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  • Do not think far to invest, invest in these 6 skills

    Do not think far to invest, invest in these 6 skills

    Welcome back to moneycoach.vn financial page to find lessons that bring about the most valuable success on Youtube. And today let's come up with: 6 skills that make you money. You can look at successful people and see that they are talented at something, they have capabilities that you don't have. But in reality, it all comes down to training. Their starting point is not much better than you. So what skills do we need to practice to bring us great money. Let's listen together.

    The skill earns you the number 1 multiplier: Presenting in front of the crowd

    According to research, the fear of crowds is one of the greatest fears of humans. So, as long as you get over this fear, you will outperform a lot of people out there. You have something other people don't have, you make sure you make more money than those who are hiding in the pale crowd.

    The ability to present crowds, attract and influence the crowd, present ideas to sign collaborations, introduce products for people to buy, whether in reality or on the Internet is a skill to make money. money for you. Recently you can see Vlogers, Streamer emerging and easily earning billions on Youtube and other social networking sites. You can also see Steve presenting his new Iphone, which makes many people eagerly await a purchase. So please focus on improving this skill.

    The skill earns you the number 2: Sales

    If you want to be rich, you must know how to sell. Here Phuc Tai wants to emphasize selling in the broader sense than pure selling. Here is selling self-worth, selling ideas, selling visions.

    For example: Even if you are an employee, you know how to show off, promote your values, and sell your own labor force, you will surely receive more salary. That is why the same age, the same education level, someone with high salary, low salary is like that.

    A person who knows selling ideas will raise capital, many people will join the army, partners are willing to cooperate. You see, there are many employees who follow, but the recruiter is not forever? not to mention that the employee works for a few days, then quit.

    So, no matter what you are doing, whether you are a technical person or a technology person, learn sales skills. Definitely helps a lot in increasing your income.

    The skill earns you a lot of money 3: Team management

    As a good employee you can have a lot of money. But as a good manager you have a lot of money. As a good salesperson you have a lot of money. But as a good sales manager you have a lot of money.

    Team management skills, helping a team to fulfill a big goal, you always get a decent amount of money. So besides doing the assigned job well, be ready to do more, learn more other jobs.

    For example, today you are just a design staff, but learn how to write content, advertise, run events, digital marketing, associate with newspapers, ... you don't need to be too good, you need to. understand the apparatus of the marketing department and how it operates. Thus, the salary of Marketing Manager is in your hand a day not far.

    To acquire this skill, you need to constantly learn and do more than you are paid for. Phuc Finance knows that there are many people who only do their own jobs, they do not want to do more jobs. But all their life they only know one thing. While you want more money, if you want to rise to the position of manager, you must know more.

    If you are a salesman, free time at the company instead of gossiping or surfing the web reading newspapers wears time. Go to learn more other departments such as human resources: ask about recruitment methods, payroll regimes, insurance, ... You can go to the accounting department to see invoices, input methods, newspapers. foxes, ... There are loads of things for you to learn when you are ready. Only then can you dream of a higher position like a manager or a director. Do you agree with this?

    The skills to earn you more than 4: Searching for customers

    The skill of analyzing and finding the right customers is extremely important to sell.

    First you need to understand, not everyone has a buying need. Each person will have different needs. And a business or a businessman cannot have enough money to advertise to everyone. Finding people in need and convincing them to buy will save hundreds of millions and billions of dong in investment budget.

    You can find customers who are in need, can afford to pay, can lead them to hear about the products that the company sells or you are selling. Definitely gives you a lot of money.

    Skills earn you multiple amounts of 5: Training and guidance

    A good person can bring in a lot of revenue. But many good people will bring in huge sums of money. You are good, you make a lot of money. But you can help many good people like you, and even more you will bring in a lot of money.

    A company is willing to pay you a good salary if you can train many good people and work effectively in the company. Especially in the time of recruiting talented people to work is very difficult, the lack and the weak are many. So recruiting and training human resources is always a priority for businesses.

    To acquire this skill, do not hesitate to guide others through the workflows. The fact that you help a new person get a job will gradually help others get the job done. Please note: This training is completely different from the speakers, it sounds very good but about not being able to do it. But this is the process of mentoring, guiding others to do new.

    For example: Phuc Tai has training sessions to train presentation skills. Not only theory, but each person will be trained by Phuc Finance until it really breaks the fear of the crowd and can stand up and share.

    Market, companies will always pay you well if you have this ability. Not only that, even if you have your own business, if you train a good team, you will surely make a lot of money instead of doing it alone. So don't be afraid to share what you know and guide others step by step better. When you sow good things, you inevitably reap sweet fruit.

    Phuc Tai Finance knows there will be a friend who will help you, but does not respect and forget you, but do not let go of training skills that can bring you this gold mine.

    The skill earns you a lot of 6: Relationship building

    Relationships are the greatest asset of each person. The super-rich also convey the saying: You are the average of the 5 most close friends combined, implying the quality of the relationship you currently have.

    Think, if you had 5 friends who were millionaires, how would you be? To be clear, listen to the following story: There is a man who is an accountant, salary after 5 years working with a salary enough to eat, enough. In his free time, he often plays the stock market, but only pays back. After moving to a new company, he was loved and trusted by his boss. This boss who is very good at playing the stock market showed him how to play and confidential information, making it possible to earn five or six times his salary in one session.

    When you are able to build good relationships, it will definitely bring you a lot of money. That is what Phuc Finance firmly affirms. Live well and cultivate quality relationships.

    Relationship building skills are completely different from making friends. You have a lot of friends, but all of you are lazy people, giddy, negative people, that's not what we are aiming for because it's a relationship of wealth, not an asset.

    Be bold to get acquainted and build trust with people who are better than yourself. They have money, experience, youth, enthusiasm. So there are many young people who are trusted by business owners and create conditions for their capacity development. Opportunities are always for you. Cultivate quality relationships in your life to go to a new world.

    Phuc Finance believes that, no matter how you are, you just need to be persistent. Hard work and diligence are the keys to any industry's success. Never think that you cannot do anything. But just with my best efforts, the results will come. Skills are not acquired overnight. Be patient. And if you need help please comment on this article or inbox for Phuc Finance. See you in the next sharing.

    In your free time, remember to click on the website: moneycoach.vn to read useful information to help you grow more brilliantly!

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