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  • [Financial Education] Lesson 1: Distinguishing Property - Estate

    [Financial Education] Lesson 1: Distinguishing Property - Estate

    Many people look at the goblins and mistakenly reward them for being a fairy, they are about to enter the door of death and just think they can go to heaven. In finance, too, spending money on property but thinking of spending money on property, how much personal money goes. Even if we engage in business, how much capital also flows into the river into the pool. That is why, before you want to get rich, you need to distinguish between assets and assets, which items create assets, which investments are assets, and which business is an asset. ... Along with the first introductory financial education lesson, but extremely martial arts: Distinguishing assets - spending right here.

    Difference number 1: What is an asset?
    - Feature number 1: Property belongs to you.

    Remember that any contract can be overturned, any contract can be violated. After all, everything is human together. Many people also say: If you do something nonsense, go to court. However, the court is not a place to say it. After a little bit of dragging each other to court, the court will become a market. How much legal proceedings, how much time, and whether the amount of the lawsuit will be plausible if one can go to court. So quite a few cases are resolved by themselves. So if you have not done it big enough, it will be difficult for long term if you combine it very well.

    Building a business system that can run deliciously is extremely difficult, it takes a lot of time and effort, then you have to go through all the hard work to be aware of the absolute protection of the results you create. out. To tell you the truth, I do not understand why I have the fate to be a start-up company, whether I start a business with her, hired a startup company and then I work for a corporation, then it will also be classified into a start-up subsidiary. .. until now, I am scared of two words starting a business, it is very hard. At one point, I couldn't live on with a scene that was always built from the first brick. I want my own things, and keep growing, and no longer the start-up song, I'm so scared.

    What belongs to you will give you long-term benefits. If it is not yours, the right to life and death is not there, what power do you have, not sitting there waiting for someone to bring you money. That scenario is not. There is power that can be done, to have power to take things that belong to you. Otherwise, you will die. So, property must belong to you. You must have the power to kill, control and influence it to be your property. If not, it is the property of others.

    - Feature number 2: Must give cash flow in daily and long term

    Remember, if it was an investment, if it was a business, there will definitely be cash flows on a daily basis. It's just that it flows to your wallet or not. If it doesn't flow into your pocket, and you are waiting for another 10 years, 20 years to make a profit, then surely the daily cash flow is flowing into other people's pockets, and this is definitely not an asset. your. You are mistaken, it is the property of others. But in finance, there are only two extremes of wealth and expenditure. It is not property that brings money, it is sure to spend money. There is no such thing as an asset or an asset. Assets are what must bring you cash flow on a daily basis. But if you can't bring in cash flow every day for you, it will definitely be spent.

    For example: A virtual money trading system, for example, every day someone deposits real money to own virtual money. Then the people behind that virtual money system will have cash flow in daily. Even if a day closes many orders to sell a lot of virtual currency, they still have a lot of cash flow into the day. That virtual currency is their property. Unfortunately for those who keep that pile of virtual money and wait, they are buying products, like buying a bunch of phones and waiting. Wait a day for those phones to increase in price to sell at high prices. However, if the fuel price has increased, it is not certain whether to sell at a high price. However, the holding and waiting time, there is no cash flow in the day. Then those virtual money is spent. It is the property of the creator of that virtual currency playground. Do not be mistaken as the property of the player.

    What should give you cash flow into the day. When he was a kid, maybe a month put five or six cash flows into the day, and more and more cash flows into the day, that is your property. And the cash flow in this day is not only the present but also the distant future even if you are hidden from the mountain, it still flows for your children to use.

    Difference number 2: What is bankruptcy?

    Estate is the opposite of property.

    Feature # 1: Estate property that does not belong to you

    You have heard the saying: The rich do business, investing what they expect is not money, but owning a money-generating machine. What they need is to own that machine, a machine that continually generates money every day for them. And if you don't have ownership of that machine, it's definitely a legacy. If you do not own it, day, time, effort, and money will all be taken away by others.

    Phuc Tai I worked at the time before turning out to work on my own, an extremely enthusiastic person. Back then that property mistakenly. Working for a boss in branding, organizing corporate governance training sessions, working day and night, the house near the company often works until 12:00 pm, nearly 2 months holding 3 seminars Full of 100 people without advertising money, all my efforts are promoted by myself. The boss only needed the date, time to go up to the podium. Nearly 2 months alone, interest earned more than 150 million. Every day more than ten million flows back. Yet in the end deducted for 6.5 million salary. Over. Then he had to put money to invest this and that. Just think, I put in effort, when I started working, my brothers and sisters accompanied me, I considered you as a sister. In the end, when the money came back, he decided. What a bust.

    Since it doesn't belong to me, I don't. If I do, I just do it with the amount people hire me, the money to give porridge, not the type of crazy as my idea, together to build. Later I worked as a Marketing manager, when I held the position of head of that department, the number of contracts and the bonus I knew, I did. Until I didn't give the boss a dirty advance, he kicked me out, cut out the important things I was managing and brought in from where. I rested immediately. The new boss, then the staff also kept me. However I rest. What to do if I cannot grasp the number and also cannot decide how much number I get? Fall for it to heal.

    - Feature number 2: Expenditure does not bring in cash flow every day for you

    Because of that money, it bears a sword to its neck, which is inflation. Without being careful, with just 5 years, both your principal and interest combined have not kept pace with inflation. If there is no daily cash flow, your money is being devalued a lot. If the price is lost, it will become a real product. If you keep a little bit of money, you don't do anything, it becomes an asset, let alone give money to others, or accumulate money to buy a certain item: such as an investment label, or virtual money, ... then 10 years, 20 years of interest. Didn't bring back the daily cash flow, the more it will depreciate. Becomes real estate. Whatever it is, even money.

    Warning: Things you need to avoid and do with money
    Because of the devastation of inflation, money is also an asset. You need to exchange money for things that generate daily cash flow for you, or in other words, exchange money for assets. From the clothes, every meal, to the tools that create assets, generate cash flows every day such as: sales web, sales videos, sales articles, customer care software, ... .

    Avoid putting money in one place, and also avoiding putting money in places you don't have ownership or in things that don't generate cash flow on a daily basis. Already financial, you have to consider money, consider the flow of money in the day, consider ownership, the right to kill in someone's hands, ... not sitting in a corner of Vietnam and dreaming of trends. change your life. Wish you luck!

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