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  • Explain why savings or insurance premiums still lose money

    Explain why savings or insurance premiums still lose money

    Just put your money somewhere, lying still for dozens, twenty years, ... you lose money. By the time we can get the money back, there is only the body of money left. The initial value will be lost, the money will be extremely cheap. Therefore, saving money and paying insurance premiums still lose money, there is never a financial security problem like people still whispering to each other. Let's find out here with Phuc Finance to hone your financial knowledge. One must have knowledge to stand firm in this life.

    Note 1: A dormant coin is a dead coin
    The function of the bicycle is to move, the function of the rice cooker is to cook rice, the function of the three wolves is to protect from disease and prevent pregnancy, ... and the function of money is to pay for goods chemical. If the bicycle does not go, it will lose its value, if the rice cooker is not used, it will fail in one corner, if three wolves leave a corner, it will spoil all the value it brings, ... similar to Thus, if a lot is not paid, it will lose its value.
    The original money was born to pay, to exchange goods with each other. It's like buying a rice cooker to cook rice, not to store it in a corner. So the money is the same, taking time, taking the effort to exchange money, we have to give money to pay other things, not let the money lie still in a corner. Imagine, the fact that you leave the money at one corner is literally exactly the same as putting the rice cooker in one corner. It's dangerous, isn't it? Money is a payment instrument, not a store of value, but leaves a corner.
    Remember number 2: If you can get the principal and interest back, you cannot fight inflation
    Why does inflation happen. And even if you've read a lot of eloquent words out there, the reason behind it is simply this: More and more organizations and states around the world are printing more money. That's all. In the old days there were wars, so that the original money was gold, the money was just paper. Because gold does not grow on its own, it is limited by nature, and money is printed out by an order to include wealth in the world.
    Two phases from gold money to paper money, Vietnam is called money and currency. Also in a foreign country, from money they call currency. The idea is just a means of payment, not only money. But Vietnam is still called money, so young people cannot tell the difference. Just bring money to store, bring a tool that is only used to pay, and store will die, like hoarding a pile of rice cookers above without bringing it to blow rice.
    The Vietnamese monetary system is only part of the world's monetary system. How many countries, how many coins can you control? When the paper money likes to print as much as it is printed, the right style of the house can be grown, not having to dig and be limited like gold. So with such printing speed, the inflation of each country, like giant tsunami engulfed all the wealth of mankind. Ensure, you save money, and then pay the insurance money to pay for decades or more, they guarantee that 18 years later, you will still get the original, that's wrong. At that time, both principal and interest were not sure to keep up with inflation. You're still worried.
    There is savings, only enough money to use, the rest bring the money to another place, to work other. If you have money insurance, you can buy it or not. Buying it is like buying an item that you want to benefit, then buy it, not buy it like: oh hey, if we still get the original money, there's nothing to play with. That's a big mistake.
    Remember number 3: Where to put money in the long run?
    Just keep an amount of cash just enough for personal activities, family, about 6 months, 1 year for example, if not used immediately, then temporarily deposit savings. As for the money you want to last for decades or when you get old, you should put it in the gold in the earth, but what is limited by nature, people cannot machine and print and create. If you are still wondering or want to ask to learn more about money-related tactics, then refer to the Coach 101 package that you need to know about this money!

    Remember number 4: And what should be done with the money in the end?
    In the end what should be done with money? Let money promote its true value, its mission is to become a means of exchange between goods. You use money to exchange assets, to buy things that create assets for you such as technology, software, human power, ... to create your products, services, to others. give you money again. Just like that. Get money for assets, products or services, and then get products or services in exchange for money.
    Continuously put money out of transaction payments. Give it money to run back and forth a few dozen times a day for it to promote its value. Today's money is no different than a runner. If you leave the athlete in place, it will die, you have to let it run a lot. I read from Mr. Jack Ma he said that one day his whole system made 60 million transactions, that is 60 million times the money it went to him. Use your money to create business systems to generate so much cash flow. Then, money can live up to its born mission. You can completely show off how to do it by signing up for this Business Asset Construction Coach package.

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