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  • [Financial Education] Lesson 3: The mission of money

    [Financial Education] Lesson 3: The mission of money

    Many people just think that having money is just thinking of taking it to the toilet. Buy furniture, buy clothes, gather for meals, travel, ... If you just do that, then soon enough money will be spent. However, there is a secret: money is a tool to bring you more money. Because of that, money has more duties, not just just spending so blamelessly. With Phuc Finance, explore the mission of money, to bring more and more money for you. Let's go

    Remember, money is not something of value. Money is a payment tool in exchange for things of value. If you use money to exchange for things that are not worth, or of low value, you will inevitably end up with all things worthless and money will gradually be lost. That's why people say, you don't get rich at work, you get rich at home. You are not rich with the money you make, but you are rich in what you do with your money.


    And of course, money is not just a mission to spend and enjoy. Money is also a tool to get rich, to create wealth, to bring more money for you. Let's explore the 6 tasks of money right now with Phuc Finance. And tomorrow, if you give your kids money, tell him about these 6 money quests, not just say take the money to go, go buy candy. For a generation of financial intelligence. Let's go!

    Money's No. 1 quest: Exchange for a store of value
    Money is a payment instrument, an exchange of goods, you cannot store it. Like, a bicycle is a tool, going from place to place, you cannot hoard this tool, let it in one. Therefore, if you want to hoard money, you absolutely do not hoard money. Money is a tool, is something that one can duplicate many times, you store something others can freely clone many times, your value will gradually be evaporated. , or it is also called inflation, money no longer has as high purchasing power as before.

    Therefore, you must use money in exchange for tools to store value. The value hoarding tool must ensure two factors: One must be limited, human cannot create, and the other is not worn out. For example: Gold, silver, land, oil, land ... Then Gold and Earth are the two most convenient candidates for the majority of people.

    Money's mission number 2: Trade money for tools to create wealth
    This is to say the ultimate mission of money. And have to use money to exchange for tools to create wealth first and then to get money to spend and enjoy. For example: Normally, 3 million would take 3 million to buy all the clothes. Then for someone who knows this 2nd task of money, they will use 3 million to hire a website writer to sell them. Since then, this website can completely bring about 3 million profit per month. At that time they had just 3 million to buy clothes as originally, but more importantly they have a sales website, generating 3 million per month.

    So after you have purchased a store of value tools on task 1, then on this task 2, you use the money to buy the tools that generate wealth, which brings you back every month. , quarterly, annually. For example: Website attracts readers and sales, product brands, automated customer care tools, ... and many other properties. To find out and understand what are the tools that create wealth for you, only one way is to experience the journey of wealth creation, from which the stumbles and losses will help you realize. Or you can come with a faster way, with less losses, by signing up for the Coach package of Business Asset Construction with Phuc Finance!

    Money's mission number 3: Exchange knowledge for personal development
    In the end, at some point, you will realize, if you want more money, you cannot rely on anyone else, you cannot rely on any company, or a promise. You can only rely on your own abilities. Having 3 million, you will spend to buy clothes, or buy knowledge to discover more right things, will make your life go up or not. A person who lacks knowledge about finance, marketing, sales and business skills ... is difficult to pursue great achievements. Always be aware of using money in exchange for knowledge to help your life develop. Using money in exchange for knowledge always helps you not only save money but also bring in more money. The rich are not the ones who have a lot of money, but the people who always know how to use it. It's all in our human capacity.

    Quest number 4 of the money: Exchange for the items necessary for daily activities
    Remember, when you do not have any assets in hand, without a system that automatically generates enough money you want, priority is given to creating assets, living expenses maintain life. daily living is limited to spending only on the necessary things. What is necessary, is what must be spent, nothing is not allowed. A motorbike that can be used, a phone that can be used, enough clothes, enough food, ... not indiscriminately wasteful, not showing off.

    According to statistics up to 80% of what you buy is not used or used very little. Most of the family has their furniture piled up and not used much. Even when I do not have strict financial management, I have a small rented room, but moved the house and threw away 4 large sacks. Go for a simple life. The simpler you are, the more clear you can focus on building assets. Rather than a head thinking about shopping all day long, it doesn't take time to think about creating wealth. You will even find that some people are in the asset-building phase, they don't even have the time or the thought of spending money. Concentrate on something that has just hatched.

    Quest # 5 of money: Redeem your own fortune
    Willing to give money, you will know how to get more people to give you money. Not to mention the emotional Vietnam country, the fact that you know how to share always brings you many blessings and makes your life receive a lot of positive energy from that giving. Everyone wants to play with kind people. Good people will have people.

    I am always aware of this, I often have a habit of going back to my hometown of giving money to people, going to the market with a miserable grandmother who buys things for or gives money, and then occasionally reads news to support people in need. trust, I also transfer funds to support them. The feeling of soul is so much big. But a person with a large soul, oriented towards human support, can create great things.

    Money's No 6: Enjoy the quintessence of life
    Earn an amount of about 10% a month to buy luxury things, go to luxury places, use luxury services. You will feel loved, enjoy and feel the best value of making money, helping you to be more motivated to make more money. Because, many people when they are not rich, they use little money or use cheap services, which makes them forever wandering around in that world. However, instead of the concept of being rich to enjoy, then enjoy on the journey of getting rich to raise your level. I am such a person. On my money-making journey, I always save a fund called Play, to enjoy.

    If the investment money I weigh, measure, calculate. If I spend money I don't waste it. Only money in this beneficiary fund, I spent to the wharf. Enjoy luxurious villages, with swimming pools and lush green gardens, enjoy jubilant meals, or buy the most expensive outfits. Each time, not just a rest to enjoy results, but being served by others with high-class services will make us experience the difference, help us widen our eyes to serve customers. our goods. So, please know how to use money so that you occasionally leap into the current world.

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