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  • Effective way to accumulate money for personal financial stability is for Vietnamese people

    Effective way to accumulate money for personal financial stability is for Vietnamese people

    The Covid19 epidemic lasted year after year around the world, severely affecting the economy not only of the business people, but also the employees who always virtualize that they are having merit. stabilization. And things are getting worse, so you do not expect everything to get better, but prepare yourself for the coping position and the skills to overcome. And never, financial skills and knowledge have been as important as now. Those who do not have the accumulated money, or spend it indiscriminately or go into business all have to receive the appropriate prices. Money, spending money, accumulating money are important skills for you to have a stable personal finance. And today Phuc Finance will share with you "How to accumulate money effectively for personal financial stability for Vietnamese people"!

    The importance of effective money accumulation for personal financial stability is for Vietnamese people
    In the beginning of 2020 I wrote an article Warning for the economic downturn and what you need to prepare, and I said, this translation is going on, save money to prepare for the The highest risks are unemployment or business losses. A ball game that doesn't have to be a player to catch golf. So there are some doctors in the comments full of staff means that, you say that is not possible, why would you advise people to save money, to tell them to spend to stimulate the economy. However, in this time period, everyone has to take care of themselves first, until they run out of money, no man will come to save his penniless wallet. Each person can stabilize their personal finances, so they have a clear mind to work, to increase production. The stomach does not know what to eat tomorrow, how can we be assured to work today. It is that everyone can ensure a solid personal finance, clear mind, a peaceful mind to work, that everything can go up.


    People do not count only at times of flutter and success. But we still have to calculate when we are unsuccessful, what should we use to live. When we go down, we take something as a base, so that we can still have the strength to survive and continue to get up. Some of the mats that have not been paid will often say: Failure, then do it again. They never know that failure is easy, while doing it again is not sure. If the sentence fails, it only applies to those who have rich parents. As for Phuc Tai Chinh itself, starting with the clothes pulled from one inn to another in Hanoi, it took 5 years for the business to fail to do it again. Life is a mess of things to have to pay, personal living expenses, and Dad's medical bills, it just swept away after five years to accumulate money, but for a long and stable period, we can focus on building our things.

    Some people Phuc Tai is used to hash out a parent for 500 million, failed to give 500 million more, the business system is under construction, the money has not returned, they still have "my grandparents I worry. run out "in the back, that quieter builds further. But the guys kept listening to the investment brokers, who had to borrow debt to have motivation to make money, what to put all their hands on the trend, what to mobilize capital for a big hit, oh stop suffering. , the financial exhaustion, the worry it makes the mother go crazy and the mind does not think big.

    For each individual at a young age, when there are several hundred million, a few gold trees accumulated in the back, with clear mind and peaceful mind, the way to build a business system will be right. Especially during this disastrous economic period caused by the prolonged Covid epidemic, the more money you have to have in your personal and business reserves to survive the Pandemic and continue to thrive during and after the epidemic. And here are ways to help you accumulate money effectively.

    How to efficiently accumulate money # 1: Spend on essentials only
    From that young age, I kept hearing people around me say: Borrow money to build a house. I don't know if your hometown is popular or not, but my hometown is very good. And even if I don't say it, my thoughts are always lashing out and speaking out for this. Why don't you have money but want to spend it? They kept thinking that 2.3 years later, what kind of money can be paid to pay off the debt, so does it not take into account the situation of not earning? And I don't agree with that. And I was the kid during 12 years of school and 4.5 years of college I didn't do any sort of party or travel. Just because I think: I can't make any money. It is true that the king has been blunted since childhood. The feeling of spending money when I have no money or money makes me uncomfortable.

    And perhaps 2020 is a fatal blow to those misplaced optimism. Many people who buy a house can not pay their debts, many people who think of the 5th and 10th of their salary are like squeezing a lemon, but now they are unemployed. All that has never happened, 2020 has proven that anything can happen. And anyone who is too financially optimistic is crushed by that optimism.

    Many aggressive business people also suffered pain. When we like big, seeing money is greed and spending money to earn more and earn more. In the end, it is impossible to bear the cost of maintaining the cumbersome system every month, then closed and liquidated. The amount of interest for many years is cut off by death-picking nets 2020. That being said, don't just think go fast, think away. But if you want to go far, you must ensure financial stability. How far will your accumulated money go, how long will it be, when this Covid19 pandemic moves like a three-finger Sloth.

    So don't be optimistic, never put optimism in finance, not just the series of difficult days in this Covid pandemic, has the team ever left that goal running up in the words: Peace of mind. no way conceded. Sometimes when the hour is almost over, there is nothing to lose, it will give up, but life is different, today ends, there will always be tomorrow, the other day, countless days to come. You very need to accumulate. And the best way to accumulate money is to have a brain that identifies what are essential expenses for yourself and your business system.

    How to accumulate money: Only essential spending for yourself
    Essential expenses are expenses that must be spent and just enough to serve life. Like rice for three meals, clothes to wear all day. As for any expenses that cannot be spent, please cut them. Mostly when you like something, your whole mindset will find excuses to justify buying the item is reasonable, useful, to ... blah blah, ... and your brain will convince you to buy and your emotions will push you to withdraw your wallet right away. However, never decide when you are overwhelmed by emotions. Slowly buy, take note of that item first, then come back, about a week later sit back to see if the item is really necessary or not. If you don't need anything, it's okay to stop doing nothing.

    The practice of habit only pays for what is necessary, it not only affects personal finances but it also affects corporate finance, business finance. Instead of entering a business, entering a business, spending indiscriminately according to feelings is atrophy immediately. You guys just like a big company, big space, hiring a lot of people, lots of furniture, and you have been killed by the epidemic in 2020.

    What can not be spent, what to spend. Anything without spending is okay, absolutely nothing. But it is the people who focus on making money, they don't have time to think about it and spend money. Each of their expenditures are considered extremely closely. And the person they have a lot of money, they don't have to think, they won't say what to do. These are all people who don't make money, and if you do 1 spend 10, you have to be extremely self-controlled. Learn in this way: What you want to spend, the feeling of emotions rising up and pushing you to spend money, whatever, the principle is to write down that item, a week later calmly reconsider and calculate. . By doing that, most of you will find you are okay.

    How to accumulate money: Only essential spending for the business system
    Entering financial business and spending sporadically is a failure. Completely broken. Spending a lot, but not business always wins. Many business owners by 2020, the proceeds are not enough to pay for employees and renting premises. An easy-to-use machine, premises, and furniture will become a tsunami that will sweep all business capital. And many people will lose all their births in 2020.

    A lean business model, few people, no space, less measure, but switch to technology, with just one computer is enough to contain, enough to operate a business apparatus. That is the business trend of the new era. The time of bringing the premises and bringing the staff out to take over the market is over. Now is the time to open online storefronts, now is the time to use technology to replace hundreds of people, ...

    Corporate finance, business too, just spend on essential things such as: Marketing, Sales, Customer Care, Products ... This is the key to help the business apparatus live. The rest of the other things are also okay. Avoid buying things that use less capacity, like too many employees sitting in a daze, or piling up piles of wear and tear.

    How to efficiently accumulate money # 2: Spend only on things that make money
    Honestly, if you only spend money, the mountain money will be gone. People eat each other not a lot of money, but eating together is that there are many things that make money.

    Spend only on things that make money: For personal finances
    Have to summarize how much to spend is to lose money, and how much to spend to bring money back. Let's say that two young people spend a day:

    Younger A:

    - Rent: 100,000

    - Food expenses: 200,000

    - Coffee fee: 50,000

    - Gas costs: 50,000

    So the entire money spent is 400,000 / day is 100% spent, lost money, these expenses spent can not get back and no money. And 0% of the money spent can make money

    Young B:

    - Rent: 100,000

    - Food expenses: 100,000

    - Money running ads: 200,000

    Then the entire payment is 400,000 / day. Of which 50% is spent on the money without money. And 50% spent on money that makes money. That is advertising money.

    And your task is to keep track of your daily expenses to make those spending money account for 50-70% of your total spending. Only then can your personal finances go up.

    Spend only on things that make money: For corporate finance
    If in personal finance, cash spending accounts for 50-70%, for corporate finance, at a higher level, 100% of expenses must be brought back to bring fresh money. Bring fresh money, not the type of bringing money indirectly according to your deduction.

    For example like this, the company's meeting tables and chairs cost about 30 million VND. Someone will say, need to buy tables and chairs for the meeting to discuss strategies to bring in sales. However, this set of tables and chairs does not bring money directly. Think, with these 30 million, it is possible to design up 10 websites, which can bring in hundreds of thousands of customers and a lot of fresh money in revenue.

    Speaking, it can be difficult with the traditional business thinking, especially the thinking of the street frontage, many employees, spacious and majestic offices that have ingrained in many people's thinking, although of course with today's Online business, it is completely realized. Typically, my online business systems are very lean and include only direct cash out payments. The rest is I dismissed or replaced them all. Must be strong, and decisive with the mindset: Money is spent. The rest are not.

    The solution for efficient money accumulation
    To tell you the truth, the way you spend your money will be completely different if you build a successful business system. Like myself, the key that changed my way of spending the most was when I built a successful business system, and enabled it to run ads. With good content and attracting customers, with just 50,000 I bring about 250 customers to visit the web. Think about it, what can 50,000 do out there? 50,000 vermicelli cups of milk tea is all, eating a bowl of pho is all, two children go to the old town to park their car, it's all for lunch. Yet 50,000 put into the system to run high quality ads that 250 customers run into the web. The leverage of money turned up immensely.

    Because tools generate money of value like this, I automatically adjusted myself on how I use the money. Let's say I pay the rent of 3 million for example. So instead of paying it right away, I will delay about 3-5 days for me to put in the machine to run this ad. 5 days later, she recovered the amount of 3 million and also made a lot of money. Instead of salary I spent 1.2 million to buy clothes. I put this 1, 2 million into the system to run ads for one round to make money.

    But if you do not have a successful business system to use all of these money-earning and money-generating techniques, you can also immediately get those thoughts and ways by owning the Strategic Coach package. Personal finance that Phuc Finance has designed for those who want to accumulate money and use it effectively. Discover with Phuc Finance what you will get from this Personal Financial Strategy Coach Package:

    1 - Personal finance strategy book: 500 pages

    2 - Number of days for reading companion: 30 days

    3 - Number of intensive Coaching sessions 3 hours / live session: 3 sessions

    4 - Personal financial strategy consulting: 1 year

    Pleased to accompany you!

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