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  • Do business with friends and avoid losing you

    Do business with friends and avoid losing you

    Often times many people do business with friends. The feeling of playing together, trusting each other. OK should go out of business, contribute capital to work together. These are things to keep in mind if you don't want to both lose money, just lose your friend, and lose the enthusiasm to build on both sides.

    * Note # 1: Playing and working are two completely different things. Play with your emotions. And business has to be numbers, it's not an emotional game. Cold

    if you see it, it may not work. Don't cooperate with your friends, it's ok to cooperate with like-minded people and be a complementary piece for you. As you are strong in product, combine with someone who is strong in marketing and operations. To complement each other.

    * Note number 2: Most of the friends can play together comfortably, not too clear, today I pay, you pay tomorrow. Many times the bluster is ignored. But the whole business people re. Must be clear, to spend each amount, each number. You have to control each cash flow. Your generosity into your business and team development is instantaneous. Trading must be based on indicators. If friends work together, there must be a clear, open, and fair workflow in place on all accounts.

    * Note number 3: Friends should trust and cooperate verbally, you know. Business must have proper paperwork with the following items: how much capital contribution will each person undertake, how the profit will be divided, the profit will be divided or continued to invest, ... Rampant by believing, everything is not clear, in the end it is the ambiguity that kills the friendship.

    Business must have the same goals, you have to find people who are complementary pieces in the business with 3 main spearheads:

    + Communication - Sales: Advertising, Marketing Strategy, Building, Training Sales Team
    + Products: Research and develop products, research the market, create products
    + Operations: Recruitment, human resource, accountant, team association, company, insurance, timekeeping, payroll, shipping, packages, ...


    Business must be clear, clear contracts, capital contribution, interest sharing, ... how
    Business must be detailed, follow each number, must be openly transparent, not indiscriminately, through loudspeaker

    Play needs friends, also work with teammates!
    Please rely on the above to find yourself comrades with you. And learn the process, the system, how to work to make a profit.

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