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  • Diary of financial happiness - period 3: The rematches in life. Where fail. Rematch there

    Diary of financial happiness - period 3: The rematches in life. Where fail. Rematch there

    After I temporarily shut down the business system, my first brainchild left to study. I told myself, waiting 2 years later will come back. I didn't expect it to take me five years to return to the failed business rematch. What I had to fight for was more terrible than all the previous difficulties combined. That is the human being corrupted by the 4-year working environment.

    Episode 3: The rematches in life. Where fail. Rematch there

    You know, when I entered a job as a hired laborer, with a bright desire to learn about Marketing to serve my system building in the future, he has the will to progress and conquer every peak in life. Finally, after about 4 years as a hired employee, that working environment erased the entrepreneur in me.

    If in the first days of working as a hired laborer, I really always wonder, why do these jobs with no efficiency, then sit back and talk, gossip, at the end of the month, I earn 6 million. I can't sit idly by for eight hours doing this kind of boring stuff. Day after day doing that kind of work becomes horribly boring. Sometimes I only worked for 1.2 hours and then I read the newspaper, sat around, and received some dong at the end of the month. Then wait for the beginning of the year to raise salary. A humble and cowardly man, heavy and dependent. Extremely afraid of superiors and enduring. Then when I worked for a long time, I could manage, get a salary increase, when I had a certain amount of money, I had the surplus to build 3.4 business systems, I could not resist the attraction of the level. salary. It makes it impossible to do my own thing.

    Step one: Dragging by being made by people to re-fight

    Honestly, I am lucky, because for the first 3.4 years of my life, I have set up my own mindset, built an automated business system, or made my own too strongly. So these thoughts are filled up by the working environment, but they are still burning in me. So I still talk to young people, so while learning to make your own, it's fine to be small, even if you spend a little money, to experience the feeling of happiness when the money comes back every day, experience the life of an effective business, ... so that tomorrow, when it comes into being, is responsible for making money to pay for life, if there is only a part of the working environment, but cannot lose all the entrepreneurial spirit in you.

    It is no exaggeration to say that when I was 21, 22, I had nothing but the spirit of ownership, the nature of the business, the money did not exist, what students said could not be much money, because I had to spend a lot of time. pretty much going to school. Then experience is not, only foolishness is full. Still, I built a successful business system.

    But when I was 24,25, 26 years old, the experience I had, my capital was a lot, I had a lot of time, ... but the constant scraps could not turn out to be made individually. At that time, I only lacked the temperament, the spirit, the old enthusiasm. Realizing that, I do not blame anyone. I admit myself, being too lazy to be lazy. get yourself weak, inferior, and exiled with fear. And especially the habit of receiving monthly salary is too familiar, making a long time to change, ... What prevents me from building up my own business system now, only myself. In retrospect, if it weren't for the case, didn't give the boss 300 million, and then got kicked out of the game by him, I don't know when I will ever turn out to work on my own. That day was really spicy, but then once I told my old colleague, I said: thanks to him, I can only do my own work, if I don't know when, maybe someday I have to bring a ceremony. to weights.

    Own work, need great determination. First of all, the work is extremely much, if you work as a hired laborer, you only need to work for one department, then you have to do it for yourself. Not to mention that being a fraudulent business is fast, but doing a business that creates lasting value is extremely hard and takes a lot of time. Have to deal with spending money, extremely pitiful. Then, before receiving salary every month, it was like squeezing a lemon. If you are familiar with the security and stability. Then we have to dance to the music, to get used to the uncertainty. If a hired employee sits at the same place waiting for orders, they must actively jump everywhere. If the employee has something, he should hide in the boss above, then he must stand up to bear all the responsibility up to him.

    Working separately and working as employees are not only different people, but also opposites. That's why, if anyone has ever failed a business. To fight back, the most obstructive is who you are now. That is the most arduous thing. Because it is easy to blame or criticize others. If you admit that you are wrong, if you admit that you are stupid, you cannot do it. It is time to identify yourself as weak, fight yourself and eliminate the current person, replace it with the habits, qualities, and temperament of the businessman, and do it to make a new match. OK.

    And to tell you the truth, the two people working separately and as employees are very different. So much so that, when you are a hired person, it is impossible for you to turn out to do your own. However, this is a beautiful part here, that is, once you are a person working on your own, you cannot force you back into the career of employment.

    It's true. At the age of 27, after having turned out to work for a year, he built a business system that runs automatically. At this moment, a year I turned out to work on my own, most of which I sat alone in a corner to work, or have video calls to exchange with partners and customers. My mother kept urging to get married, so when I had the automatic running system, I also had more free time than before, so I also wanted to find a place to work for the exchange with the air. Honestly, I can't do it. Some can work for 1 month, others can do it for 1 week. Then I stopped working as a hired laborer, lest losing their time. Think of it sitting for eight hours all week. Then I went home in my free time, the boss gave me the right to intervene, at 10 o'clock at night, Phuc, Phuc, did not reply to the message tomorrow morning and the place was still good, while obviously it was my private time . Then at work, sometimes there is a lady, I just go on stalking to draw the error and finish the argument, explaining it takes 1-2 hours. Miss time can not stand it. So indeed, I had to shake my head, in fact the road turned out to be my own, one go without transport. If I can carry it back, I'm afraid I will lose my entrepreneurial personality.

    In the early days of working as a private, I had a lot of thoughts. At times full of courage, the businessman spoke up. At times, the old thinking of being hired again aroused the intention to submerge. I have to fight myself.

    Step two: Prepare mentally for a rematch

    For a successful rematch. The first thing is to prepare your thinking: Must win! No one can get 10 points with thinking, even eating geese is okay. You must have the mindset of having to win. Not thinking, if we do not succeed, we will also become people, if we do not have money, we can experience. Which is, to build a successful business system, to have money. How many years of experience is not enough, there is no need of experience anymore, it takes money, it has to make money. Not to mention, a bunch of failed experiences cannot succeed, if you need experience, you need to experience success! No one can plant a tree successfully, with a bundle of experience in planting a tree that is all dead.

    Should enter the historical business rematch, you must always define your spirit: Must win! No experience, no failure at all. Time to talk about successes, about achievements, about winning money!

    Step three: Rematch

    By the time you will see, some people who often go online post some status I will be successful, then the will to get rich, the spirit to win, it is extremely mundane. Because when you start working, you need expertise, and most of all, you need to focus, be quiet, you won't have time to upload those statuses. That is to say, when we are born we learn to speak, and when we grow up we learn to be silent. Be quiet and let your work speak for itself.

    When starting to build, things like the motivation, the spirit it starts to become meaningless. Therefore, many training classes, which took 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 5 days, ... were filled with a boiling spirit, but when I got home, the heat in the hall gradually subsided, at the end of the day. and do not know what to do - one - what - what.

    For a successful re-business, I've worked hard to build the first thing that is a community. This community I built before I quit my job for about 6 months. Just to test the topic, content and effectiveness, whether the community will accept it or not. I think that I have accepted, from the status I share on those topics receive thousands of likes, a few hundred shares. In those last days working as a hired worker, when my roommate was busy building a website for the company, I was busy building it for myself. Then, when I turned out to be my own, was when I took time to foster this community building. That means creating a large group of people who know me, read what I share, love and trust me, the brand I created.

    Then, I summarize, see what the community is interested in, by measuring which topics have a lot of likes, which videos have a lot of shares, to find and create products they need and help them. From Coach 101 packages you need to know about money, Building business assets, Personal finance strategy, Business finance, Marketing with 0 VND, to Vending web design services, ...

    Initially I hired two staff members to do the same, but then you guys did not work as expected, delayed work but the salary was still received, making me have many negative emotions. Starting a business, the money is cut in the blood, the money goes, but the money will not come back immediately will allow us to adjust decisions. So in the end I boldly cut them all, and took aim at researching using cladding technology for my business system to run completely automatically. But later on, the business know-how I put into the Coach package of Business Asset Construction.

    Looking back, I have implemented exactly what I dreamed of when I was 22, a passionate and dreamy girl at that time: I dreamed of having a business system running automatically, to have time with Mom and Dad, then yes. The business system runs automatically so that when you have children, you will spend time with the money. And I did. Even though at the age of 22, this is a very distant dream.

    Since then I realized, to be careful with each of my own thoughts, because each thought at a certain time, will come true in the future that you do not expect. So, need to always choose for yourself to think big, successful, dreamy thoughts beyond reality at that time. Because over time, what you used to think impossible will very easily come true.

    Honestly, after building a successful business system, I heard some people confide to me, which is due to lack of capital so I can't do it, it's because of this, that can't be done. Those things make me just want to say: should not blame the external environment, it's all about myself. If it was the people who bought my Coach packages, I would say it frankly, and the idle people I would just keep quiet. Until when, all the problems we go from people to deduce, then go round to analyze the car operation ourselves, then we can get better. But still paying attention to other people, after judging saying the idealism, thought it was good, but after three or four years, I looked back at the pocket of money gradually shrinking.

    In the process of building this moneycoach.vn system, I have to chase away a decent number of people. To say it frankly is narcissistic, I don't understand it when I speak it well, I look dizzy. What are the text messages? The right kind of free time, having nothing to do, discussing people. I try to politely say: I wish you a good evening that means no more, but they just find themselves polite and continue to jump into the moral teaching. While many times I say it straightforwardly: familiar and unfamiliar, who are you, I have to listen to you, if there is one I will pay money to go to school to hear from the person I admire, I want to, not hear from a free person Good news.

    That's pretty cool too, when I focus on myself, I'll get rid of the mosquitoes that buzz in my ears. Entrepreneurs who listen to this and listen to others, listen to many, listen to the west, even learn this and that person, they can't do anything. You can open your brain to learn, open your ears to listen. However, once determined to do it, then close the brain, cover your ears, and concentrate on building up your own plans. And be consistent.

    You can see that I write a lot, I share a lot of videos, or when I meet someone, I have to speak. As my own time, I like to be quiet. There were periods of sitting at home building web pages, I stayed silent for a month. When Covid returned to my hometown, my parents kept quiet all day, allowing me to focus on composing, working, and only talking when it was time to eat.

    Those who act, they don't run around going to school all the time, they don't sit around on the internet, and they do not scramble to advise other people. They would come silently tear through space like an arrow whirring, like a shuttle spinning in their own world, and ignoring all the noise and whispering out there.


    After a successful rematch, the thing that changed the most in my life was not just money, but people, my lifestyle. Over time you will know, when you build a successful business system, you will step into a new realm. What is it, let's go to Phuc Financial Diary period 4 offline.

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