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  • Diary of financial happiness - period 4: Self-employed and freelance lifestyle

    Diary of financial happiness - period 4: Self-employed and freelance lifestyle

    I used to think, just building a successful business system is millet car. Yet in the end I did not expect that, it was just a door, and when it was successfully opened, a vast new world stretched out ahead of me. The story here is: In business, once you have done one successfully, you can completely duplicate a multitude of things ... the problem is: extremely easy. Then there's nothing we don't do. Create a range of your own automated business systems and enjoy a free lifestyle. All will be revealed in this Journal of Financial Happiness period 4.

    Journey of assembly from business puzzle pieces

    All efforts in the past have paid off. It's like you spent three years strenuously searching for each piece one at a time, until you have assembled each piece into a complete picture ... BUM! Struggling three years, one hour is a completely true story. It took me 8 years of wandering in Hanoi, going through many companies, working countless jobs, selling so many things, to be able to understand and cover the entire business system. and more importantly, have the skills to build every piece of that business.

    There was a time when I felt lost in the middle of my life, it seemed that what I did work, until the reward, someone else stole all of me. From Marketing, branding, courses for two people who want to build personal brands for training, one person in my student days also works for free, and one who makes sales more than 150 million later. Over the month that finally promised to pay back I had only 6.7 million. Then when I went to work as a hired laborer, I ran a lot of sales a month, until I got a bonus, others enjoyed it much more than I did. That's because once, walking next to the accountant gossip, I accidentally saw some people's payrolls. Honestly, not in the round table of the people who make the playground, I am forever just a slave no more, no less.

    When I worked as a hired worker, I also saw many other people pragmatic, only covering the front, behind the scenes, making it tearful, I myself did not tacitly agree with that. Although I lost, but I never lost the enthusiasm and desire to work. There are times when I get angry, because my efforts are enjoyed by others.

    Then, when it came time to start my own business, I felt how satisfied I was. All the experiences I got from working for others, accumulated, built my own successful business system. All results I enjoy fully. If that day, I worked superficially, then I wouldn't have had those precious experiences. That is to say, as long as I do it, it will belong to me forever.

    Many people work as hired workers, because they are too smart, it is good to escape from their jobs, they can only use their way to earn a lot of money, but they forget it, the most important thing is work experience, ability to work. , working ability. Finally, because of that way of life, they are forever employed.

    It is not until you start your own business that you can find out who your best person is

    During 8 years, each piece of the puzzle was completed for the construction of the business system: From capital allocation, how to use capital, working methods using outstanding technology, to Marketing ability, from writing Word, headlines, SEO, presentations, web building, video recording, then market understanding, crowdsourcing, market creation, product creation, sales skills, shipping knowledge, ... numbers to measure performance, how to work with people, ...

    I've always thought I was the most enthusiastic, hard-working person. However, it is only until my own business that I truly unleash my full potential, when I freely struggle with each of my ideas, without being hindered by the bosses, or the judgment of the crowd. company in the past. Make it your own once to see how strong you are and how likely you are to floss.

    Websites with thousands of hits per day are created by one hand, using top-notch software for my one-handed work designed, and the products of great value I create with one hand. The burst is like a shocking atomic boom. If you are an enthusiastic person, most likely then turn out to do it alone without extremely costly.

    The years I worked on my own, I can say, have grown many times faster than 8 years ago combined. Human capacity has grown tremendously fast, and the money clearly shows that. And the most eternal thing is that, if I worked 8, lost 7, I only get 1. Now, I do 10 and enjoy all 10. No one can unreasonably not work but also eat on effort. mine too.

    Own business auto and freelance lifestyle

    The best part when I do my own business successfully, is that what my success is is a private business automation system. Emphasize this "auto" word. Rather than a separate business system that depends on premises, facilities or people. I have successfully built a system with only machines working, with no need for a human being in it, not even myself. Characteristics of this type of automated technology business are:

    - Outstanding diffusion power, because it is the technology that makes it. You see, in the industry, they use machines, one person can lift 45 pounds, and machines can lift 45 tons. Using technology in business creates a huge resilience. For example: one person can only take care of 50, 100 people per day, and machines can receive thousands, tens of thousands, millions of people per hour. Like myself, I get used to talking to 2 dozen people a day, but my website moneycoach.vn, now a day can continue up to 2000 reads per day. Terrible resilience and spread. Not to mention that people work 8 hours a day, many days with red light and green light, they are still wandering around or just lying there. But technology or machinery works all day and night. In the industrial age, the person who stands on the machine is king. In this technological era, whoever can stand on the software technology, that person is holy.

    - No need to depend on people. I have successfully built a business system that does not depend on people. Just technology. Therefore, the system is extremely stable and the cost is extremely cheap. Those who go to work and stick to recruiting people know, training employees to hang out of their breath, sometimes they have to give up their profits to support new troops, but when they break, they have to quit, they have to recruit extremely hard. But with the automatic trading system, it is different, extremely stable, no software resigns at all. Then spend money on very cheap software. Relieve a wealth of monthly cost pressures for business people.

    - And the most important thing, that is, infinite automatic replication. That is the premise, for what I said above. When you do a successful business system, it is not the end. It's just the beginning. Once you have done one successfully, the latter is extremely easy. You can duplicate indefinitely, without spending a lot of money, in no time as it's automatic. Extremely beneficial.

    Up to now, when I have the formula for building a successful automated business system in hand, I have tried to duplicate other business systems. Then one day I was traveling like a homeless, but behind me was a series of completely automated business systems. 10, 20, 100, 1000, ... limitless. I am duplicating day by day.

    Go towards duplication and create multiple sources of income. That is the highest realm when doing business. Don't be blinded by your greed, the less you are affected by thoughts, the more lean systems you build, the more money you spawn, the more free you are. One day, I travel in my backpack to other countries and enjoy the magnificent scenery of Vietnam, if someone asks me, what work do I do. I'll laugh softly and say: I clone business systems.

    See you in Nhat Ky Phuc Finance Term 5, now learn and practice building your automated business system by subscribing to this Business Asset Construction Coach Package.

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