to make money here?
    Ever since I was a kid, probably around 5.6 years old, I have always wanted to make money. Surely you will be surprised when a child has just weaned for 3.4 years to have such a mindset. But indeed I always want to make money. I remember once, I went to pick up broken things around the house and called in a junk girl to sell. But before I could sell it, my mother came home, I was too scared to run to the alley. Hiding in the house. Then she went to waste. And my mother did not say anything after that. It is so soulful.
    My parents always told me to do well in school to get into A college and make a lot of money. I study diligently for 12 years, obediently from the perspective of my family. That's too good A child like a candy, always writing his name on the school board, he also acted as a team leader to shout in front of the whole school, it is true that the commune always said: Mr. Cham has two beautiful and beautiful children who are good at studying. My parents are very proud of my two brothers, it can be said that it is the driving force and the joy when working hard.
    But indeed, that day I went to study hard not only because of good children, good students. That is only part of it, because of the children, being praised that kids don't like it. However, the thing that influenced me the most is that, if I study well, I will take the exam to get into grade A, and I can make as much money as my uncle's older uncle. When I was 17 at that time, I thought, I passed the financial academy, I graduated from school would work 15 million per month. Only money. Just money. I like to make a lot of money.
    That's why, when I passed the Academy of Finance, I thought I learned how to make money and I would apply to make a lot of money. But oh no! Life is never as I hope. As soon as I entered the school, I picked up a calendar that sometimes came to the first semester to study defense education. God, teachers don't teach how to make money, what am I learning? For 12 years I struggled day and night, in the end I didn't know how to make money.

    The days under the scorching sun that remained of the late summer, wearing a suit, thick legs, wearing a helmet, sitting down and looking at the training ground with the other classmates, I know, is this? is fine. I can't live this leisurely. This does not make money.
    About 10 days, I started to leave school, and work part-time, wandering the streets of Hanoi. Initially, I hitchhiked a bicycle from an acquaintance of a sister, and then collected it and bought my own bike. Because of my money, I was so proud. That day, I realized that it would be difficult to sit there and be taught by others about how to make money. Wanting to make money is only the way I can move.
    Unlike level 3, only wanting a high score. Actually, because I think, with good grades, if you study well, you will make a lot of money tomorrow going to college. But going to college, I realized, thinking in high school was wrong her mother. High scores in financial academies do not make money, nor do they know how to make money. I have to track down and learn things that stop me making money.
    Since then, my 4 years of college, truly self-study. Before I take the time to learn anything, I will judge for myself if it is making money or not. The subjects did not make me money, I skipped, only enough points, even during the exam, I got acquainted with the two of you sitting above and below. Your copy sits on top, gives you a seat below, then your copy sits below, gives you a seat on. There are times when I even assign them, whoever do the sentences, so that they can pass the papers easily :)) As for the subjects related to money, and I feel it's important that I will read books and learn really. Not so with my transcript, some subjects are only 4.5 and others are 10.

    Until I worked as a hired laborer, I still kept that habit. Before I do anything I also evaluate whether to make money or not. If you have money, you will do it, but if you don't make money, you will. All of our habits and actions must be towards making money to change our fortunes one day.
    Back to the first days when I went out to work on my own. I was helpless and didn't know what would pay off. I walk and look at the high-rise buildings on Hanoi streets and always ask the question: How do I make money?

    Then gradually nearly 4 years working part-time as a student I understand that: I must have something to sell to everyone in order to make money. To do that, I have to have a community of people who know me so that I have a place to sell. To do that I need to be able to market from writing, giving presentations, engaging with crowds, and community building tips, ... Then in the third year I turned out to build a strong, personal brand. setting up the first business system, at that time I imported books and sold them. Selling extremely well made me somewhat neglect my studies in school. That also leads to bad years in Phuc Finance Diary to 2 I will tell you. Then I also realized that, if I could create my own product, instead of importing someone else's product, the profit would be much higher. That is what I realized after long sunny afternoon negotiating bookshelves at book supply stores in Hanoi.
    After I worked as a hired laborer, I was extremely thankful for those thoughts of making money. Because at that time in contact with many people working as hired labor, I realized that. When I want to make money, it is very difficult to think about applying for a company. And I will only think about, what to sell, what community building to sell that product. Rather than just thinking hard, apply CV everywhere, expect a company to call for an interview.

    Not long ago, I heard a sentence from the program RAP VIET: We go out to find opportunities, miss the opportunity to go home. During the first 3.4 years of hard work in Hanoi, I have formed a thought, from which more and more persistent into constant thinking and my aspirations. That was I wanted to build an automated business system before I gave birth to my first child. And then I was only 21, 22 years old, I was thinking like that. Because, during the 3 years of studying at the district school, I had to rent accommodation all the time, along with 4 years of university away from home, I just wanted to return home to live with my parents.
    I will build a strong community, create many products, use technologies to create communities by myself, self-sell to people. I ended the first 4 years of my life in the land of Hanoi boiling with such a thought. And that is also the most complete answer to the question that has been left unanswered for many years: What can I do to make money? And that is the most valuable luggage for me when I graduate from college, starting my real step in the fight to build business systems.

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